Caution: the following Roulette system It has no scientific value but is reported on our site as it is widely used by the Roulette players of the terrestrial casino.

The "0" is the number that each player hopes not to see when he makes episodes to the roulette, because it is usually little played, but unfortunately it happens to see him out too often for what concerns us.

But why not try to use the release of the number to our advantage "0" And so to be able to rejoice when we see him appear rather than having to despair every time? This is the method just to do it, and if you are interested Continue reading this article.

The reliable method of zero does not need a preliminary study, or to wait for the exit of a certain sequence of numbers to be put into practice. So you can use it at will every time, and how long you want.

Systems and strategies to win at roulette, there are really many and the players are spoiled for the choice between slightly more difficult methods and that have a fairly high risk component and others that instead allow you not to jeopardize great figures , even if the earnings will consequently be minor.

Il Safe method of zero It is part of the latter and despite not having mathematical studies or scientific bases behind him, It is still a widely used strategy today In casinos around the world and USA is no exception.

Most likely its diffusion is due for the most part to its extreme ease of application and its immediacy. No studies, no programming, no expected, when you want to apply the zero method, just decide to bet on it.

Legal method of zero and its application

As we have just said, there is no need for particular knowledge, nor to wait for the extractions to be able to play a roulette following this methodology, just enter the casino, Choose the variant of roulette you prefer And you can start safely.

We start by focusing on a chips on "0", two chips on the left column and two chips on the right column and run the roulette.

From this moment on, the purpose of the player is to see the "0" And while waiting for this trying to go in a tie using the exit of the numbers in one of the 2 columns in which he bets, changing them from time to time depending on the number extracted in the previous game.

But let's see an example.

We begin by aiming, as mentioned above, a fiches on the number "0", two chips on the left column and two chips on the right column, and wait for the extraction.

In this case a number of the left column comes out, we collect the winning and think about the next bet. This time, however, in addition to the Fiches on the number "0", we will focus 2 chips on the right column and 2 chips on the central column.

Why did we choose to change column?

Very simple: having a number present in the left column, according to the Roulette players of the terrestrial casinos, there would be more likely that in the next extraction a number will come out on one of the other 2 columns rather than on the one where it has just come out. In reality, as we well know, The chances of each extraction are completely independent of each othernull Let's say this advice is the result of theapplication of the columns method as suggested in this article.

So to try to guess the column in which the number will be released in the next extraction, we will continuously change the 2 columns on which we will place our chips for more likely.

It is good to remind the players who perhaps recently started playing that a game strategy does not give the absolute certainty of winning Every single game played, but rather to allow us to have a long -term gain and, therefore, even if we had to have a particularly unfortunate evening, in which we have not been able to earn anything, we should not despair but, simply, wait to make up for the next one time.


Zero make -up: I re -evaluate this number

The certain system of zero certainly puts this particular number in a different light, seen by everyone as an element that causes a imbalance of probability to the full advantage of the gambling house.

Every expert player who Full the Roulette game well, always has a certain diffidence towards this number and looks at him with a sense of detachment, as it is a bit as if it represented an obstacle between him and the victory. This is only true up to a certain point.

In fact, generally, it is very difficult for you to choose to focus on zero. Rather other types of episodes are preferred, but it is also true that according to the zero method, this is a number like any other, on which your episodes can be made.

Always the same expert players, they also perfectly know this and in this case, the number zero assumes a whole other meaning, going from number "cursed" to winning opportunities.

Certainly, as repeated to boredom for all other systems and strategies, not only for roulette, but for gambling in general, There is no method that can guarantee you the result, the zero method is certainly not the exception that confirms the rule.

Despite this, there are players who adopt this methodology daily with fluctuating results for obvious reasons that cannot be taken as a statistics. The strategy of zero statistically has no value, but in any case, the fact of adopting a system that makes the play a little "Unusual", has its charm.

The fact is that, to the player who will be lucky enough to leave this fateful number, whenever he decides to bet on it, one will go Winning paid 35 to 1, which will give the number zero all another flavor.

In any case, also for the adoption of this system, the usual recommendation made for the experimentation of the most difficult systems applies, namely to try it first in the versions “For fun” And therefore with free turns, so as to see if the thing is to your liking without putting a capital on it.

There is a bad inconvenience that often happens when dealing with relatively simple systems, how it can be precisely The zero method: not considering them dangerous for their own bankroll. Full control of your gaming account is perhaps one of the main requirements to become a gambling professional.

Here, it is good to reiterate this concept, and systems However simple they are, however balanced they may seem, however limited investments are, they are always played that they go to affect your finances, so it is always useful to remember not to let yourself be taken too much when you want to try something like that.


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