The Roulette origins They are lost over the centuries, even in the times of the Roman, even if with a decidedly different aspect from the modern roulette, given that the legionaries used to have fun with a rudimentary form of the game in which a shield was made. This was the roulette in the past, in antiquity.

Over the centuries there have been further developments and changes, but the 17th century To see the modern roulette born, to be precise on 1657, thanks to theinvention of the mechanism of this wheel, derived from the studies on Perpetual motion of Blaise Pascal.

The course of the events of the roulette that we will see soon, have led us to have this fun accessible all over the world.

Roulette origins

Thanks to the players and managers of the French gaming rooms, starting from the early 1800s we begin to have a significant development of the presence of roulette in the gaming halls from all over Europe before, and in the United States later.

In 1842, the birth of modern roulette is seen thanks to the brothers Francois e Louis Blanc who will remove the box of Double zeronull This choice is made to try to attract new players and will prove to be spot on given the exceptional success had, which forced opposing gambling houses to follow the same policy so as not to get customers run away.

The luck continues to keep the Blanc brothers linked to the game of roulette, in fact given the success in their game home in those years, Prince Charles III Ranieri of Monaco decides to ask Francois Blanc for help to raise the speakers of the open casino one Tens of years earlier, but with poor profits.

Francois Blanc then has the brilliant idea of building a new casino In the now famous location "Les Spelugues". The casino, in honor of the prince's trust, is called "Montecarlo"null Thus the birth of a myth that lasts to the present day is sanctioned.

In fact, thanks to the charm that roulette has always exercised in real casino players, it results One of the games with the greatest influx of bettors, even in online casinos.


In the genesis of the roulette something magical

The fact of having to go far back to understand the origins and the birth of roulette does it to be able to distinguish badly what has belonged to reality and that that represents only a simple popular legend.

On its operation we now believe that there are no more doubts, it is so simple that it doesn't matter to be graduated to understand their foundations, so from its origins the roulette It has always had a specific type of setting, only partially modified over time.

By the ancient Greeks who used the wheel of a cart, to the Romans who adopted a spear and a shield, passing through the “Girella”, wheel used for bets in the Middle Ages, to finish today and innovative today's roulette, a lot of road was made, but but The game system has substantially remained the same.

Throughout its journey to the present day, the birth of roulette teaches us that all its various "Phases" They have also been veiled by a component of mystery.

The most common legend is the one according to which, the origins of the roulette have something demonic, This is essentially due to the fact that the sum of the numbers of the aforementioned wheel gives a total of 666, which corresponds to the devil number in the Bible. In fact, it is said that even a French friar, enthusiast of the roulette, had sold the soul to the devil to chapter the secrets and be able to win to this fascinating game.

But the stories on real roulette, invented or presumed such, are really wasted, several linked above all to this component "magic" Which in the Middle Ages even led to wanting the wheel banned from Florence because it was considered bewitched.

It is very likely that the same component was also "mystery" to having contributed largely to making the success of a game affirm that to date is considered to be as "Inevitable" within each casino, terrestrial or virtual.

Cannot be denied: Roulette is the casino! The association of thought is now spontaneous, it is unthinkable to imagine a casino without the characteristic wheel.


The history of roulette passes from the wild west

By now in Europe we are used to being always second as for inventions and innovation. Everything that comes to us of different generally has passed first from America, as a harbinger continent of novelty, but it has not always been so.

The history of roulette gives us confirmation of this, in fact from the alleged year of its birth, that fateful 1657 at the hands of a Blaise Pascal , which in his study of perpetual motion wanted to invent a completely different one, an all -European form of fun is born.

In fact, it will have to spend a lot of time, more than a century to be precise, before Roulette began to expand in France and then in the casino of Europe, and then get to cross the ocean and conquer America.

who Roulette immediately breaks in the heart of the golden seekers and the miners of the old West, reaching a popularity that immediately beat all the pastimes of the time.

The game of roulette thus starts with the old West to start his conquest of the entire American continent and it is precisely in this land that starts a new myth; the American roulette, loved by many and equally hated, especially in Europe.

The reason for this hatred/love is born essentially from the fact that The American version provides for the "double zero", which increases the advantage of the bench a bit compared to the players. In any case, the American roulette has undergone great success in the States that still continues today.


The difficult moments of the roulette

Though The origins of the roulette are not very clear, for sure it is known that it has crossed, during its history, also not always rosy moments, especially in Europe.

For example, precisely on his native land, France, in the early decades of the 19th century, the roulette suffers a beautiful break, due to the decision of the closure of all French game halls.

The managers of these rooms only remains the alternative to emigrate to neighboring countries in order to continue working and the easiest destination was represented by USA. The same Blanc brothers take the ball to detect a famous gambling room in Hamburg and make a small modification to their creature.

However, this small modification represents one Epocal turning point for the roulette in the dawn, as the decision of Remove the double zero box from the wheel “00” It is immediately followed by all European casinos since it represents a real concrete incentive to increase the games.

Yes, because in doing so, the probability of winning the player increase significantly towards the counter. This innovation this as to bother even the Prince of Monaco and make him make the decision to open his own casino to restore his state accounts.

However, the expert hand of those who had given rise to roulette was missing and therefore it was the Prince himself who s the Blanc brothers to give a push to his not too performing casino, Thus was born the Casino di Monte Carlo.

The difficult periods that had marked the beginning of the roulette had definitively reached the end, from this point on Its diffusion has become increasingly widespread and what until recently was considered as an exclusive of the French and European aristocracy, He was quickly transforming himself as a game for everyone and within the reach of every social class.

From here on it was a crescendo, first with the opening of more and more terrestrial casinos around the world, then with the advent of the PC and the Internet in the early 2000s, the history of Roulette takes on new tones and a new course that continues today.

the "Queen of Casino" terrestrial becomes immediately The most popular game also in online casinos.

Today the possibilities of playing in an online casino are so many that until a few years ago it would never have thought of one day to be able to play the raised roulette directly from home, or traveling with the versions “mobile”, or 3D variants.

In short, Today the possibilities of fun are truly infinite, however, all without affecting the incredible charm that this simple wheel has exercised thousands of generations of players for centuries.


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