Among the various strategies that the player can choose to use To improve your way of playing when it is at a blackjack table, there is "basic strategy"Which, as we will see, consists in the use of Blackjack table.

The Blackjack tables, if used in the correct way, reduce The advantage of the bench compared to the player from 5% to a percentage lower than 1%null There are some limit situations in which even the player can have an advantage on the counter, albeit minimal.

Obviously, it all depends on the cards that come out and according to them, the Blackjack table indicates how to behave, that is, if you have to call paper, stop, double or split your hand.

The Blackjack table


How the Blackjack table works

To better explain how to use the Blackjack table and the advantages it can involve, we have created this video that answers all the questions of the players, who want to try their hand at the basic strategy of the Blackjack.

You can find the Transcription of the video at the end of the page.


Type of hands in Blackjack

Before continuing with the explanation of the Blackjack table, we want to explain the types of hands that can be found taking part in a game with this game. It is really important to know how to recognize them, as it also benefits in the use of the table.

The hands can be of 3 different types: HARD, SOFT o PAIR SPLITTING.

the HARD HAND, you have when axes do not appear in the hands and the sum of the cards is between 4 and 21. The SOFT HAND Instead, unlike the previous one, he sees the Asso as protagonist, together with another card.

We want to give a practical example to make you understand the difference.

Let's put the case that a player has a 10-7 in his hand. The sum he has is equal to 17, without axes. It is therefore a hard hand.

The player by his side instead has an ace-6 or ace 3-3 in his hand. The sum is always 17, but in this case it is soft hand.

What differentiates the two players, is that the first by calling paper could cup according to the result. The second, on the other hand, not, as the ace can be worth both 1 and 11 according to the needs.

So a player who has a soft hand in his hands is more likely to win.

Finally, you can have one PAIR SPLITTING, that is, two exactly identical cards that the player can choose to divide and play like two separated. Also in this case, however, depending on the cards of the counter, it is not always convenient to do it.

The only case in which you can always split, as you can see from the table, is when you have an AA pair or ace - ace.


The basic strategy of Blackjack is reliable

the Basic strategy of Blackjack By and Casinò AAMS/ADM Online but also for land ones, it has been conceived and refined in the years by mathematicians with a passion for gambling. In this way they managed to make it reliable.

the basic strategy is effective And it does not consist of particular ways of playing, or observations on certain aspects of the game. It is very simply a question of relying on a table in which they are shown All game situations that you could meet and, depending on what you are in, act in the indicated way.

To those who see it for the first time it may seem complicated, or impossible to learn by heart, but it is only a matter of time and to implement some tricks that we will soon see. The data reported are based on Fundamental strategic elements, usable for the Blackjack game.

There's a other aspect which must still be taken into consideration when you approach a Blackjack table and you want to use a table on which the basic strategy is shown to improve your game: The right table is being used?

In fact, there is a table that is the one developed by MIT, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) which we can consider universal if the decks of cards are at least 3 and if the counter is on the 17th soft.

We want to specify that the less cards of cards are used and the more the player is benefited, as high cards may appear on the table.

In any case, there are variants of the table, one for each version of the blackjack that can be found both in the casino of the world, and in the virtual ones inside the online casino. There universal table that we present to you is however a Good starting point To start applying the basic strategy.

Caution: If in the table you are playing, for example, the Mazziere has a 17 hand and is forced to fish another card, the behavior you have to hold will be very different from what you should use if the counter could be with a 16 As happens in certain Blackjack variants.


The Blackjack tables will show you certain moves

There is a peculiarity that differentiates the game of blackjack compared to many other gambling: the your ability to make the right choices at the right time So as to be able to maximize earnings and drastically reduce losses.

In Blackjack, your ability will always make the difference and will be decisive for the success of your games.

It often happens that this aspect is a little neglected and tends to play remaining completely at the mercy of luck. This happens to those who are beginners and do not decide to Follow a safe basic strategy such as the Blackjack tablesnull Choosing to exploit them can be an absolutely winning move.

Thanks to the Blackjack tables, at any time you will be able to decide How to act, so in a few moments you will know if it is better for example “stare” o "Ask paper"null Your table will be a precious ally to suggest the best way to lead you to the aforementioned victory.

But how does the Blackjack table work?

We want to make you a practical example how to use the table we showed you above. In this way you will know what we mean when we tell you to Apply the basic Blackjack strategy.

We assume that you have a A, 9 (Asso and a 9), while the counter has a 7null As you can see in the Blackjack table, the best move to do in this case is "S" (stay). But in case you had a A, 6 (Asso and a 6), when the desk shows an 8, the thing to improve to do would be "h" (hit - ask for paper). The Blackjack, however, also allows you to do S/P (Split - Divide) and for example the table recommends that you do it for most cases, when the player has two equal cards in his hand. In fact, if the user has a 8.8 and the bench a 10, the best thing is "S/P", divide the two cards you have and play two distinct hands.

These are only examples to help you read the Blackjack table, but in reality only the practice will allow you to fully understand it. We therefore advise you to play some hands by keeping it in mind to see how you find you.


Tricks to learn the table by heart

We anticipated that the easiest way to learn how to use the Blackjack table is certainly to use it over and over again, until you learn it by heart. We advise you to start trying it with the demo free Present on the page dedicated to Blackjack game.

However, there are small tricks that can certainly help simplify this memorization. Now let's go to analyze below.

We recommend the HIT, that is, ask for the card when:

  • there is an equal to or less than 8
  • equal to 9 but only if the bench has a score in hand greater than 6
  • equal to 10 or 11 when the counter has an ace or a 10
  • between 13 and 16 when the counter has a score greater than 6.

We recommend a DOUBLE DOWN, that is, a doubling when:

  • You have a hand with the sum equal to 9 and the counter has a score between 3 and 6
  • or a hand equal to 10 or 11, unless the counter has an ace or a 10 (in that case, as anticipated is a hit)

Instead, it is recommended STAND, that is, the "are" in these cases:

  • with one hand equal to 17 (hard)
  • With a soft 19.

Finally, it is recommended to do it SPLIT always when you have a pair of axes in hand and Never do it when you have a pair of 4, 5 or 10.


Use the tables to make blackjack

As we well know, the counter has an intrinsic advantage of the basic players. The use of the tables serves to reduce it and this is why you recommend using it from the early stages of the game.

The fact that the tables are not all the same is another thing that you don't have to worry absolutely. It is true that they vary according to the platforms on which casinos develop, but what we mentioned before is a standard that will allow you to have a complete "vision" on the operation of this detail "instrument". All of this will make you much easier the moment when you want to deepen with the various blackjack tables available in the various versions of the game.

So when you enter a casino to play Blackjack, our dispassionate advice is not to let yourself be completely transported by fate, but to use all the systems you have available to facilitate the encounter with it. The Blackjack tables are an excellent way to do it.


Blackjack table and security on victories

Using the basic strategy and the Blackjack table there is no mathematical certainty of winning every hand you played. In the long run you can benefit from a greater number of winnings, as a result of the fact that The chances of losing the blackjack decrease Much compared to the chances of those who play without a method with mathematical foundations.

So don't think you use the table and be 100% sure that that hand will be winning.

Always remember to play responsibly and according to your possibilities!


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Transcription of the video

The most effective and most used method for playing blackjack is the basic strategy that uses the Blackjack table. By scrupulously following the rules shown in the table, it is possible to minimize the advantage of the counter. Let's see now how the table works. This is a matrix in which you can find the action to follow according to your hand and depending on the descended paper.

The symbols present have the following meaning:

  • H > Hit – Chiedi carta
  • S > Stand – Stai
  • D > Double – Raddoppia
  • S/P > Split – Dividi le Carte

For example, if the player has a 9 and an 8 (17), while the dealer has a 6 we find ourselves in this cell that suggests "stands" which means "you are".

If the player has a 7 and a 6 (13), while the dealer has a 10, we are in this cell that suggests "hit", which means: ask for paper.

If the player has a 9 and a 2 (11), while the dealer has a 6 we find ourselves in this cell that suggests "double", which means: doubles the episode.

If the player has two axes (AA), while the dealer has a 5, we are in this cell that suggests "split", which means: divide.

If you want to have concrete possibilities to beat the desk, you need to play Blackjack with criteria.

The simplest and most effective system is precisely the rigorous and schematic application of the Blackjack table.

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Questions and answers on the Blackjack table

What is the Blackjack table?

The Blackjack table is a matrix in which the right move to make is suggested for each initial game situation.

Is it useful to play using the tables?

To minimize the chances of losing Blackjack, the only way is to play following the advice provided by the tables in the letter.

Is it legal to play with the Blackjack tables?

Using mathematics, and therefore the table, is absolutely legal. Using method, probability and intelligence it is possible to increase your victories.

How much is the advantage of the desk reduced if I use the tables correctly?

Using the tables correctly the theoretical advantage of the counter is reduced to a minimum, from 5% to 1%.

How do you learn to use tables correctly?

Learning to use the tables is simple and we suggest two methods. The first is to print the color table and keep it next to it when playing hands of online blackjacks. The second method is to use our simulator on the page dedicated to Blackjack.

Are there videos that explain how to use the tables?

Of course, at Playuscasino we prepared a video that you can find on this page, or directly on YouTube in the channel Casino2kVideo.

Do you always win using the tables?

No, using the tables does not reduce the chances of loss to zero but certainly limits them drastically.

Are there other systems to win in Blackjack?

The Blackjack tables are certainly the safest and most legal method to be able to win at Blackjack. However, there are also other systems such as count the cards.


Thanks Kevin (what a coincidence, even the Professor of 21 of MIT is the actor Kevin Spacey), knowing that we have been useful to improve your ODDS thanks to the Blackjack tables is for us a stimulus to continue to provide more and more detailed guides, Especially in the field of board and blackjack games.



I have been following Playuscasino for years, I started thanks to your Blackjack tables and I must say that after years, the game system remains with which I am better. I also tried to count in a live casino but it is really difficult and above all it becomes complicated to concentrate both in the rules of the basic table, and to keep the account updated. Thanks anyway guys, I wanted to let you know that with your table for years I have been having fun at blackjack without squandering money playing at random!

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hello to all of you from casino 2k and to the readers of this interesting site, i am claudio and i have been following you for some time, even if i had never posted anything before this article has given me the inspiration to do so surely. in fact, i can say that the tables for the blackjack changed my life, or rather not misunderstood me, it is not that i became a billionaire, otherwise i would not even be here to write, they changed me in the sense that i have changed my way of a lot of playing absolutely failure until a couple of years ago, when i started using these tables on the advice of a friend. i must say that i have always been against strategies and tricks for the game, but being a card player, especially poker and blackjack for a long time, i started seeing that luck often is not enough to reach the goal and i started a try those that i call them tricks here. i would therefore like to in particular to those like me who has always done without systems and strategies to say that the blackjack tables are not only much less complex than it seems, but they are very functional for the purpose, it is a bit like you they open the mind and i assure you that mine was truly closed about it. since i started using them i have not left them anymore, one could say that from the contrary that i was to my faithful supporter, pass me the term. i greet you and i hope to meet you all at the casino.