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The wheel of colorful fortune is the main protagonist of the live game Spin a Win, conceived by the Playtech company. The player will have to choose which of the 54 sectors to focus on ... but will it be the winning one? In the online review below you can find more information about this game show!

Il game show Spin a Win It is a proposal that was developed by compagnia Playtech.

The proposed structure is that of a large wheel of fortune, composed of 54 wedges, each of which contains a value between:

  • 1 - which has a Multiplier equal to x1

  • 2 - which has a Multiplier equal to x2

  • 5 - which has a Multiplier equal to x5

  • 10 - which has a Multiplier equal to x10

  • 20 - which has a Multiplier equal to x20

  • 40 - which has a Multiplier equal to X40

The player will have the opportunity to aim, how much he wants, on these numbers, within a maximum time of 15 secondsnull Everything will be very quick and dynamic.

Once the episodes are closed, the Croupier will make the large colorful wheel turn which will stop on one of the values. If the participant has focused on one of those, the relative multiplier will win.

Special multipliers

In addition to the numbers that we listed just above, in the 54 segments of the wheel, 2 are reserved for two special multipliers.

We are talking about:

- Multiplier x2

- Multiplier x7.

In the event that the wheel stops on one of these two, the episodes make such and the Croupier will rigid the wheel.

If you get a victory then, this will be multiplied by the multiplier that appeared.

the Maximum win of this live game is of 500.000$.

game episode

The time has come to talk about the episodes. Not only for their value, but also to understand what each player can choose to focus on.

Let's start with cash values. In Spin a Win live, the Minimum episode is 0.10 $, while the maximum selectable reaches i 500$.

The episodes are then divided into:

  • classic, i.e. those on the numbers we have listed above

  • The collateral ones, which instead include the choices placed on the right of the rollers.

  • The collateral episodes can be:

  • Shots

  • Pari

  • Multiplier.

It is possible to place a collateral episode, without making any classic episode.

But here are the victories offered for each of these options:

  • you win with the odd collateral episode, if the result of the round is 1 or 5

  • you win with the equal collateral episode, if the result of the round is 2, 10, 20 or 40

  • It is won with the multiplier collateral episode, if the result of the round is X2 multiplier or X7 multiplier.

Back to the player

Another great chapter is the one concerning the Back to the playernull In fact, depending on the episode that a player selects, you have a return to the different player.

But let's see together how it works:

  • focusing on 1, there is a minimum RTP of 95.34% and a maximum of 95.34%

  • By focusing on 2, you have a minimum RTP of 95.51% and a maximum of 95.51%

  • By focusing on 5, you have a minimum RTP of 91.22% and a maximum of 91.24%

  • By focusing on 10, you have a minimum RTP of 96.55% and a maximum of 96.58%

  • By focusing on 20, you have a minimum RTP of 92.67% and a maximum of 92.74%

  • By focusing on 40, you have a minimum RTP of 90.67% and a maximum one of 90.81%.

  • Then there are the RTP of the collateral episodes, so:

  • focusing on Shots, there is a minimum RTP of 97.22% and a maximum of 97.22%

  • focusing on Pari, there is a minimum RTP of 91.67% and a maximum of 91.67%

  • focusing on Multiplier, there is a minimum RTP of 96.30% and a maximum of 96.30%.

Wins in the live game Spin a Win

How can you read in the payments table relating to Spin online game a Win, here is under all possible victories:

  • 1 pays 1 to 1

  • 2 pays 2 to 1

  • 5 pays 5 to 1

  • 10 pays 10 to 1

  • 20 pays 20 to 1

  • 40 pays 40 to 1

  • The X2 multiplier pays the X2 position award

  • The X7 multiplier pays the X7 position award

  • The odd collateral episode pays a 3 to 4

  • The equal collateral episode pays a 5 to 4

  • The multiplier collateral episode pays a 25 to 1.

I bonus di Spin a win

Unlike other live games, the game show spin a win does not propose any special works or bonus mode.

The only special feature of the game is the presence of the two X2 and X7 multipliers.

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