Online casino with the Second Hand Casino Hold'em title

Il Online game second hand casino hold'em, is a live casino proposal and for this reason it is available on the site of some operators with American licensenull Among the best we can mention:


A young Croupier, whether he is a man or woman, will manage; The Second Hand Casino Hold'Em match. The game, of the Evolution Gaming company, is a variant of the classic poker with the difference that each participant has the opportunity to choose whether to play with one or two hands.

All about the Second Hand Casino Hold'em

Second hand casino hold'em It is a live game of software provider Evolution Gamingnull The rules underlying this proposal are the classics of poker game. Unlike the latter, however, as we have already said, there is the possibility to choose whether to play with one or two hands.

The game will be played against the counter and not against other participants.

Rules of online game Second Hand Casino Hold'em

l'Objective of the online game Second Hand Casino Hold'em è beat the Croupier winning the best 5 card hand. These are formed by the two initials delivered to the participant and the 5 Community cards.

Each of the player's hands are compared with that of the Croupier individually. The best poker hand wins.

Second hand casino hold'em is played with a deck of 52 cards, which are mixed after each round.

To start a game, you need to place the episode on the position before, for each of the two hands within a limited time limit.

Furthermore, one can place one Additional bonus episode which is paid if in the first hand with five cards there is a pair of axes or a better combination.

The Croupier assigns two cards covered in himself and two discoveries to the participant. Then he positions the first 3 community cards in the center of the table. At that point, the participant must decide whether to play or leave. After deciding, 2 other community cards are added for a total of 5, and will show its two.

Game episodes

InSecond hand casino hold'em Several episodes are available. The first is the classic one that is positioned to kick off the game.

There is; Then the bonus episode that instead is optional and cannot be placed alone. Only after placing a chips on the Episode ante, that is, the initial one, the bonus.

This bonus episode is calculated individually for each hand on the top 5 cards. The bonus episode is won if you get a pair of axes or a better combination.

Second Hand Casino Hold'Em game Live Game

InSecond hand casino hold'em It is possible to obtain several winnings that we explain below now.

With the Episode ante The options are:

  • The Croupier does not qualify and the victory is obtained - draw

  • The Croupier qualifies but you win - 1 to 1

  • The Croupier qualifies and is lost - loss

  • The Croupier qualifies but equalized - draw

  • The player passes - loss.

The wins real for the ante episode are:

  • Royal scale gives a 100 to 1

  • Color staircase gives a 20 to 1

  • POKER DONA A 10 TO 1

  • Full gives a 3 to 1

  • The color gives a 2 to 1

  • Scale or lower gives a 1 to 1.

The winnings instead that they can be obtained with the bonus episode I am:

  • Royal scale pays a 100 to 1

  • Room -color staircase a 50 to 1

  • Poker pays a 40 to 1

  • Full pays a 30 to 1

  • The color pays a 20 s 1

  • The scale, the trio, the double couple and the pair of axes pay a 7 to 1.

Return to the second hand player Casino Hold'em

In the online game Second Hand Casino Hold'em is available a Variable RTP ranging from 93.74% up to a maximum of 97.84%.

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I Bonus di Second Hand Casino Hold'em

Unfortunately, the second hand casino Hold'em di Evolution gaming It does not propose special bonus mode, free spin or bonus symbols.

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