On which casinos you can find the online game Mega Sic Bo

Mega sic bo is a live game, designed by the Pragmatic Play company. Being live, it is possible to play only within the Casinò AASM / ADM, as an example:


Pragmatic Play is; The Provider software that conceived the live mega SIC BO game, an oriental style proposal that sees 52 different possibilities; betting. There are also multipliers, up to a maximum of 1,000x of the initial episode!

Live Mega Sic Bo

The proposal of Live MEGA SIC BO GAME, was born from the Pragmatic Play company, which in turn took inspiration from an old game of Chinese origin.

The dice will be the main protagonists of the table, who will be activated by a machine that will shake them from below.

How to play mega sic bo online

Il Mega Sic Bo table provides well 52 Episode positions And players can choose to cover one or more in the same game.

Raise then, several episode positions are covered with a series of mega random multiplier, which will increase the victories if that is the winning number.

Once you have selected your episodes, during the period of time indicated, the dice will be shaken by the machinery.

Once stopped, the presenter or presenter will say the sum of the numbers that appeared and therefore winning.

If the victorious number was also affected by a multiplier, then the win will be super!

Episodes of the mega SIC BO game available

As we anticipated at the beginning of this online review, the Mega Sic Bo game online It presents 52 different possibilities of episode. But let's see all the categories present:

  • Small/big indicates the numeric total of the three dice. Small is 4 to 10 and large is 11 to 17

  • Odd/even If the sum of the dice is equal or odd

  • Double It is a combination where the same number appears on two of the three dice

  • Specific triple It is a special combination where the same number defined as the same number on all 3 dice appears

  • Any triple It is an episode area positioned in the center of the table and must be selected if you want to focus on any numbers from 1 to 6

  • Total three nuts Use 14 episode areas labeled as 4-17

  • Combination to 2 diceIt refers to the 15 combinations to 2 possible dice and allows you to bet on two specific but different numerical values that appear on the dice

  • Single Finally, use the 6 areas of episode at the bottom of the table indicated as "one", "two", "three", "four", "five" and "six".

Wins available in Mega Sic Bo Game Show

After seeing what are all the various episode options, we also analyze the Payment which offers each of them:

  • Small/big gives a 1 to 1

  • Odd/even gives a 1 to 1

  • Double gives an 8-87 to 1

  • Tripla specifies donates a 150-999 to 1


  • Total three dice the payment varies according to the total win

  • Total 4 or 17 gives a 50-499 to 1

  • Total 5 or 16 gives a 20-249 to 1

  • Total 6 or 15 gives a 15-149 to 1

  • Total 7 or 14 gives a 12-29 to 1

  • Total 8 or 13 gives an 8-24 to 1

  • Total 9 or 12 gives a 6-24 to 1

  • Total 10 or 11 gives a 6-24 to 1

  • 2 dice combination gives a 5-24 to 1

  • Single gives its value varies depending on whether the selected value appears on 1, 2 or 3 dice

  • A DONA DONA A 1 to 1

  • Two dice gives a 2-19 to 1

  • Treate dona a 3-87 to 1.

Back to Mega Sic Bo player

The return to the online game player Mega Sic Bo is variable based on the type of episode you decide to select.

l'RTP minimo it is equal to 95,47% while the massimo reaches the 97,22%.

Mega Sic Bo ha bonus?

Il MEGA SIC BO online game of provider Pragmatic Play It does not present special bonus or free laps.

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