Where can you play at the Mega Ball game show?

Being Mega ball An online game available only in a live version, it is possible play us exclusively inside the online casino in possession of an American license.


Mega ball

The Evolution Gaming content provider has decided to upset the Bingo game with his live proposal by Mega Ball. All instructions on how to start the game, where to participate and how much to aim, are contained within the free review just below!

Mega ball It is a game that is proposed by compagnia Evolution Gamingnull As a basic concept there is the bingo, which is however enriched with the presence of special multipliers and a completely innovative balls of the balls.

Rules of the MEGA BALL online game

Il game show Mega Ball It is presented by a young presenter, man or woman, who manage the game and entertain the public.

In order to take part in the game it is necessary buy folders, as well 1 up to a maximum of 200.

Each of them consists of a 5x5 grid, and is made up of a precise combination of 24 numbers randomly placed. Furthermore, each folder has up to 12 winning, horizontal, vertical but also oblique lines.

Then there is the large air machine, in which 51 balls will be inserted, but only 20 will be extracted. If the caught numbers are present inside the folders in possession of the players, they will be marked. The final goal is to complete a line thus obtaining a special victory.

After these 20 balls are extracted, one or two round bonuses that we will analyze in the next paragraph will start.

Game episode in Mega Ball

In the MEGA BALL online game You can choose to bet give one minimum of 0.10 $ up to a Maximum of 50 $ Total.

the maximum victory that instead a player can obtain is equal to 500.000$;.

Mega Ball Live Payment Table

Based on the winning lines that are created, the players are awarded several prizes. Here are what are below:

  • 1

    Full line horizontally, vertical or oblique pay pay from 1x up to 100x

  • 2

    Complete lines horizontally, vertical or oblique pagan 5x up to 500x

  • 3

    Complete lines horizontally, vertical or oblique pagan from 50x up to 5,000x

  • 4

    Complete lines horizontally, vertical or oblique pagan 250x up to 25,000x

  • 5

    Complete lines horizontally, vertical or oblique pagan from 1,000x up to 100,000x

  • 6

    Complete lines horizontally, vertical or oblique pagan 10,000x up to 1,000,000x

Back to Mega Ball Game Show player Live

In the online game Mega Ball the return to the player is not fixed. In fact, its value varies according to the special methods that are activated, but also to the multipliers that are presented.

l'RTP minimo present is equal to 95,05%, while the massimo reaches the 95,40%.

Mega Round Bonus

In the MEGA BALL online game, after the 20 balls were extracted from the air machinery, are activated 1 or 2 special mega bonus rounds.

At the beginning of the function, the presenter finds out which one is; the Multiplier that will be the protagonist, from a minimum of X5 up to a maximum of X100null Then a ball will be extracted. If this completes one or more lines, the victory is multiplied by the selected multiplier. Otherwise, however, it is considered as a normal ball and no amount is multiplied.

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