Where can you play fan Tan?

To take part in a game of fan talk, of provider Evolution Gaming, it is necessary be enrolled in an online casinonull Among those who have the American license issued by the Customs Agency and Monopoli we find:


A red table houses the white balls protagonists of the online game Fan Tan, of the software house evolution gaming. The regulation of this ancient Chinese game is thoroughly explained within the free review just below!

What is it and how do you play fan tan?

Il fan talk It is an ancient game that derives from the East, more precisely from China.

In the proposal of the compagnia Evolution Gaming, the main protagonists are white spheres on a red carpet.

The goal of this game is that ofguess the number of balls that will remain after the count of all the othersnull But let's go in order.

The Croupier will give the participants time to select an episode among the proposals.

Subsequently, with a glass, it will collect a random number of white spheres. He will then start counting 4 to 4 until 1, 2, 3 or 4 remain.

The player will be able to obtain a victory if he guesses the number of remaining spheres.

What are the available episodes?

Infan talk, the first thing to select is the value of one's own Episode, which goes from a minimum of 0.20 $ up to a Total maximum of $ 5,000.

Once the value is chosen, we move on to the various available episodes. Each player will have 15 seconds at his disposal to decide where to place the game episode.

The first we present are the classics, therefore:

  • 1, 2, 3 e 4 - So you choose a precise number of those that according to the player are the spheres that will remain on the table

  • Big/Small - therefore high/low, it means that they focus on the fact that the number that will remain will be high, then 3 or 4, or low, then 1 or 2

  • Odd/Even - Then there is the peer or odd, with which you choose whether the number of spheres that will remain will be equal or odd.

Then there are extra episodes, which can be viewed by clicking on the button with the square at the bottom right.

These are:

  • Nim - with which they focus on 2 possible remaining numbers. If the first number shown in the Nim area is the result of the game, then it is considered as victory

  • Kwok - We also focus on 2 numbers in this case. If one of the two shown in the Kwok area is winning, then you get a win

  • Ssh - Finally, this episode has 3 numbers. If one of those present in the SSH area appears as a winner, the player is assigned the victory.

Fan Tan Live - What are the victories

After we analyzed what are all types of bets, it is important to know too How much pays each of them:

  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 pay a 2.85

  • Odd/Even Paano One

  • Big/Small pagano uno 0,95

  • Kwok Paga Uno 0.95

  • NO PAGA a 1.90

  • Finally, SSH pays a 0.31667.3

Il Back to the Fan Tan player it is variable and goes from a minimum of 96.25% up to a Maximum of 98.75%.

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