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What will be the lucky number of today? To find out there is the wheel of fortune Crazy Time, a game show proposed by the software house evolution gaming. The free review below, gives more information about it!

Crazy Time - Provala E will love it!

Il Crazy Time online game It is very similar to other wheels of fortune in the sector, but has that more something that has managed to conquer the public.

First there are well 4 special bonus games, which we are going to analyze later. In addition, a random multiplier among the 108 available is extracted for each spin!

The goal of the game

Crazy time It is, as we anticipated, a wheel of luck that is inspired by the popular Money When. It consists of 54 segments, each of which hosts one of the numbers 1, 2, 5 or 5, or by one of the 4 bonus games.

The presenter will make the wheel run and actively participate in the performance of the whole game.

The purpose of this game, however, is substantially one: guess which section of the wheel will stop on the pointer.

Rules to be respected

First, the player who participates in Crazy time, he must choose his Episode game.

To do this, just select one of the colored chips, in the lower part of the screen. The Minimum value to be and look like a 0,10$ while the maximum is $ 100. However, each participant has the opportunity to focus on up to a maximum of 1.000$.

Once the section of the wheel is chosen, within 15 seconds, the presenter will turn the Wheel. At the same time, two rollers on top of the wheel itself the top slot, they will begin to turn. These will stop and show one of the numbers, or one of the bonus modes, to which to assign a multiplier.

Wins available in Crazy Time

Each segment of the wheel of Crazy time proposes a very specific victory. But let's analyze together what are the Possible winnings:

  • 1 is available in 21 segments and pays a 1 to 1

  • 2 is available in 13 segments and pays a 2 to 1

  • 5 is available in 7 segments and pays a 5 to 1

  • 10 is available in 4 segments and pays a 10 to 1

  • Pachinko is available in 2 segments and pays up to $ 500,000

  • Cash Hunt is available in 2 segments and pays up to $ 500,000;

  • Coin Flip is available in 4 segments and pays up to $ 500,000

  • Crazy Time is only available in 1 segment and pays up to $ 500,000.

Return to the player of the Game Show Crazy Time

l'RTP of the online game Crazy Time varies Much depending on the episodes that a player intends to select.

In fact, we go from a return to the player minimum of 94.33% up to a maximum of 96.08%.

But let's see exactly how the various RTPs are combined with the episodes:

  • focusing on the 1 of has an RTP of 96.08%

  • focusing on 2 you have an RTP of 95.95%

  • focusing on 5 you have an RTP of 95.78%

  • focusing on 10 you have an RTP of 95.73%

  • focusing on the Pachinko you have an RTP of 94.33%

  • focusing on Cash Hunt you have an RTP of 95.27%

  • focusing on the coin flip you have an RTP of 95.70%

  • By focusing on Crazy Time you have an RTP of 94.41%.

Crazy Time e Bonus

The Crazy Time online gaming bonus mode They are 4:

  • Il Cash Hunt

  • Il Pachinko

  • Il Coin Flip

  • Il Crazy time.

Let's see together below what each of them offers.

Cash Hunt

In this special function, one is generated walls of 108 random multipliersnull if in the top slot, i.e. the two rollers positioned in the upper part of the wheel, a multiplier was won, then all 108 initial multipliers come multiplied by the one that appeared.

At this point, an countdown begins, in which to prepare and aim the cannon on the point that according to the player he has the highest multiplier.

Once the time ended, the cannon shoots and shows a multiplier that will multiply all the others.


Il Pachinko Bonus Game Instead, it proposes a wall of multipliers that contains a random area with the fall of the disc on top e 16 multipliers Random in the landing area.

The disc is randomly falling from areas 4 to 12.

Before the disc falls, however, all multipliers are multiplied by the top slot multiplier.

If the disc falls on Double, all multipliers are doubled. The function continues until the disc stops on one of the doubled multipliers, or if it goes again on Double.

Coin Flip

the Coin Flip bonus function It basically recalls the head or cross game.

A coin with a red and one blue side will be launched. Two random multipliers are then assigned to both sides.

The coin is then launched, but first the player must select one of the two faces. If that choice is the winner, the victory multiplier is obtained.

Crazy time

Finally, to conclude, there is the Special Crazy Time mode of this game of Evolution gaming.

What is hiding behind the red door? A gigantic wheel from 64 segments of multipliers only!

If a multiplier has also been won in the top slot, then all those present in the wheel are multiplied.

The player will have to choose one of the indicators: green, blue or yellow. The multiplier of the selected segment is applied to the player's final victory. If one of the pointers stops on the word Double or Triple, then for the players who have chosen that indicator, the multipliers obtained will be doubled or tripled.

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