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Il Game Going Bahar of Pragmatic Play, is present only within some online casino, as an example:


A fully equipped study, with the setting and the typical colors of India, houses the gaming table go Bahar of the Pragmatic Play software house. In the Review below, however, it is possible to obtain more information and details about this live game.

Skapri inside

Il Live Game Gam Bahar born from the idea of Content supplier for the Igaming Pragmatic Play industry.

As we have already anticipated, this proposal is inspired by one of the most famous games of Indian origin. This detail can be understood by the typical clothing, worn by the Croupier, but also by the setting itself and the colors that surround the study.

Going Bahar is a game strictly linked to luck, when you have 50% probability of winning.

l'The goal of the game It is that ofGuess which side go or Bahar, the identical paper will be distributed to the Joker (i.e. the counter). The latter is the first that is shown to the players.

How to play to go Bahar Live

Before leaving a game with the Online game go bahar, the player must select what value to make his own assume Episode game.

Chips can take on a Minimum value of 0.10 $ up to a Maximum of $ 1,000. The Total maximum episode however it can reach a value of 5.000$.

After that, the player himself will select on which among the proposals areas, place his episode.

Each participant has at his disposal a few seconds to complete the positioning of the episodes.

Once the time available ended, the Croupier will position the first card on the more space on the right. This corresponds to the Joker. Subsequently, the young man, or the young Croupier will continue with the cards positioning first on the side and the second on the Bahar side.

The game is won when the Joker card itself will appear on which side.

Value of the cards in going bahar

Il Live Game Gam Bahar provides for the use of a deck with 52 cards, which will be changed after each single game.

The value of each card, in the case of main episodes is irrelevant, as the goal is to guess in which side the paper is found equal to the Joker.

The value and color of the cards takes over at a later time, when secondary episodes are made such as the "Prime 3", which we will analyze right below.

Here are the values of the cards in going bahar:

  • l'A vale 1

  • 2 is worth 2

  • 3 is worth 3

  • 4 is worth 4

  • 5 is worth 5

  • 6 is worth 6

  • 7 is worth 7

  • 8 is worth 8

  • 9 is worth 9

  • 10 is worth 10

  • Il J Vale 11

  • The q is worth 12

  • The K is worth 13

Episodes of the online game go Bahar

The Game episodes in going bahar live They are mainly of two types: Primary o Secondary.

The Main episodes They are the ones who are interested in going and Bahar. The chances of winning are slightly more in favor of the side where the first card is positioned, then the going. In fact, his victory pays a 0.9 to 1, while Bahar grants 1 to 1.

Let's now move on to the secondary episodes that in turn are divided into two parts.

There are secondary episodes based on a combination of 3 cards, then the Joker card and the first two cards distributed. This is also known as episode on the first 3 and the combinations it proposes are similar to those of poker. Here are what are:

  • Color staircase - If the first 3 cards in sequence are of the same seed and the same color

  • Color staircase - If the first 3 cards in sequence are of the same seed and the same color

  • Color - If 3 cards of different value appear but of the same seed.

  • The second category of secondary episodes, on the other hand, allows the player to guess how many cards will be distributed in total on the table. The secondary episodes of this group are:

  • first card on the side go - It is winning if the first card distributed on the side is identical to the Joker

  • First card on the bahar side - It is winning if the first card distributed on the Bahar side is identical to the Joker

  • and 1 at 5

  • and 6 at 10

  • and 11 in 15

  • and 16 at 25

  • and 26 at 30

  • and 31 in 35

  • and 36 at 40

  • and 41 in 49.

Payments of the game go bahar

Every secondary episode which is selected has its own value of Ben Precise Paymentnull Here's what we are talking about:

  • 1 letter your walk pays a 15 to 1

  • 1 letter your bahar pays a 15.5 to 1

  • Yes 1 A 5 Paga a 2.5 a 1

  • Yes 6 A 10 Paga a 3.5 a 1

  • Yes 11 A 15 Paga a 4.5 a 1

  • Yes 16 A 25 Paga a 3.5 a 1

  • Yes 26 A 30 Paga a 14.5 a 1

  • Yes 31 A 35 Paga a 24.5 a 1

  • Yes 36 A 40 Paga a 49 a 1

  • Yes 41 A 49 Paga a 119 a 1.

There is the possibility of receiving bonuses

The online game Bahar does not propose special methods, free spin or bonus symbols. All the victories are connected to one decision: where the episode will be positioned!

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