the English roulette o “roulette Blu”, is a particular version of roulette with a 0 and is often available both in Online version that con live dealernull As we will see, the rules of the game do not differ much from those of the American roulino or French But a first difference can be seen immediately: in the English roulette, in fact, The game table is blue And not green. Hence the often used term of Blu roulette.

Peculiarity of the English roulette

Of course there are other details to make the English roulette "different" from the other versions of Roulette; In it we find 37 boxes Because unlike the American version, in this case there is only one box, which represents zero, usually green. The other boxes are arranged as in the French roulette with alternating red/black colors and numbers from 1 to 36.

The game is very fast compared to classic European roulette; A maximum of 7 players sits at the table and there are usually two croupier. The game is very pleasant in the version with Live Dealer both thanks to the high graphic standards proposed, and because in the English roulette the wheel turns differently to each episode.


English roulette in the ADM portal

The ADM sites have long since introduced this variant of the game within their offer; Also thanks to the online live game. To this version they are often associated particular bonuses or special tournaments.

Currently you can find the blue roulette in almost all AAMS/ADM authorized casino with episodes that also start from a minimum of ten cents.

It must be considered that the presence of the single zero makes this variant much more advantageous For the player compared to American roulette, with a margin of the house in all similar to French roulette. To this version The EN Prison rule does not apply, therefore in case of zero exit, bets behave normally and participate in the same episode.

In the English roulette in case of release of the zero, the player loses the bet while it is not possible to withdraw half of the amount as in the French roulette.

Another difference to report concerns the episodes: In English roulette it is never possible to focus on a sestina of numbers As in the other versions of the game, so always remember this particularity on the basis of which to make different strategy choices.

As you can see, even if apparently the same, the roulette versions have these even minimal differences, but of which you have to take into account when dealing with a new table for the first time, independently that it is an English, French roulette and so Street.

Its classic blue coloring must not deceive and suggest that this variant is equal in all respects to the others, perhaps more known versions such as the French one, with which it shares, as we have just seen the advantage ofabsence of double zero, which characterizes the American one.


The episodes to the English roulette

Though The episodes of the English roulette are the same as in its French version, it is worth summarizing briefly, in order to have the full mastery of the game once inside the “roulette Blu.”

The episodes are therefore grouped as follows:

Simple episodes:

  • Red-black: You bet on color.
  • even odd: You bet on the number.
  • Lack/pass: Each player can bet on a series of numbers (1/18-19/36): the bet pays the mail 1 time.

    * All bets on simple chances pay the mail 1 time; Remember that in the English roulette the EN Prison rule does not apply to any of these episodes.

Other types of episode:

  • Full: It focuses on a single number. The bet pays the mail 35 times.
  • Cavallo: We focus on a couple of numbers, putting the chips between them. The bet pays the mail 17 times.
  • Quatrain (Carrè in the French roulette): one focuses on four numbers. The bet pays the mail 8 times.
  • Dozen: In this case the player can bet on each dozen wheel numbers. In the English roulette there are three dozen numbers (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) and the bet pays the mail 2 times.
  • Transversal full: you bet on a triplet of numbers; The bet pays 11 to 1.
  • Column: Each player can focus on one of the columns of the wheel; This bet also pays the mail 2 times.

English roulette can be said to be one "Twin" Of the French one, given that the absence of the EN Prison rule and the impossibility of betting on the Sestine do not change its structure. Unlike what happens for the Fair Roulette or American roulette, in fact, those who know how to play French roulette are able to play the English one without difficulty in any case.


English Roulette Online

As with most of the online casino games, the choice of play an English roulette or not derives from several factors, independent of the color of its table, which still remains a beautiful, elegant distinctive sign and that can be the call to try something of "different" From usual.

The English roulette has the aesthetic component that captures attention, then continues with the offers, tournaments and special promotions dedicated to this type of wheel variant.

Exactly as it happens for any other type of roulette, even English roulette is not free from the knowledge of the most important strategies replicable in all other ways, because luck is fine, but sometimes it also needs an extra spintine, reason for who We recommend visiting ours part of the forum on strategies and roulette systems.


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honestly, i didn't even know about the existence of an english roulette until i came across me finding myself playing on william hill's casino. it is not that i am particularly iron in the game of roulette, or at least it is not the one i prefer among the various online gambling games, but this version intrigued me, precisely because i ignored its existence and i decided to try it. overall we say that my experience on english roulette is quite positive, i can't even make many comparisons because for example i have never played the american version but only to the french one and i would say that the differences are very few, indeed i didn't notice anything different from that. the setting is unquestionably beautiful, the blue table is particular and the atmosphere is very, like saying, chic, rather than in other mess according to what i could see. i really liked the idea of live english roulette, where the thing that struck me above all the others was the extreme speed of the table, the room was crowded with people, but the games were held very quickly, for one who likes the fluid game here in my opinion finds a nice play. it seemed to me that this was very appreciated and for this reason i don't understand why this version is not advertised here as it should, or at least not as much as the others, could encourage the game right? hello everybody. gianca.