the French roulette It is perhaps one of the variants more appreciated and played of the Roulette game both in terrestrial and online casinos.

The history of roulette has very ancient origins, but this game has known well adapt to the needs of modern players And it is still the most widespread and on which most of the casino users are concentrated, especially the European roulette.

Thanks to demo of the European roulette Below, you will be able to test this fantastic version of the online roulette.

Around the "Queen of the casino" There are many stories, myths, legends, real facts and real buffaloes, but together with them several schools of thought have also developed, which have created a real line of demarcation between Roulette supporters with a zero And passionate followers of the other American version, of the European one, English and so on.

For its basic characteristics, i A little more experienced players, are more likely prefer French roulette at the cheaper American roulette, but it's not always the case. Both are to be considered forms of fun suitable for each category of players, experts and non -experts.

On the other hand, as often repeated on this site, but this is also a fact that each player knows, the roulette variants do not differ from each other than for some rules, keeping the basic settings equal to all versions.

The various wheels each have its own particular characteristics, especially as regards the episodes and so also the French roulette has bets that make it distinguish from all the others, as well as a feature above all, for which it is known in theaters of all the world.

French roulette: peculiarity in certified portals

Is distinguished from the other variants, Like Roulette with 36 numbers and one zero, alternating red/black and 0 green boxes. Basically it does not differ much from classic European roulette If not for some special bets that we will see later.

For many players, This variant is to be preferred precisely for the presence of the single zero which ensures a greater advantage to the player than the other types of the game. In case of zero exit, the player will pay only half of what he bet on simple chance.

So in total 37 numbers available to place your bet, as the double zero box was removed, in order to give one more to the players, a trick adopted by the Blanc brothers at the beginning of the 19th century for European casinos null

For this characteristic of its French roulette is more advantageous For players who for the counter, a motivation that alone speaks to her on the success that this game may have had in terrestrial casinos all over the world and which still continues today in its online version.


Episodes of the French roulette

As with the other variants, even in the game of this roulette with 37 boxes you have to focus on a number or a series of numbers (combinations), Following the general rules, in addition in this variant there are also the so -called episodes "Special" .

Let's see first of all what are the simple episodes allowed, also found in the other variants:

Simple episodes or simple chance:

  • Red-black: we focus on color; In this case the bet pays the mail 1 time.
  • even odd: it focuses on the number; In this case the bet pays the mail 1 time.
  • Lack/pass: You can bet on a series of numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 and this bet also pays the mail 1 time. As we have seen in this case, if zero come out, the player can withdraw half of the bet, while the other episodes are to be considered losers.

Other types of episode:

  • Plein: In this case it focuses on a single number; This bet pays 35 to 1, being obviously the most random.
  • Cheval: bet paying the mail 17 times. The player focuses on a couple of numbers.
  • Carrè: It focuses on a quatrain of numbers; In this case the bet pays the mail 8 times.
  • Dozen: The player can focus on a group made up of 12 numbers. The dozen are three being the wheel made up of 36 boxes; The bet pays the sum 2 times the sum.
  • Full transverse: you bet on a triplet of numbers; The bet pays 11 to 1.
  • Transversale Simple: you bet on a sestine of numbers; The bet pays 5 to 1.
  • Column: The player focuses on the first, second or third column of the table; As in the dozen the bet pays the mail 2 times.

Then there are the Special episodes which groups in three main types:

Particular episodes of the French roulette

  • 5/8 series also called "third of the cylinder": the player focuses on 12 numbers by putting the chips out of six cheval; The numbers are those between 27 and 33.
  • Zero and the neighbors of the zero: This series is located on the high side of the wheel opposite to that of the 5/8 series among the numbers from 22 to 25. It is possible to bet nine chips on this series.
  • Orfanelli: They are the remaining groups of numbers and can be played with five chips.


Special rules of French roulette

We have already seen how the presence of the single zero influence the trend of the game in this variant of the online roulette. In addition, French roulette has an additional peculiarity represented by the EN Prison rule according to which if the zero comes out, the episodes on the simple chances remain still for a lap (they remain imprisoned) and only to the next one fall into the game and can behave like all the other episodes.


Strategies and tips for the French roulette

Roulette is a gambling; There are several systems and strategies to win, but none of these can ensure victory as the random component is the most important of the game. The right advice to follow is to learn the rules well and start with the simplest episodes and then move on to the more complex ones.

Study the table well, the position of the numbers and the subdivision to fully understand the types of episode.

We advise you to visit ours Forum section dedicated to strategies and roulette systems.


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