The best known roulette are of 3 main types, French, Englishedamericana, but a different type of roulette, unlike other gambling, does not involve a distortion of the strategy of play that can be adopted or, if it involves it, is really minimal.

Here we will analyze All variants of roulette and the small differences that characterize them, also keeping an eye on some Special versions, regularly licensed ADM.

Roulette variants: differences in the ADM portals

French roulette

It is the most common roulette, perhaps thanks to the fact that they were 2 French (the Blood Brothers), to spread the game in France first and then throughout Europe, because of the success of theirs Casino in the Principality of Monaco, the Montecarlo casinonull In this type of roulette, double 0 is missing and there are the "In prison" and the "Resa"

English roulette

It would seem the copy of the French roulette, if it were not due to the lack of the option "In prison" And therefore the table is slightly more advantageous for the house than that of the French variant.

roulette americana

The table for roulette preferred by playing houses around the world.Are you wondering why? Very simple: for the presence of the Double 0, which makes much more difficult for the player to winnull Also in this table there is no"In prison".

Another difference between the French roulette (the English one has the same rules) and the American ones are the chips. In Roulette called "American" Players receive Fiches of different colors Depending on the different value they have, instead in the French roulette the colors are the same but the values reported change.

You can find any of these online different types of roulette And therefore the player can freely choose on what kind of table to play even if it is good to remember it again, he should always choose the roulette called "European" who more favors the player.


Royale Roulette

If you play at different roulette mainly online, you will see in some casino the roulette royale, but what is it? Simple: the roulette royale It is a classic version of the European roulette, but has the particularity of having a progressive jackpot.

In addition to the normal episode you want to do, the casino will automatically focus on your own bet a further bet with a value of 1 credit in a special box.

If the number you have played will come out more than 2 times in a row, an additional win will be paid, my number played by you should come out 5 times in a row, then you would win the progressive jackpot.


Because you prefer one roulette to another

Roulette is definitely One of those games that made the true story of gambling in the worldIn fact, since its invention has been the subject of great interest both by the public and by the gaming houses, with a continuous improvement policy to keep the interest of its admirers alive.

In fact we see many versions of the roulette, add to the best known we have already talked about.

Yes, because, the dynamics on the preferences of the types of roulette are never well defined, in fact, if on the one hand we are taken for granted the preference of the European roulette, at least as regards our continent, on the other hand there is to be considered that the American roulette continues to be the beyond Ocean.

In addition to the variants of classic roulette that everyone knows, there are others that meet more and more favors of the people of gambling fans, just think for example the Mini-roulette playtech.


Mini roulette and other interesting versions

As just said, among the many variants of roulette with which you can choose to have fun, there is one that, after its recent introduction, immediately made it talk about it, as it has very interesting and attractive characteristics.

We are talking about the Mini Roulette, The latest arrival in online casinos in order of time, but certainly not in the preferences of the players. This is the Roulette version that is sparkling right now within the various casinos that propose it.

The reasons for this sudden success are essentially to be found in the further simplification of the game, due to the fact that they have less than half of the numbers of a normal wheel. Indeed The numbers on the mini roulette are just 12, which translates into greater probability of winning for players.

There is a single defect of this variant of roulette, that is, the fact that greater probability of winning mean consequently Reduced amount winnings, but still a very interesting type to practice and not risk large sums especially when you are at the beginning.

In addition to the mini roulette, other innovative versions are available today. In fact, one of the last variations entered on the market is that of Roulette Diamond Editionnull The peculiarity of this version of Roulette is that instead of red and black, the colors on which it allows to aim are blue, yellow, green and purple. The amount of possible numbers, on the other hand, does not change (36), while it exists both in 0 and 00 version.

Given the popularity of live casino among the lovers of the online game, we cannot fail to mention the Roulette livenull This version of the roulette allows players to make their episodes in front of a real Croupier, to follow the live game through a live camera and also to entertain themselves in chat with the other participants in the game. In this variant, the rules of the roulette do not change.

Different from the "simple" online roulette, but not real like Roulette Live is the Roulette 3Dnull This variant of the roulette, which follows the rules of French roulette, allows you to experience different emotions through the three -dimensional version of the roulette it offers.

Thrilling lovers, will find in the Multi-Roma roulette bread for their teeth. This version of Roulette online, gives the possibility of betting on several wheels simultaneously, in fact there are up to eight wheels available.

Conceptually similar to multi-roller roulette, but different in the realization is the Multi-palla roulettenull In this type of roulette, up to 3 balls can be launched, providing the player with the possibility of making up to 3 episodes simultaneously.

As we have seen, there are many game options for roulette lovers, everything is to find the one that most responds to everyone's needs.


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