In USA the game of broom does not need presentation, perhaps for this reason, the online broom is so successful.

Here we want to see together with you everything that makes the fuck online so popular starting from its rules and passing through its history.

Scopa rules (also online)

The broom is probably the Most widespread and known card game in our countrynull Born in Naples, the broom is played with a normal deck of Neapolitan cardsnull You can play in 2 or more players, depending on how many you are. Specifically: you can play 2, 3, 4, in pairs and 6, in teams by 3 people each. Once the players and any couples or teams have decided, the cards are distributed. At this point, each player falls a card at will of him and the game flows anti -erally.

The Mazziere, or the system in the case of the online broom, after mixing the cards and done "cut" The player's deck on his left distributes 3 cards to each player, starting from the one immediately to the right of the Mazziere, and 4 cards are discovered on the table; In the event that at least three of the four cards initially on the game table are kings, you cannot play the hand, because the broom would be impossible and therefore a new distribution of the cards is made. It is played starting from the first to the right of the Mazziere (the hand player).

The sockets

After the game begins, the sockets start. Based on the cards on the table and those that the player has in his hand can:

  • Take a card if same to one who has in his hand
  • take more cards whose sum is equal to one who has in his hand
  • do not take any card since nothing corresponds has what it has, but is still obliged to Pull one of the cards he has in his hand

Recall that the ace is worth 1, the 2 Vale 2, on 3 Vale 3, 4 Vale 4, 5 Vale 5, 6 Vale 6, the 7 Vale 7, the woman is worth 8, the horse is worth nine and the king Vale 10.

When you make broken? When you can take the cards that remained on the table together. Eg: in my hand I have a woman of money, she is my turn and on the ground there is a woman swords off. In this case it is fucking, as in the event that I always have the same woman of money and on the table there are cards whose total is 8: even in this case it is fucking.

The deck of cards and the core

In fact, as regards the deck (40 cards) to play with, in many sites you can choose to also use other types of American cards Traditional: Neapolitan, Piacentine etc. And in some cases also the French cards, removed the jokers, eight, nine and ten. In the latter hypothesis there is a correspondence between the French seeds and those of the American cards: to the denarii, cups, sticks and French swords correspond respectively the paintings, hearts, flowers, hearts and spades.

In the broom the Mazziere is established by pulling out (For example, breaking the deck to a players and assigning the role to those who get the highest card) or, in the case of the online broom, is chosen by the system in a completely random way before starting the real game and then changes, at the end of the detached, turning counterclockwise.


Online broom game: Questions

Am I forced to take or can I discard what I want?

Each player is obliged to Take the paper on the table that has the same value as one of the cards he has in his handnull This is melted, if it has the opportunity to take with various combinations of cards, it is very free to choose the one you prefer. Furthermore, if the player can do at least one grip, it must necessarily perform, it is not allowed that the paper is discarded.

If the last card I have in my hand corresponds to what is on the table, did I fuck?

Np. The broom is done when you all take the cards on the table together, but this is not true in the event that it is the last play of the final hand of a blatant.

The matches have a conclusion that depends on the type of match that has been held: in those in Standy whoever got more points wins Once you play the scheduled stalls; in points in points whoever goes beyond the pre -established score wins; If the game ends in a tie, a stalking for the playoff will take place.


Fucking game: Volabolario

The broom, even the lips online, has all of hers particular terminology, with words that serve to indicate the phases of the game or the cards and their characteristics or even moves. So it is good to know these terms, so as not to find yourself playing without having understood essential information for a good success.


The pole It is the seed of the cards game. In all There are four poles, whatever the type of cards you have chosen to play with.


A challenge is made up of a number of sticks (or game round). If it consists of 3 games, it means that 3 stimpens are played. If, on the other hand, it is a points challenge, as many stumbles take place as necessary because one of the players reach the set score.


It is the player who sits to the right of the Mazziere And that's what The game begins.


It means playing a card that it doesn't take any other.


It means playing one or more cards.

Cut the deck

The cut of the deck consists of divide the deck into two parts and put the lower part above the upper one; It is usually made to the player who is to the left of the Mazziere after the mixture of the cards, before starting the game.


It is nothing more than the deck of covered cards, placed on the game table.


It is said that you have a "Twentynine" When you have a ace and a three belonging to the same seed (of plolo).


Il “volo” It occurs when you are about to play The last card of a seed Pilo.


Fucking online: strategies and points count

When playing cards, the top would be to remember those who come out and predict the opponent's moves, in order to try to hinder it. Obviously only the most trained are succeeded, but some small tips can also help the least accustomed with strategies and things like this. Since you must avoid making the opponents fuck and therefore, it is necessary to try to leave more than a total on the game table.

Every broom that is done is worth a point; who has more cards gets another point, as well as who made money, That is, it has accumulated more denari cards. Also who made the first accumulates a point and who did the Settebello another. Easy no?

But let's explain in detail What is the first: it is a score - that we also find in other card games - which is obtained by taking the highest card for each of the seeds, and thus adding the value of these four cards, according to this attribution of points: the 7 is worth 21 points , 6 points, the ace confers 16 points, the 5 gives 15 points, 4, 3 and 2 respectively 14, 13 and 12 points, while the king, the infantryman and the 10 -point woman.

To take part in the account of the Primiera, therefore, a player must have at least one card for each seed: if he does not have it, the primary will be assigned to the team or contending player, always if this or this also have cards of all four i poles. Of course, the firstiest that player reports the highest score obtained by operating this addition. If it is made with four 7 it is said "Seventy".


Play fucking online

If you are wondering if you can play on online fuck the answer is yes. Today that everything passes through the network also the card games have ended up. So, as they exist in addition to poker, seven and a half online, The burraco online e The Online Ramino, the broom was also introduced.

The broom was classified by the AMS/ADM as a game of skill, in fact it is found in the category of games called "Skill Games". It is possible to play the fucking online on Snai Casino.

How to play fucking online? Exactly as you play to broke out not on the net: The rules and dynamics are the samenull There are many sites to play online, you could play against other players or, otherwise, against the software.

Fundamental is Choose AAMS/ADM authorized casinos, to be sure you can play with adequate protection, protected by scams and scams.


The tricks of the broom

Together with Tressette and briscola the broom is undoubtedly the most loved and practiced card game in our country. And this also thanks to its rules, which make it a discipline in which it is possible to elaborate and experiment with many strategies that are very based on the mnemonic skills of the contenders, but also on intuition and reasoning, which is why the broom is highly appreciated by reflective people and with the acute mind. Remember which cards have already been played is essential To predict those of the same value that still have to pass and therefore predict the moves of the other players, to also prevent the broom.

In fact one of the more adopted strategies to broom, and in general in all card games, both live and online, it is the one that consists in doing the so -called cards (See also the counting of the Blackjack cards), assuming which cards the opponent can have, so that in the end, in the last hand, you can know exactly what are those that holds the challenger in your hands and therefore have clear how it will move. There are various types of count, which aim at the same result, that is to know what the cards are in the hands of those in front of us.

The 48 rule consists in keeping in mind the splendor cards, that is, those of the sockets made with a single card that has captured two or more, whose facial value in total corresponds to that of the socket, such as e.g. A 7 that takes a 5 and a 2, from which three sparrowed cards are in all (On the other hand, the cards of an outlet in which one card captures another of the same value are). The list must be updated continuously, so the cards that appear to be the previous ones, already passed, with new scores must be deleted from the account.

Thus you arrive at the last hand with a list of splendor cards; By eliminating those corresponding to cards of the same value that are on the table or they have, they remain one or three different value cards. If there are three, these are the three cards that the opponent owns, while if it is only one, this is one of those in the hands of the challenger, while the other two are a pair of identical value cards (It can be identified with Luciani's rule).

Another rule spread for Counting the cards is Luciani's rule: it is a rather simple system based on mathematics, in particular that a series of 10 cards, ranging from the ace to the king, if added in their values give a total of 55; It follows that the cards of all seeds (10x4) are corresponding to 220 points. From here this count was designed: adding the values of the cards that have taken hold you come to obtain a certain total at the time of the last hand. If this is also added to the value of the three cards that are in hand and that of the cards on the table you reach a figure of less than 220. The difference between the latter value and 220 gives the total of the value of the cards it has L 'opponent.


History: the ancient origins of the broom

The broom is yes a game born in Naples, but in its most recent version, the American one and that we all know. More precisely, the broom seems to have origins that date back much further back in time. There are several theories about its genesis.

According to some it is the derivation of a Old Spanish card called Escoba, characterized by rules very similar to those of the current broom. According to another thesis, supported by fans and field scholars, instead it would have been the evolution of two other Spanish games, very fashionable in the fifteenth century: Scarabucion and Primiera.

The first news of the American broom game is in the fifteenth century in Naples: the pirates and fishermen of the port of Naples played it with the ultimate purpose of increasing their income of money using the loot of assaults on merchant ships and raids made in the houses and in the homes of rich people and nobility.


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playing to fuck makes me come back to when i was a child and i looked at my grandfather who played both at home and especially at the circle of my country and who got very angry when he couldn't win. i never understood how he did but i remember well that it counted the cards, the times that he escaped the account he was immediately seen, he changed practically color in the face of the anger that came to him, tried to teach him too but to count his own cards i didn't want to learn about learning, it will be that in mathematics i have always been a landslide, i don't know. however the broom is one of the few games i know how to play, i can't count the cards is true, but to have fun with what remains a great classic in USA i don't think there is not all this need, the game must be fun , let's not make it a job come on. personally, a game like that of broom i see it not very suitable to be inserted in an online casino, i do not consider it as a gambling comparable for example to poker, to mention the first that comes to mind, the broom is a game to do with friends, to play the quartino of wine as the elderly are still doing today, playing it in an online casino is a bit like distorting it in my opinion. the other day i was looking for an app for the phone and i also found it among the proposed games, i came to smile: d part of the whole are my ideas about the profan of the game and the casinos in general, i liked it but very read your piece because it made me go back in time and learn a terminology of this game that i didn't know. greetings to all of you.