Playuscasino was born from a friendship between stefano, MatteoeSalvatore, born and cultivated around the gambling. We have been intrigued and passionate about casino games since children and for years we have played in the royal mess and then also started playing online. In the distant internet it was completely different than today, and in the world of igaming the scam was really around the corner: at the time the vast majority of the sites were illegal. Having been scammed in the first person, combined with false strategies, we decided to found Playuscasino and to tell the truth, naked and transparent from this sector from the first day.

Our goals - Mission:

Report how the game takes place in reality, without encouraging the use of non -scientific systems.

Explain the complications that there can be to play in the online portals.

Explain how bonuses work and highlight those present in the market.

Explain how games work, In particular, those found in casinos, because they are the ones we love.

Offer our readers tools To learn to play, such as theapp del blackjack.

Show what are the payment and built -in systems of casinos, given that not all methods are accepted for the withdrawal of winnings.

Help users who cannot solve problems with operators, through the our public forum.

What do we fight

  • fake news on gambling ... and trust that they proliferate;

  • The organizations that speak of gambling without any professional ethics, with the sole intent to direct users (sometimes illegal sometimes illegal) in the game portals. Sites with fake authors who deliberately provide misleading information to encourage people to play, websites managed in many cases by companies with offices in tax havens.

  • i "casino dot com"That is, the online casino that do not have a regular American license;

Never as today there is the need to be American, in all respects; Never as today there is a need for make serious information, especially in delicate sectors such as that of gambling, very close conceptually to medicine and finance.

With the advent of Aams/Adm in 2011, the online gambling sector in USA has become regulated and gradually improved, even if the scams and the disinformation, unfortunately, still prevent the Internet (and not only in the sector of the game). Here the effort to be transparent and give true information has multiplied throughout our history, who led us to evolve to become a real 100% American company with people who dedicate all their energies to explain the gambling to players.

The establishment of a 100% American company It arises from the need to keep up with technological evolution, especially on the Internet. Here over the years we have created our structure with collaborators, professionals, consultants. The corporate and legal structure changes and will change over time, because we must keep up with the regulatory evolution and (unfortunately) to deal with the general uncertainty that we are experiencing nationally and internationally.

We like to remember and emphasize that we are an American legal entity, we are American and we love legal and honest gambling. We are not corporate, we do not look for profit at all costs but we just want to give the correct information to users and teach those who play how to manage gambling.

The Playuscasino structure

Founders - authors




The company owner of Playuscasino è STS WEB CONSULTING S.N.C.: "S"stands for" Stefano ","T"stands for" teo, that is Matteo "and"S"He is for" Salvatore ".

External consultants

Mirko Vista - Graphic and Design

Alfredo Guida - Tech lead

Avv. Andrea Lucchina - Legal

Our contents are periodically read and overhauled by personalities recognized in the online game sector, among which we point out:

Ivan Faulisi

Jenny Perez

Emanuele Saroli

Matteo Duina

Why Playuscasino and not other sites?

There are several reasons why you should trust us and prefer us compared to others:

  • We have been scammed firsthand with the phantom "infallible system of doubling", we know what it means to remain "screwed" and we understand the stress of the problems that can be had in this world (scammed among other things by those who are still in today in today Internet with fake information sites);

  • We have learned to manage gambling, we are ready to assist you and give you advice on its management and the risk of pathologies;

  • We are 100%Americans, we are not a foreign entity, we are not vultures that take refuge in tax havens;

  • We are transparent: on the site there are advertising, as explained on the page of policy ads.

  • We are not corporate, we have no private or public stakeholders interested in our growth, we do not respond to any investor, We only respond to our consciousness and to the users of the site;

  • We are not authors who write about compensation, the information you find is the result of our research and experience and knowledge of the online game. Our texts, albeit sometimes long -lived, are written with the empathy of a gambler, with high intellectual honesty and a high -level average culture.

  • through our forum You can interact with us and ask for help if you have problems, especially to overcome the obstacles that sometimes create in the collection of winnings.

Our site is the result of work, study, research and practice on casinos. We are open to criticism and we want to improve continuously: if you find some information or have suggestions to improve our service, do not hesitate to us.