Spid it's a means of digital recognition which allows you to access state portals. ADM has decided to expand this safe recognition system as a means to register quickly and quickly in a casinò Adm.

At the moment The only casino that allows you to register quickly with Spid is Betflag.

A turning point for operators, who have a powerful vehicle for the checks of the game accounts against scams and identity thefts. Thanks to Spid you have a system to exile those who use the online game as a means of recycling money.

The Spid simplifies the recognition of a player

As we have seen, Register on an online casino with an American license via SPID it's a advantage for both players and operator himself.

The user takes advantage of it both for the reductions in the recording time and verification of the account, but also for the various promotions related to the choice of this method.

On the other hand, however, there are all the interests that a casino can have thanks to this system. In fact, being the spid a means of digital recognition, it is as if it were a sort of insurance. Of course, not having the person in front of the eyes you cannot be 100% sure that there is no one behind the computer, but the risks are drastically reduced.

Sign up for an AAMS/ADM casino via spid - here's how to do it

Anyone interested in subscribing to an online casino with license issued byCustoms and Monopoli agency Through Spid, he must know that the procedure is really simple. In fact, this method is even faster than that proposed by operators such as sisal who have outlets scattered throughout USA. Thanks to Spid, in fact, you don't even need to leave the house!

First it is essential to be in possession of the Public system of digital identity, that is the spid. There are several portals and digital identity managers, defined as Identity Provider, in which to create your own. Among the best known we find: Aruba, the American post, the Tim ID, Spiditalia With Register.it and many others.

Once in possession of this digital recognition tool, just go to the online casino page that provides this system as a means of registration.

At this point, simply choose the Welcome bonus that you want to activate. Next it is necessary to select the provider with which his Spid was created. It will then be necessary to frame the QR code with the app on the dedicated smartphone and you're done. In a few seconds and only a few clicks, you will have an account on an online casino without going in search of data as a tax code or telephone number.

Advantages and disadvantages of an enrollment on an online casino via spid

Register on an online casino via spid It certainly has no indifferent advantages for players. The main ones are:

  • The speed and ease of registration - With just a few clicks, in fact, you can register and check your account, immediately starting to play your favorite products.
  • advantages related to the bonuses proposed - In fact, casino have dedicated bonuses for customers who choose to register with the SPID method. Here are some offers available, for example, on Betflag casino:
    • Il Cavalli Bonus Fixed altitude spid - with 400 $ no deposit up
    • Il bonus virtual games inspired SPID - which grants $ 200 without deposit
    • Il bonus virtual games kiron SPID - this gives $ 200 without the need for any deposit
    • Il bonus sport pre-match SPID - There are even $ 800 without a deposit at stake if you choose to register through Spid
    • Il bonus sport live SPID - as the previous one grants 800 $ no deposit
    • Il bonus spid cards - This gives $ 10 without deposit.

The most interesting of all, however, is certainly the offer dedicated to Slot machine, always on Betflagnull The bonus proposed for this category of games is equal to $ 2,000 without depositnull If you choose to register on the operator's website without Spid, the total would halve at $ 1,000 without deposit, which is still a really advantageous prize.

Something similar is also proposed by other casino with American license, such as:

  • Snai - This operator grants 100% as a welcome bonus on the first deposit up to $ 1,000 + $ 25 exclusive free
  • Leovegas - For all those who are looking for an interesting Welcome Bonus, they cannot exclude Leovegas' proposal, with its 50 free spins without deposit + $ 1,000 and 200 rpm at the first deposit
  • William hill - Finally he grants all his new players 200 free spin to verify the account + $ 20 and $ 1000 after making a deposit.

Subscribing on an AAMS/ADM online casino with Spid can also have disadvantages. One in particular is what, if an interested player is not in possession of Spid, he has to do everything possible to get it and cannot always be so easy.

However, remember that casino currently still have all classic recording systems, so we cannot really say that the Spid has disadvantages. Surely this will be the future, as it is a further guarantee for online operators.

Questions and answers about the Spid

Is you register on an online casino via spid safe?

Yes, making a registration on an AAMS/ADM casino via Spid is even safer and faster than a classic inscription. In fact, it is not possible to make mistakes, as compiled directly of the digital identity recognition system.

Do you enroll in an AAMS/ADM casino with spid has costs?

No, make a registration on an online casino through the SPID method has no cost, indeed there are only advantages to be exploited.

Will there be other online casino over Betflag with Spid in the future?

The moment we are writing this article, Betflag is the only online casino that allows you to make an inscription via SPID. We do not have the crystal sphere, but we are sure that in the future there will be others available.

Is it advantageous to register with the Spid to an American license?

Yes, make a registration on an AAMS/ADM casino via spid brings advantages to the bonus level. In fact, to entice players to use this method, promotions are more convenient than the classic registration system.