After the great success he met in Great Britain, Neteller's virtual wallet It is also present on the American market and is accepted by almost all casinos among the many payment methods that can be used by users to perform transfers on their game account. It is a very simple to use payment means of payment and which only provides for your account number to make withdrawals and payments.

The peculiarity of Neteller is that a Limit on the deposit; In this way, online players have an additional control tool in addition to the daily and weekly payment limits imposed on their game account.

Online casino where to play with Neteller

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I pro

Immediate accreditation

Present in the best online casinos

Offers a debit card

The cons

It does not always guarantee to receive the deposit bonus

Some transactions are not free

With Neteller you can perform some transactions To receive money also between private individuals and websites that carry out e-commerce activities. For this reason, many users consider neteller a halfway between a bank account and a classic electronic portfolio such as Skrill o PayPalnull Its functions recall those of PayPal, although it is necessary to underline that Neteller has involved an articulated identification procedure which must necessarily be performed before starting to use it.

The Neteller account is not anonymous: you need to verify your identity when the same is opening.

After checking your Neteller account it will be possible to start using it.

The best online casino Neteller

Almost all AAMS legal online casinos allow their players to deposit/withdraw with Neteller. Among the best known, certainly lattomatic, which allows both to deposit and to withdraw with Neteller and in both cases no commission is expected. Also Starcare accepts Neteller allowing you to deposit from 5 to 9000 $ without additional commissions. As for Lottomatica, Starcasinò also allows you to withdraw using this same method. Up to 45,000 $ can be taken and the times for the crediting are a maximum of 3 working days.

It must also be mentioned Betclic, which offers deposits and withdrawals by Neteller and the same thing is true for Betflag.

Among the great advantages offered by Neteller, certainly the fact that There are no transactions costs, but also the accreditation speednull Having the certainty of being able to withdraw your winnings in very short times, it is certainly a great incentive for players and it is therefore easy to understand why Neteller is so popular among online gaming enthusiasts.

Cost details Transactions with Neteller

The management costs of a neteller account are quite low and are currently as follows:


2.5% of the amount


Via Neteller: FREE

With the letter net+: 0$ - 1.75%


Bank transfer: $ 10

Transfer to another Neteller account: $ 12.50

Check: $ 12.50

Skrill: 3.49%

Credit cards: 0 - 3.99%


Do I have to open a specific account Neteller in order to have more advantages in online casinos?

At the moment there are three types of account: “Standard”, “True”eVIPnull The substantial differences are the commissions relating to some transactions (such as: the purchase of cryptocurrencies) and account management costs. Therefore, if you want to have a neteller account mainly to play online, the difference in type of account is almost negligible.

Can Neteller use Aams/Adm online in all online casinos?

No, not all legal online casinos allow you to use Neteller, but most of them do it. We always recommend checking the "deposits" or "withdrawals" in the session what are the methodologies accepted by the casino in which it is played.

Why should I use Neteller to deposit in the casino?

Neletter is one of the most popular and known methods for online transactions. It also allows you to receive a rechargeable card, ensuring players the opportunity to always keep the play budget under control. Furthermore, as we have seen, it does not include any type of commission for withdrawals and deposits.

By depositing with Neteller, am I entitled to special bonuses?

This is unfortunately a sore button: in many cases the deposits made with Neteller do not allow to receive some types of bonuses. The moment you want to deposit in an online casino, always read the terms and conditions of the bonuses to ascertain that you are entitled to receive them also using Neteller.

How long do you have to wait to see the credit on your game account using Neteller?

The deposits made with Neteller are immediately credited to the game account.