On this page we try to list some credit and debit cards that can be used on the casino online by those who decide to play on the sites authorized by ADM.

If some paper is not present it does not mean that it is not usable: there are hundreds of them and constantly updating.

On this page we have entered the payment cards that have found some interest from our visitors: if you have one to report in particular, leave a comment below.

I pro

Immediate credit of deposits

Allows you to receive a deposit bonuses

Accepted in all online casinos

The cons

The withdrawals can request a couple of days for the crediting

Maximum limits of withdrawals

The payment circuits currently most used in USA are as follows:

MASTERCARD: the best known and probably more widespread circuit in USA;

VISA and Visa Electron: another very popular circuit in USA, accepted practically everywhere;

Maestro: very widespread payment circuit, but not usable in online casinos;

American Express: there are currently no casinos that accept Amex. Casino with American Express are not available, also because they are a circuit not completely used in USA: there are still many exercises that do not accept payments with American Express cards. At the moment no online casino Accept payments with Amex.

Following we list some cards that can be used online for the various circuits.


Website: https://www.mastercard.it/it-it.html

Here is the analysis of some cards of the Mastercard circuit which, from 2011 to today, have been reported as functioning by our visitors.

Le carte Revolving del MPS

The map “chip PIN revolving”, issued by the Monte dei Paschi Institute of Siena, rely on the international circuit of MASTERCARD.

This means that this payment method can be used to make purchases on the network, but also at any agreement with the agreement that allows payments through POS In addition to depositing in casinos and withdrawing winnings without problems.

Being a card “revolving”, this payment method also allows you to pay purchases through comfortable monthly installments.

R-Card Di Raitenishes

the Cassa Centrale Raiffeisen (banking institution found in Trentino Alto Adige) has various cards, including the R-Card of the Mastercard circuit.

The card has a ceiling of $ 5,000 and can be used safely on legal online game sites.

Unicredit Card

Unicredit, one of the most used banking institutions in USA, has various credit and debt cards dedicated to its customers.

We have positive feedback for the following cards: Unicreditcard Classic, Unicreditcard First, Unicreditcard Extra, Unicreditcard Classic Ethics, Unicreditcard Click, Unicreditcard Flexia (Visa) V-Pay (Visa), Credit Tim.

Santander Card

Santander Consumer Bank It is a financial company belonging to the Santander group, based in Spain and thousands of branches in Europe and in the rest of the world.

A financial tool, designed to meet the needs of a large range of catchment, is the Santander letter.

It is a card revolving, which allows its user to return the money used to make purchases through comfortable installments.

Obviously, being a credit card, you can buy in any place equipped with POS, and it is also possible to pay and withdraw money on online gaming sites (obviously authorized).

Other cards from the Mastercard circuit:

San Paolo Superflash, AGOS DUCCA active card, Kalixa card, Vodafone Smart Pass, Webank

Visa circuit

Website: https://www.visaitalia.com/

Here are some cards of the Visa circuit recently reported as "usable" by our users.

Lottomaticard by Lottomatica

Lottomaticard is the credit card issued by the Lottomatica group, a rechargeable prepaid card, the result of the collaboration between the Lottomatica Group and the Banca Sella Group, two large American brands. He rests on the circuit Visa Electron, famous for the Postepay card.

Requesting Lottomaticard is very simple, in fact, just go to one of the many stores that are found throughout the national territory and which are affiliated with the rete Better.

Ing Direct credit card - Orange account

The credit card Orange account It is a financial product offered by ING DIRECT, a direct banking institution that boasts a customer portfolio of over one million American savers.

This payment card is part of the international circuit of VISAnull It is a credit card that does not have any cost and is connected to Orange current account.

It is possible to withdraw and pay with the credit card ing. Direct.

Other Ing Direct cards: V Pay Arancio


Il Connection - from Gruppo cartasì - (born in 1986) has various cards that can be used without problems on the sites authorized to allow the online game.

At the moment, Nexi He replaced the famous CartaSi who is estimated was the most distributed in our country. In fact, it seems that about 7 millions of consumers were holders of at least one of the means of payment indicated before, thus holding a really interesting market share which is around the 40%.

Alcune Carte di Credito del Gruppo Nexi: Nexi Credit Classic, Nexi Prestige.

MPS Spider credit card

A payment tool that is entered on the American market of financial products is the Carta Spider. It is a multifunction account that is issued by Monte Paschi di Siena and is part of the international circuit of Visa Electron.

This means that the card for daily payments can be used, but also on the network and for online game, with the highest level of protection, speed and ease.

This card is multifunction as it is also equipped with code IBANTherefore it presents the same properties of a bank account and bank transfers can be made, home bills, RID and much more.

As for the costs, it must be said that the emission of the Spider card is at zero cost, the annual fee is of 10 euro, if the card is requested in one of the many branches throughout the national territory. If required on the network, the first year the cost is 7 euro, also for the following years.

IWBank Card

Iwbank is an online banking institution that is part of the UBI group And who took a lot of foot in USA.

The iWBank credit card, available in the Mastercard circuit, is very safe and easy to use, both offline and online.

Can be used in All online casinos.

Other Visa cards


Electron Visa Circuit

The Visa Electron circuit is the circuit dedicated to Visa's debit cards.

We mention here the most famous and most used cards:

Postepay, Postepay Connect, Postepay Evolution, Postepay Evolution Business - proposed by the American Post Office: https://postepay.poste.it/

Kalibra paper

DB paper account

Rechargeable Finecoco


Tim Smart Pay



There are many others, if you have some in particular to report, leave a comment at the bottom.

Other credit / debt cards

Latest cards reported as working in online casinos:

JCB credit card (acronym for Japan Credit Bureau) - Visa or Mastercard

Findomestic Aura paper

Cards of the exclusive group Diner's Club

Epay group cards (which also allows you to buy Lottomaticard recharges)

Entropay prepaid cards

FAQ - Credit cards in online casinos

Can I deposit and/or withdraw with credit cards in all online casinos?

Yes, that of the credit card is definitely the most used method inside the ADM online casinos.

What are the credit card times?

The deposits made in the online casino ADM by credit card are accredited immediately, while withdrawals can request 2 to 4 working days.

Are credit cards a safe payment method?

Credit cards are a very safe method to deposit and withdraw in online casinos. To date, credit card transactions are often traceable by the online or mobile current account and in the case of problems, both the online casino and the circuit which supports the card, can guarantee excellent customer support levels.

Are there advantages in using credit cards in online casinos?

Regardless of the fact that the transactions by credit card in online casinos are free and that this method is extremely safe, another advantage is the fact that by depositing by credit card you do not have problems in receiving the bonuses that are part of the promotions of the Casino, which instead with other methods is not always insured.

How to act if the transaction I feel was refused by the mess?

The first thing to do in the event that the deposit in the online casino is not successful is to verify that the card is enabled for online transactions. Once this is made to make sure you have entered all the data correctly. In the event that everything is correct, the customer support of the online casino that will indicate how to proceed.