Il Bank transfer It represents the most traditional winning tool between the different alternatives that are welcomed by American online casinos.

It is a Safe payment method, both for dealers, which can delegate the verification of the identity to the banking institution that opened the current account to the player, than for the player himself, which uses a nominative and traceable tool for handling money.

If you pay by bank transfer directly to your gaming account, the player has the opportunity to enter the immediate availability of the transfer; If, on the other hand, the transfer is made towards the casino current account, you will have to wait a few days before you can use your money, as the casino makes it available only once the transfer has been tried and associated with the right account.

Online casino that accept the bank transfer

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I pro

High transferable amounts


Accessible to all

The cons

Not all online casinos accept it

Rather high commissions

The best mess that accept the bank transfer

Although the bank transfer is a very safe and known method to deposit/withdraw, not all online casinos allow you to use it for both transactions. For instance Starcare provides for bank transfer only as a withdrawal method, but does not lists it among the accused deposit methods. In the same trail too Betclic, which allows "only" to withdraw through the bank transfer.

Among the other large online casinos that we can mention we find: sisal, which accepts the bank transfer both to deposit and to withdraw, Snai, e PokerStars.

In reality it is quite difficult to find an online casino that does not allow it at least for one of the fundamental transactions, but as we always want to advise you to verify exactly what the methods are to pay or take from the game account of the casino where you would like to register, before opening a I count.

Online casino with bank transfer: all advantages

As we previously said, the times for the credit of the bank transfer to the game account could be longer, especially if compared to the instantaneous accreditation that takes place using a credit card. But in some cases, things could be a little different. Indeed, If your VIP level should go up, and the casino increased the trust towards you, It cannot be excluded that it can accredit "instantly" the amount of the bank transfer you made, even before having actually received it.

It happens every now and then that, To promote the use of traceable transfer, the casinos also propose some Promotions In favor of users who set it as a method of charging and favorite withdrawal.

Another point in favor of the bank transfer, is the fact that deposits are not subject to additional commissionsnull The same thing does not apply to withdrawals, however. Each casino has its own policy for this type of operations and we always advise you to check if there are additional costs in case you want to withdraw by bank transfer. Since they are banking operations, it is possible that the online casino wants to charge the costs of the transactions, but it is good to emphasize that the most important casinos tend to carry out this also free of charge.

FAQ - Bank transfer in online casinos

Can I deposit and/or withdraw via bank transfer in all online casinos?

The bank transfer is one of the most common payment methods in American Cain online, but not everyone allows us to use it both for the crediting of funds to the game account and for the withdrawal.

What are the credit times in the case of bank transfer?

Unlike other very common methods, such as Paypal or Skrill, in the case of bank transfer it is possible that it is necessary to wait a couple of working days before seeing the funds in your cashier. For withdrawals, the times could stretch even more, but in both cases, the timing vary from casino to casino.

Is bank transfer a safe payment method?

If until a few years ago the bank transfer was not very used in the online games sector, today instead, thanks to the fact that almost everyone uses theHome Banking On your PC or smartphone, it is one very comfortable tool which is used by a large slice of the population.

The fact that the transactions are traced and that it is their own trusted bank, that their trusted casino are involved, are another source of security for players who want to deposit or withdraw in their gaming account.

Are the transactions made through the bank transfer?

Usually, the crediting on your current account is made for free using the bank transfer, while for withdrawals there may be additional costs due to the online casino support bank. Check on the portal or through the Customer Service of the Casino, what the conditions are in case of use of the bank transfer.

Can I deposit with bank transfer also from my mobile phone?

Most of the banks, being also present on mobile, allow you to deposit in the online casinos also from Mobile.