The episodes of the slot Troll dice
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Episode min 0.01$
Max episode 100$
Payline 1
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The Troll online slot is a classic casino game but revisited in a more modern and imaginative key. The welcoming setting involves players and allows you to make different types of episode. The player's goal will be to guess what will be the sum that the red nuts will form! To find out more, you can try the demo for free!

Onlyplay casino with the slot troll says
Characteristics of the slot troll says
Description of the Slot County Fair

Thanks to Onlyplay games manufacturer It is possible to join a secret mission that features a young woman and a green troll.

Its title is Troll dice And it is only a classic game with the typical dice of the casino. What differentiates this slot is the precise and attentive setting in every detail. The basement of a crazy scientist will host the pot with the dice. But what will be the sum that will form? To find out, we start the Free demo without registration, present at the beginning of this free review!

How does it compose and how does the slot work?

the slot online Troll Dice It is made up of a large pot of green liquid, inside which the red nuts go down. These by rotating will show numbers that will be added at the end of the spin.

This value will be what the player will have to guess by selecting 6 numbers from the bar positioned in the lower part of the screen.

If the sum given by the dice falls into the range of numbers selected by the player, then a victory will be obtained. Otherwise, however, the episode will be lost.

Episodes, RTP and volatility

Before starting a Free game with the Troll online slot says It is important to choose which value to take your game episode. In fact, it can be decided between one minimum episode of $ 0.01 up to one Maximum of $ 100.

As for the Back to the player, this assumes a percentage of the 93%.

the volatility instead it is Media And consequently you will have a good number of winning combinations with interesting values.

Wild symbol

the video slot Troll Dice also proposes a special symbol, the Wildnull This is represented by a nut but inside, instead of the classic dots will appear the writing Wild bright.

His task is that of take any value that makes the sum selected by you.

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If you are looking for another simple and engaging slot machine we can offer you Limbo catnull The manufacturer is Onlyplay and a small cat riding its tank will increase the multiplier for the final victory.

Detailed description of the bonus

The Troll Online Slot Machine says of the software house OnlyPlay Unfortunately, it does not propose any special bonus mode.

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