The history of slot machines begins in 1800 and since then it has been a succession of successes and popularity.

In this article we will discover how slot machines were born, their development and the undisputed charm that distinguishes them.

The origins of the slot machines

We are in the distant 1800 when the mechanic Charles Fey he built what in today's eyes seems little more than a piece of iron, but which has practically sanctioned the beginning of the history of the slot machine.

This appliance was called “Liberty Bell” and officially represents The first slot machine in history, with its 3 rollers and the 5 symbols depicting the seeds of the cards, horseshoe and famous 3 bells that had to be found to win the jackpot.

But the most curious thing about origins of slot machines, is that they derive from a device built by chance, almost as a game of a American mechanic, which was Fey, who thought everything outside of creating what will prove to be a planetary success.

This bizarre invention, in an equally goliardic way as it was born, made its debut in a bar of San Francisco and under the amazement of its creator he suffered an incredible success. Everyone wanted to play Liberty Bell, every person who passed from the bar had the unstoppable desire to make those bells play that opened the underlying wooden drawer containing the precious Jackpot.

A simple experiment was quickly transforming itself into one of the most interesting inventions of the century, in a short time taking on a prominent place in all the game rooms in the preferences of American players first and of the rest of the world then.


Learn a business from history

The history of slot machines is a perfect example of how a random invention can be the basis of a billionaire business for many people.

There was a quick echo in the now famous echo in the now famous Bar Bell in the now famous Liberty Bell in the now famous bar of San Francisco and many began to sniff that that strange machine could have immense potential if exploited properly.

In the early 1900s a Herbert Stefan Mill , a gentleman from Chicago, came to mind to ride the wave of the success of this slot by bringing some improvements to be able to make it appreciate even more to the general public. His intuition proved to be very successful because the slot Mills Liberty Bell he created soon became the most famous slot machine in America.

From this moment on it was clear that this machine could become a source of increasing earnings and the history of slot machines sees more and more companies putting these lucky machines in many new and exciting versions.

Over time and above all with prohibition, the gambling houses begin to replace the rollers with the seeds of the cards with other representatives images of fruits and the cash prizes replaced by chewing tire packages or candies. These machines were called "fruit machines" and it is precisely to them that the slots are inspired on whose rollers alternate cherries and plums.


Unchanged charm

And so we find ourselves slowly to a slow and constant increase in the machines with which to play by spinning the now famous rollers and at hand with a continuous growth of the favors of an increasingly wide range of audience.

The history of slot machines transmits a very important element to us Which characterizes this well -known gambling since its dawn, the ease of understanding of its functioning is what is the basis of its incredible success of that time as well as today. A quick, simple, intuitive, immediate game, each of us can play a slot in the blink of an eye even if he has never seen a first one.

But this is not the only one who has decreed over the years the success of this gambling, its evolution over time has gone through several phases, both from a material point of view, with the transition from mechanical to electronic ones to end up with videos virtual slots of today, which from the point of view of the variety of versions, of the promotions and bonuses that characterize them, of the Progressive jackpot Making them one of the most popular games even in modern online casino.

The advent of the web and the consequent authorization of the ADM have extended even more the radius of action of the slot machines, also coming outside the casino and from the game rooms and confirming that this is a game that it covers for a good 50 % alone the proceeds of all the groves of casino, whether they are real and virtual.


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a little for work a little for pleasure i have been dealing with gambling for several years and the history of slot machines is very fascinating even if relatively more modern than other games such as roulette or some card games. this recurring thing of the error that leads to an unexpected result often often not even realized, as sometimes happens for chemical formulas, a solution is sometimes and a completely different thing that perhaps has a completely different function is almost impossible. null in the end, fey was a simple mechanic passionate about musical instruments and that he had bases of electronics and nothing more, i am difficult for me to believe that he wanted to invent a device to play and not something different, who knows maybe he was a visionary and was clear what would have been a future game, i don't think we could ever know with certainty. the origins of the slots if they were like this are somewhat curious but in my opinion the even more beautiful thing was their evolution over time, cabbage come chills only to think how much it has been done in terms of technological evolution from then until today and not having distorted the essence of the game. for work i manage a vlt room and i must say that it causes the economic crisis the magic of the slots has saved us a little everyone, i also have other games but i could safely remove them from the room, in terms of takings there is none for any other game , all or almost only slot. hello and long life to the slot machines.