For those used to thinking about classic slot machines, those with fruit to understand us better, find themselves today with a myriad of super colorful machines, rich in images and themes of all kinds is certainly a little unsettling.

The symbols of the slot machines Today they are the most disparate and concern the different themes on which they are developed, therefore the symbolism of modern slots is potentially infinite. Take a look at the Paytable and understand which symbols pay the most and which less is always useful, in addition to understanding the various bonus games, Wild and Scatter there are.

Below you can find the slot machines that have the reference symbol, and finally the slots that have at the same time all the symbols. These are the most complete but it is not said that they are the ones who pay the most.

Here are the symbols:

Slot Machine with bonus symbol

Among the favorite slots by players around the world, there are definitely the Video slot that have the bonus gamenull As a bonus, we do not mean the Free spins bonus of casino, but a special option that is nothing more than a parallel game of skill and luck within the slot.

The bonus games generally belong to 5 rollers slot machines And they are exclusive to each game, so they depend on its theme.

A typical example are the "Pick Up" bonus, that is, of the games where you have to choose between different options to obtain the award. We think that the game software has already planned what to win independently of what you choose, but, as mentioned, this is only our opinion.

Furthermore, each game has a different way to be activated, intended as a number of bonus symbols. Some must have the symbols on all 5 rollers while others only out of 3 rollers which are generally the last 3 or 3 plants. If two bonus symbols have already appeared, the last roller emits a particular sound and turns with a different speed.

The slots with the bonus symbol are now practically the majority Among those that populate the online casino schedule.



Here we talk about the video slots that present the Free spins symbol.

The presence of simbolo free spin In a certain combination, which depends on the single game, it will make you access a Special bonus Which will give you a number of free launches whose payment depends on the multiplier.

In slot machines reviews, this information is in the voices of the bonus game as a wording "Free spins number"null The calculation of the multiplier depends on many factors:

  • from how many coin Episodes
  • by the multiplier
  • From how to access the free spins bonus itself

We believe that this type of bonus is the best in generalnull In some slot machines it is the only goal to be achieved to win well. It is not impossible to take, but it happens that by finding the slot not in payment, it takes a long time to have it or even if you find you win little.



The list of games of Slot Machine presenting the Scatter symbol can understand slot a 3 or 5 rolls And slot that have bonus games and free spins games or other symbols such as Wild.

A video slot that has the scatter, gives you the possibility of Win with a certain multiplier The bet independently of the fact that the Scatter symbols appear in all 5 rollers and according to the payline.

In fact, generally the scatter symbols can appear in any position in the roller. Furthermore, in some games, if they contribute in an already taken Payline, they go to increase the multiplier of the payline winning in question.

Sometimes two runs are enough to have a win, sometimes three are needed. Generally these are the two cases that can happen.

Also in this case, exactly as happens for all the other elements that constitute the symbolism that characterizes slot machines, too The Scatter symbol is not uniqueThat is, it does not take on a form always the same from one car to another, but takes a new form from time to time that a different theme is addressed.

And so we have the slot machines in which the scatter symbol can take on the shape of the claws of Freddy Krueger in the slot Nightmare on Elm Street, of the vampire woman in Blood Suckers, or planet Earth in the fantastic slot machine 4, just to mention very famous machines.



By listing the symbols of the slot machines, we cannot fail to mention the Slot Machines that have the Wild symbol .

The Wild symbol works practically like a joker And depending on the position in which it comes out, it will have a certain meaning. Automatic the video slot will assign to the Wild the necessary symbol to complete the payline in payment.

There are slot machines in which the symbol Wild expands, going to occupy the whole column and thus making the most conspicuous winnings since payment lines are understood that previously could not be winning.

Usually, the Wild symbol is a character or in any case has a characteristic graphics consistent with the slot issue.


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bonus free spins
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35x playthrough

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60 $
bonus free spins
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20 $
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Video slot with all symbols

Obviously there are also Online slot machine that present all symbols in the game possible and imaginable of modern slots, therefore that have the symbols respectively: Wild, Scatter, free spinebonus.

In some slot machines you will find that the bonus and free spins coincide, that is, there is no parallel game of the bonus, but the bonus game is considered as a certain number of free spins with a certain multiplier.

Therefore there is no fixed rule, but each symbol activates a something in the slot machine, or a parallel game or a direct win.

The Feature - or features - of slot machines Today there are many many and take on a different form based on the theme that is dealt with by their respective slots, also changing their function in some cases.


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