The number of Slot Machine rollers they are one of the Main features of this gamenull If at the beginning the slot machines all had 3 rollers, over time it started playing slot machines with 5 or more rollers until they reach they are a slot machine dal design moderno Which have no rollers and the winnings will be issued following particular combinations by leaving the canonical rules of the construction of the slots.

In general, however, the subdivision that we make still holds up and can be applied to 99% of slot machines in circulation.

The rollers are those that turn vertically and are those that determine the positioning of the symbols that give the winnings on the payment lines. The more payment lines played and the more the chances of winning increase, always on the rollers.

Below you can see which slots are at 3 and which to 5 rollers.

Choosing the slot also based on the rollers is one of the criteria we recommend. Scrolling through the article we expose what we think about this topic.

Why do you choose the slot based on the number of rollers?

In reality there is no particular reason to choose from these slots. The choice of a slot should be done according to other criteria, such as the perception you have of how much it can paynull It is still very difficult to understand if a slot pays more than others, but when you have that perception, the assiduous players play us.

In general, the higher the number of rollers, the more the payment lines increase, also increasing the number of winning combinations. Obviously the more they increase, the more the frequency of the winnings will be greater, But this does not mean that they pay morenull There are slots that pay less frequently but pay more than others that often pay but little.

Left Machine a 3 rolls

The video slot machines a 3 rulli They have the feature that on the single line there are 3 symbols, in fact the rollers of the slot machines are nothing more than the vertical columns that rotate during the game.

3 rollers therefore means one for each line combination of three symbols that characterize the winning Of the episode, then depending on the slot machine and its payouts a certain combination or three equal symbols or the exit of a single symbol will make you win with a certain multiplier.

Left the 3 rolls they have the main feature of being extremely simple and intuitive in their operation, a bit like all the others, but in general with less Feature.

Between Slot Machina 3 more popolar rolls We find:

The slot at 3 rulli impersonate the classic bar slot, born at the end of the 19th century and handed down over time to date. Although these types of slots have passed a long time, they have not lost their appeal and are still very played. 3 rollers slot machines in a nutshell represent the true essence of the slot, the naked and raw slot. Classic symbols such as the "7" or the "cherries", few lines of payment and typical historical sounds of the slots.


Slot LIST LISTS 5 Roll

The list of video slot machine a 5 rulli It is long enough because these types of slot machines are the latest generation and even the funniest because they have all the features available for such games as the dial is very large.

In fact, in these video slots there are 5 vertical rollers that turn simultaneously providing a vast combination of symbols.

In horizontal, on each line, you will find yourself comparing your episode with a combination of 5 symbols and looking at the paytable of the slot machine you will see that the combination of multiple symbols, including the scatter, the Wild and the bonuses or free spins, will make you access you to parallel games or win the corresponding multipliers directly.

Until not a long time ago, even in online casinos it could only be played at 3 roller slots, and then starting to introduce the 5 roller slot machines as a differentiating element of the market. Needless to say, it was an immediate success, to date the 5 roller slots and with different payment lines They are the most sought after.

The 5 roller slots are therefore the direct competitors of those with 3 rollers, with which they share the basic operating method, but add more functions to the game.

There is really Embarrassment of choice when it comes to 5 rollers slot machines, the companies that produce them enter the market on the new variants every month. Some of them also have i Progressive jackpot, however, almost impossible to take.

If you want to try some slot machine a 5 rulli, we recommend:


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