What we call the actor's trick is a method that can lead you to win at slot machines. It was born from some of our observations based on many games and has been confirmed by comparing ourselves with our colleagues and friends.

This stratagemmm starts from the assumption that the gamblers are divided into two great categories, the low roller and the High Roller.

Con The first phrase The games (or tables) aimed at users who are best to play little money on each hand are identified, in this case the page of minimum episodes in casinos It can be useful to you. While for the second Reference is made to the players who use an always high episode range.

How to win with the actor's makeup

Made this clarification of a terminological order, the Actor's trick that we are about to describe you use a small weakness of certain machines (We have noticed it in particular in the slots produced by NetEnt, but other models of other manufacturers also seem suitable for the application of the method in question). Note well that it is not something that repeats itself, it is not a scientific advice, it is only something that we have noticed that every now and then it happens, so don't always apply it and remember that luck is fundamental for the purposes of victory, and that we are talking of venture, that is, a high risk.

In practice, we assume that all the game rooms are opened to generate a profit in favor of the managers and at the expense of the players. For the casino coffers, a high roller player is more important than a Low Roller Because the first spends clearly higher figures and therefore generates greater revenues. For this reason, In our opinion, certain slots are made in such a way as to push the player who aims to continue playing.

This advice is suitable for those who play strong, not to those who play little. For those who are against risk and play little, it makes no sense to try to raise the episodes, so don't do it.

It follows that in these machines the fixed tip from 10 or 20 cents It is simply a pure act of self -harm: the result is that in 100% of cases it is lost. At one point the slot does not see increases in the episodes, will tend to continually lose to convince you to increase the episode (generating in the player the desire to make up for losses) or to persuade you to leave the game.


The trick: let's pretend High Roller!

The most interesting aspect of this simple trick it is represented by the fact that There is no need to start pointing 50 $ for each spin, there is no need to exaggerate up to this point. The typical behavior you will have to implement to use this advice is as follows: games very flat, just like one of those Low Roller That we have just stigmatized, choose episodes of negligible value and keep this low profile even for a long time until the first winning combinations begin to arrive. At this point you will probably be at loss, simply because pointing little you win little. Before raising the episodes, it will converge you again a few consecutive lap and then try to raise to the episode.

At this point, go up to one $ around. Within about ten or twenty launches to the maximum, now, the goal is to bring the BET on fairly high figures, like five or even Ten $ per launch.

If you give you winnings, and sometimes this happens, well it's time to abandon the slot, hoping to be positive. The actor's trick in this case worked.

But be careful, we tried this thing and it has not always worked. We don't recommend that you always do it, but try it could lead you to get out of the slot positive. Do not count too much on this strategy, take it as a variant to do every now and then.

The ideal is to be able to take the slot bonus during one of the high episodes, in this case you get a lot with the balance. As a bonus the top is generally represented by free spins as they ensure higher multipliers than normal game phases.

The important thing is that if you manage to win, you use the game, otherwise it would be all useless.