The episodes of the slot Pinocchio's journey
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Episode min 0.3$
Max episode 20$
Payline 25
Free spins number 6
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The Triple Cherry provider presents the Pinocchio's Journey online slot to its audience. As the name itself says, inside it will be told about the famous tale of Pinocchio and at the same time the symbols on the rollers will also be linked to history. Here on Playuscasino you can try the free demo without registration.

Triple Cherry casino with the Pinocchocchio's Journey slot
Features of the Pinocchocchio's Journey slot
Description of the Slot County Fair

Pinocchio was born as a puppet, but thanks to the spell of the Turkey fairy manages to become a boy. However, when he meets Lucignolo and leaves for the town of toys, he returns to his he was original and then be swallowed by a whale.

All this story is available within the video slot Pinocchio's Journey of the software house Triple Cherry.

Pinocchocchio's Journey slot structure

The scheme that can be found inside the slot machine Pinocchio's Journey is formed from 5 rollers and 3 lines, for a total of 25 different fixed payment lines.

The features of this slot are simple and intuitive. The graphics are excellent, precise and every detail or detail is put in the right position. The background music is very pressing and will play a fundamental role.

Game episodes

As regards the Episodes of play, in the slot Pinocchio's Journey You can select between one Minimum at 0,30 $ it's a Maximum of 20 $.

To vary its value, simply click on the buttons "+" and "-" at the bottom right.

Classic symbols

On the rollers of the slot Pinocchio's Journey Various can be found Classic symbols, come:

- Pinocchio di Legno which gives a 1.6x for 3 of it and a 25x for the combination of 5

- The wooden trolley then gives a 1.2x as a minimum win and a 20x as a maximum victory

- The pink pork grants a 1x for the combination of 3 and one 15x for 5 of it

- The giraffe offers a 0.8x as a minimum victory and a 10x as a maximum win

- The toy mailbox offers a 0.4x for 3 of it and a 6x for 5

- The Hook gives a 0.3x as a minimum win and a 4.5x as a maximum victory

- The saw grants a 0.2x for 3 of it and a 3x for the combination of 5

- The school books finally conclude with a 0.10x as a minimum victory and a 1.5x as a maximum win.

However, it is not yet over, as during the Special function of free spin, will appear Symbols completely different, which we present below now:

- Pinocchio offers a 2x for 3 of it and a 30x for the combination of 5

- The whale gives a 1.6x as a minimum win and a 25x as a maximum victory

- The cat and the fox give a 1.2x for the combination of 3 and a 20x for 5

- Mangiafuoco then grants a 1x as a minimum victory and a 15 as a maximum win

- The coachman offers a 0.5x for 3 of them and a 7x for 5

- The old Geppetto pays a 0.4x as a minimum win and a 6x as a maximum victory

- The donkey gives a 0.3x for 3 of it and a 4.5x for the combination of 5

- Finally, the talking cricket concludes with a 0.2x as a minimum victory and a 3x as a maximum win.

Special symbols

Those who are considered to be as Special symbols of the Pinocchocchio's Journey slot I am:

- Il Wild, which is represented by the beautiful turquin fairy. The role of her is that of replace all the classic game symbols Except for the scatter bonus. For 3 of it gives a 3x while for the combination of 5 it offers a 40x of the episode.

- Il Bonus Scatter Instead, it is depicted from the pink and blue hat of Pinocchio. Collecting it on the rollers inside the appropriate bar, will start the free spin.

- the symbol of Stylized Pinocchio instead it will appear only during the laps for free and allows you to advance in the new game areas.

RTP and volatility

the video slot online Pinocchio's Journey there is a RTP slightly higher than the classic average and takes on a percentage of the 95,41%.

the volatility instead it is Media And consequently several winning combinations with good values can be obtained.

Free game related

With just a few clicks you can travel to America and more precisely in the room of a teenager with the slot online Rebel World by Triple Cherry. To try it for free just start the demo on Playuscasino!

How do you play for free in Pinocchio's Journey Slot?

We at Playuscasino give the opportunity to all our readers to try the analyzed slot machines, thanks to the demo free which is always found in the highest part of the page.

Nothing is needed, just being 18 years old.

So if you want to play the slot Pinocchio's Journey gratis Just scroll this page upwards. Near the black rectangle you must then confirm your age. The game will start automatically.

Detailed description of the bonus

In slot online Pinocchio's Journey There is only one special function, that of free spin.

There are two different systems to start it:

- by purchasing the function, at the cost of 21.90 for the selected episode

- thanks to Collection of Pinocchio scalp.

In both cases they will have 6 free giri available.

During the free spins, as we have already analyzed in the previous paragraph, some different symbols than the basic gamenull In addition, the figure of Stylized Pinocchio, which will allow you to advance between 3 different settings.

The first is that ofcoins, of the cat and the fox. The second is the one in the ocean, together with the whalenull Finally, the third and final is that of the fairy trail.

Also, every time you advance in the settings bar you receive 3 O 4 Giri Free Extra.

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