The episodes of the slot Monte Cristo
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Episode min 0.02$
Max episode 500$
Free spins number 5
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Welcome to the online review of Monte Cristo, the video slot of the Canadian provider Amaya. The game is completely innovative, different from the classic slots we are used to. There will be no rollers, lines or payment lines but free spins will be available that we will explain to you in the following paragraphs.

Amaya casino with the Monte Cristo slot
Features of the Monte Cristo slot
Description of the Slot County Fair

The Canadian Provider software Amaya is about to present a completely different video slot to its audience than we are used to. We are talking about Monte Cristo, a game that does not present nor rollers and not even lines of payment. The slot develops in a dark and not at all reassuring environment, where instead of turning the rollers there is a metal ball to try to destroy stone and wood blocks. This will open the road that leads to the different prizes.


Speaking of episodes, in the Monte Cristo slot machine you can decide which value to assign to the game bet. There Minimum episode It is $ 0.02 while the maximum is $ 500.00

Symbols of Monte Cristo

Within this original video slot you can meet symbols such as keys, bombs, strings, but also hearts, jewels, chests, rings and gold coins. The goal of the game is that Hit these symbols with the 10 rebounds of the metal ball.

In Monte Cristo There is no Wild symbol, but they are present Other special symbols which activate bonus methods. These are:

- Il heart
- the Bomba
- the Venetian mask
- Il Skull
- the key.

Detailed description of the bonus

Bonus functions

Thanks to Monte Cristo, different bonus modes can be started, activated by the special symbols that we have listed in the paragraph above:

- Il heart which, once hit, will add 3 free rebounds at the game
- the Bomba Farà explode all the surrounding blocks, discovering large roads to reach the imprisoned prizes
- the Venetian mask will offer immediately A gratis round without updating the map
- Il Skull It is better to keep it away because his appearance will end the game
- the Key Finally, perhaps the most important symbol, will activate the bonus function real.

free spin

In addition to the small functions that we have just indicated to you, in Monte Cristo there is a special bonus mode: that of free spinnull This function is recurrent in the Amaya games, such as in Blackbeard's GoldeFrog's and Flies.

To start this function it is necessary that on the slot the braided iron thread appears, which will give in return 5 free giri.

These free spins will offer several prizes and the appearance of other scatter symbols, during the bonus function, will add further free games to the remaining ones.

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