The episodes of the slot Mafia madness
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Episode min 0.2$
Max episode 250$
Payline 20
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The video slot Mafia Madness is set in the 1930s and tells the story of various thefts put in place by the mafia. Thanks to the free demo inserted below, all adults can try this game without spending money. In the review, however, information on how to start the bonus methods is available.

Casino 888 with the Mafiass Mafia slot

35x playthrough

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Features of the Mafia Mafia slot
Description of the Slot County Fair

Generic information on the video slot Mafia Madness

Mafia madness It is a slot machine of the 888 casino company that tells the story of a theft by the gang.

In fact, there will be several armed characters and weapons themselves on the rollers such as guns, knives, dynamite and much more.

The game scheme is very common on the sector and is formed by 5 rollers and 3 lines. The Total payment lines are 20.

The graphics of this game, albeit a little dated, is still engaging and takes us within the story. The features and game buttons are clear and easily intuitive.

Classic game symbols

But let's get to the analysis of what are i Classic symbols of the video slot Mafia Madness:

- The man with the cigar offers a 10x as a minimum win for 2 of it and a 2,000x as a maximum victory for the combination of 5

- then move on to the man with the red tie and the rifle that pays an 8x for the combination of 2 of it and a 1,500x for 5

- Still the man with the black coat pushes himself to give a 4x as a minimum victory and a 600x as a maximum win

- We find the woman with the cigarette who grants a 2x for 2 of it and a 500x for 5

- The other woman with the black hat instead gives a 2x as a minimum win a 400x as a maximum victory

- The rifle pays a 2x for 2 of it and a 300x for the combination of 5

- The dynamite ready to explode gives a 10x as a minimum victory for 3 of it and a 250x as a maximum win

- The two crossed pistols go to give an 8x for the combination of 3 and a 200x for 5 of them

- The gun with bullets grant a 5x as a minimum win and a 150x as a maximum victory

- The various knives finally conclude with a 3x for 3 of them and a 100x for the combination of 5.

Special symbols of Mafia Madness Slot

In slot machine Mafia Madness You can also find a series of Special symbols, which are:

- Il Wild, which is represented by the red vintage car, has the power to replace all the symbols except the bonus and the scatter. In doing so, it will be easier to obtain winning combinations.

- Il bonus Then this is what is depicted by the safe. Its combination on rollers allows you to start the Safe Heist bonus mode

- lo Scatter Finally, that is, that represented by man with the black bandage on the eye pays in whatever position it appears. Gives a 10x for 3 of it and a 50x for 5.

RTP and volatility

Il Return to the player of the video slot mafia Madness it is equal to 91,69%null As you already know, this value is much lower than the classic average.

As for the volatility, this is Media And this means that several winning combinations can be obtained with good values.

Episode limits

Moving on to one of the most important data to select, we find the game episodenull In Mafia Madness of Provider 888 Casino, you can choose which value to assign him by deciding between:

- and minimum of 0.20 $

- and Maximum of $ 250.

This value can be modified using the dedicated menu and the "+" and "-" buttons "on the bottom left.

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Makeup to play the free MADNESS MAFIA SLOT MACHINE

There is a very simple and quick way to be able to kick off Slot Machine Mafia Madness without spending even a pennynull It is the Demo version that we propose here on our site without registration!

The only limit we impose is that of age which cannot be less than 18 years old.

Detailed description of the bonus

Gioco Bonus Safe Heist

The start of the special mode of the slot machine Mafia Madness It is actually quite simple to understand.

It is sufficient that everywhere on the rollers they appear 3 bonus symbols of the safe.

If instead on the rollers they are 5 and the symbols of the bonus that are combined, then All victories obtained are multiplied x25.

During this mode, The player will be faced with choices, before bags with money, then shots and more.

The goal is not to be captured by the police, to cumulate a very interesting victory thus!

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