The episodes of the slot Lucky tanks
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The Video Lucky Tanks video of the Onlyplay Company is set on a battlefield. The purpose of the game is to find all the tanks that hide behind the rocks or behind the bushes. It will not be a simple enterprise, but on the other hand a soldier must be ready for anything!

Casinò OnlyPlay con la slot Lucky Tanks
Features of the Lucky Tanks slot
Description of the Slot County Fair

OnlyPlay It has created another very particular and at the same time engaging online slot. It is Lucky tanks And the goal of the player is to find all 4 hidden tanks. Said so it all seems simple, but the difficulty arrives as these change in position after each spin.

The scheme of the video slot Lucky Tanks it is classic, formed by 3 rollers and 3 linesnull This structure will not turn as in the typical online slot, but the various bushes and rocks will have to be hit.

There will be no payment lines and even the methods of victory. To win you have to find the tanks. The more you find them, the more you win!

Il Back to the player Available in this online slot machine is of the 93,65%, a much lower value than the classic average.

Come funziona Lucky Tanks slot?

Il Lucky tanks game It has very few rules and is very intuitive. First you have to analyze the combat field. Subsequently it will have to be choose one between bushes or rocks to shoot tonull If in the chosen one a tank is hidden, then you will have the opportunity to shoot againnull Otherwise, however, the tanks hidden to shoot the player will be the tanks.

Once 4 tanks are collected, a special win is obtained.

If the player succeeds in complete the scheme 3 times in a row, finding all 4 tanks, then he can take home the Final virtual prize pool.

What are the prizes at stake?

Each tank collected rewards differently. Here's how it works:

- 1 tank gives a 2x of the chosen episode

- 2 tanks give a 5x of the chosen episode

- 3 tanks offer a 15x of the chosen episode

- 4 tanks grant a 118x of the chosen episode.

The player can choose at any time to stop and collect what is obtained.

Episode limits of the Lucky Tanks slot

Before starting any game with Lucky Tanks slot, it is important to choose which value to make your own assume Episodenull This can go to one minimum of 1 $ up to a Maximum of $ 100null To modify it, just use the "+" and "-" buttons in the lower part of the screen.

Is it possible to play Lucky Tanks for free?

Yes, thanks to us at Playuscasino it is possible Try the Lucky Tanks slot machine without spending moneynull To do this, simply start the demo free Available right at the beginning of this reading.

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Detailed description of the bonus

the slot online Lucky Tanks of Onlyplay games provider, does not propose any special function or bonuses.

The only different prize that can be obtained is the progressive jackpot who can be assigned guessing 3 consecutive times where the tanks are positioned.

Lucky Tanks Slot is a company for real soldiers!

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