The episodes of the slot Lucky Clover OnlyPlay
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Episode min 1$
Max episode 50$
Payline 1
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Will there be a bomb or a four -leaf clover? This will be the dilemma that will accompany us for the duration of the game with the video slot Lucky Clover of the Software House Onlyplay. The game is simple and smooth, without special symbols and bonus functions. However, there is a progressive jackpot, not linked to other slots.

Casinò OnlyPlay con la slot Lucky Clover OnlyPlay
Features of the Lucky Clover Onlyplay slot
Description of the Slot County Fair

It is with pleasure that we welcome the free review of the slot machine online Lucky Clovernull We are analyzing a very classic game composed of 3 rollers and 3 lines. There are no payment lines As to obtain a victory it is necessary to discover only the green four -leaf clovers. But during this reading we will explain this too!

Who designed Lucky Clover and how to play for free?

Lucky Clover It is a video slot that was designed by Onlyplay online games provider.

To use this slot e try it completely free of charge, it just is:

1. go up to the top of this page

2. confirm your age, remember that to play online you have to be 18 years old or more

3. Try the demo for free and without registrationnull It is not even necessary to download programs or extra apps!

How does the Lucky Clover slot work?

the slot machine online Lucky Clover, as we have already said, is a very simple game. Trying the demo free We realize this detail.

The player's goal is to find, among the upside -down squares, those who hide The green quadriflinull The important thing, however, is not to come across the bombs, which will conclude the game.

But it's not everything yet! In fact, it is possible that the participant chooses to stop even after meeting 1 or 2 four -ways out of 4, thus pocketing his episode multiplied X2 or for X5. Yes it is just like that! Here is in fact How to win with Lucky Clover:

- 1 Quadrifoglio Pay X2 The selected episode

- 2 Pagan four -leaf clover x5 The selected episode

- 3 Quadrifogli Pagano X15 The selected episode

- 4 Quadrifogli Pagano X118 The selected episode.

Also, if the player manages to find everyone and 4 Quadrifogli for 3 games below, therefore accumulating 12, will win the progressive jackpot!

What are the episode limits?

In Lucky Clover Slot there are also limits of Episode who assume a minimum value of 1 $ and a value Maximum of 50 $.

To vary the game episode it is necessary to use the buttons placed in the lower part of the slot, green in color. These represent the writings "Min" and "-" or "Max" and "+".

Volatility and RTP

Let's not forget to talk about two very important data and to always take into consideration before starting an online slot.

It is the Lucky Clover's volatility, which is lownull This information indicates that there will be a lot of chance of victory, even if with contained values.

The second data is that of Back to the player, which in the case of this video slot is much lower than the average. Its percentage is in fact of the 93,65%.

Free game related

Onlyplay is a company that continues to amaze its audience, which for the most part is a lover of simple games and without too complex functions. For this reason, the next slot machine that we propose is Troll dice, dedicated to the famous casino dice game. The demo is online on Playuscasino, ready to start!

Detailed description of the bonus

the video slot gratis Lucky Clover, has no special methods or functions. No presence bonus symbols but we can dedicate two words to the jackpot of this slot.

Lucky Clover, del provider OnlyPlay, proposes a progressive jackpot, which is not linked to any other slot. To win it It is necessary to obtain for 3 volte consecutive, All 4 green quadresses on the game rollers.

The value of this prize pool also varies according to the moment of the game in which it is won, but also by the episode selected by the player himself.

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