The episodes of the slot Limbo cat
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Limbo Cat is an online video slot that always simple, but challenges human limits. The cat leading, riding his war car, will increase the victory multiplier along the road sprinkled with wooden boxes. The probability of victory is low but when you get a win, this takes on really interesting values!

Onlyplay casino with limbo cat slot
Characteristics of the limbo cat slot
Description of the Slot County Fair

the Free demo of the limbo cat slot machine It's online on Playuscasino! The free game, set on a path reminiscent of the video game "Super Mario", It does not propose nor rollers, nor lines and not even the lines of payment. But then how does it work? We will explain it during this review, therefore good reading!

Slot Limbo Cat: how do you play?

To play the slot machine Limbo Cat You have to have patience and courage! In a war scenario, the young fighter cat climbed on the mined path riding his tank.

per Each centimeter route on this fearsome road, increases the multiplier, which must then be multiplied to the selected episode. So more meters the cat will travel and the greater the final win.

Until here everything seems simple! The problem is that during the course they are hidden, in an invisible way, of Explosive minesnull When the bomb will explode, The game will end And, if the multiplier has not blocked, all the accumulated booty and the episode played will be lost.

Here is the dilemma born: when to block the win?

Is it possible to play for free in Limbo Cat?

the slot online Limbo Cat of provider OnlyPlay It is available here on Playuscasino in its free demo version. Our proposal, which allows you to play without spending real money, allows everyone to try the slot!

Game episodes

Before the cat starts for the mined cat path of Limbo Cat, it is essential to select which value to give your own Episode, then play it!

Il Minimum value which can be selected is equal to 1$, while the Massimo available is 50 $.

You can select the episode by clicking on the buttons dedicated to the right of the screen.

To conclude, we add that it is possible to have Two active episodes at the same timenull To add the second episode, click on the "+" on the side of the large yellow button that allows you to perform the episode.

General information and autoplay

La slot machine Limbo Cat ha:

- a high volatility, which means obtaining a few winning combinations but with high values

- and Average RTP which takes on a percentage of the 94,20%.

Let's talk now aboutAutoplay, a highly helpful functionality for players, especially in this video slot.

In Limbo Cat in fact, it is possible select which value of the multiplier to collect the victorynull So the player will have the opportunity to enjoy the journey along the way, without having to think about blocking the victory!

Box Bonus

the video slot online Limbo Cat proposes a special symbol, the Box Bonusnull These are represented by the blue wooden boxes that appear on the route. Inside them yes can find Two different things:

- and 1,2x multiplier

- the Mina explosive.

Detailed description of the bonus

Limbo Cat unfortunately or fortunately, depending on what a player likes, he does not propose any special way as bonus or free spin.

The slot machine itself is already in special game for its entire duration!

Recommended slot machine

However, if you are looking for a more complex video slot, with special ways but above all Egyptian theme, then we recommend that you discover more Myths of bastetnull The online game is from the Onlyplay company and is played on 7 rollers and 1 only line!

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