The episodes of the slot Gold medal mania
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Episode min 0.05$
Max episode 250$
Payline 25
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The free review and without registration of the online game Gold Medal Mania is available below! This slot machine, conceived by the 888 casino company, shows a real race between animals. Who will conquer the most precious medal?

Casino 888 with the Gold Medal Mania slot

35x playthrough

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Features of the Gold Medal Mania slot
Description of the Slot County Fair

the video slot Gold Medal Mania of the Software House 888 Casino, is an online game dedicated to the Olympics. In fact, there will be several sports available with a single fun detail: the protagonists will not be humans but rather animals!

There is therefore the elephant, the female hippopotamus with lipstick, the hen and many others.

Gold Medal Mania slot machine structure

The pattern of this online game by 888 Casino develops on 5 rollers and 3 lines.

The payment lines available to each participant are 25, but they can be varied at will for the duration of the match.

The game is a few years ago and this detail can easily guess from the very simple and not very detailed graphics itself. All in all, however, the Gold Medal Mania slot is engaging.

Classic game symbols

Let's now analyze more in detail i Classic symbols that can be encountered on the rollers of the Gold Medal Mania online game:

- The turtle is the one that pays the most ever and proposes a 5x for the combination of 2 of it and a 1,500x for 5

- The hen with the headphones on the ridge then continues with a 4x as a minimum victory and a 500x as a maximum win

- The female hippopotamus then gives a 2x for 2 of it and a 450x for the combination of 5

- La Zebra offers a 10x as a minimum win for 3 of it and a 350x as a maximum victory

- The elephant instead offers a 10x for the combination of 3 and a 300x for 5 of it

- Glasses give an 8x as a minimum victory and a 250x as a maximum win

- The stopwatch grants a 6x for 3 of it and a 200x for the combination of 5

- The weight pays a 5x as a minimum win and a 150x as a maximum victory

- The shoes finally give a 5x for the combination of 3 and an 80x for 5 of them.

Episode limit in Gold Medal Mania Slot

Before a player kicks off a game with the slot machine Gold Medal Mania, must always set up its own game episode.

The values that can be chosen range from a minimum of 0.05 $ up to a Maximum of $ 250.

To go and change your episode it is necessary to vary both the number of active payment lines and the value of the coins.

Special symbols

But let's see what are the Special symbols, which can be encountered on the rollers of the slot machine Gold Medal Mania, or:

- the child

- The Wild Multiplier X3

- lo Scatter

- It bonuses.

The symbol Wild classico It is easily recognizable as it is represented by the silver medal. It can replace all classic symbols, except for the bonus and scatter.

Then there is the Wild Multiplier X3, which is depicted by the gold medal. Every time he takes part in a winning combination he multiplies the final value X3.

Il bonus This is what is instead represented by the podium of the first 3 classified. His combination on rollers 2, 3 and 4 starts the special Wild Athletes mode.

Lo Scatter Finally, depicted by the Olympic torch, it may appear on all the rollers and pay in all positions. It gives a 1x for 2 of it and a 500x for the combination of 5.

RTP and volatility

l'RTP of the slot machine Gold Medal Mania it is equal to 96%, therefore a higher value than the average of the sector.

the volatility instead it is Media And for this reason it is possible to obtain several winning combinations with good values.

Online slot to discover

It is once again the provider 888 casino to continue the show with his video slot online Mafia Madness.

Some of the most fearsome men and women of the mafia will play as protagonists on the classic rollers of this online game.

The most interesting details, however, are available within the free review.

Detailed description of the bonus

Bonus Wild Athletes

Il Gold Medal Mania online game proposes only one special function. This is the Bonus Wild Athletes which is activated by the appearance of 3 bonus symbols on rollers 2, 3 and 4.

The screen will change and the player will have the task of Choose which of the 5 sports characters select.

Each of them brings with them a Multiplier, which will then be used at the end of the function.

Again, the participant will have to find 3 objects of the same value at the end of the race to the gold medal. The value of these objects will then be multiplied by the multiplier hidden under the chosen character. In this way the final victory will be defined.

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