The episodes of the slot Diabolik
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Episode min 1$
Max episode 45$
Payline 30
Free spins number 10
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The Diabolik slot machine is a title that was born grace at the Bwin Party software house. It features one of the most famous masked thieves, Diabolik, present in several comics of the past. For more information about this game and functions, you can continue reading the review!

Bwin-Party casino with diabolik slot

35x playthrough

Live games available

Mobile app available


35x playthrough

Live games available

Mobile app available

Characteristics of the diabolik slot
Description of the Slot County Fair

The masked thief Diabolik He is the main protagonist of the slot that takes his own name, conceived by software provider Bwin Party.

The game scheme is very classic, with 5 rollers 3 lines and 30 payment lines.

On a graphic level, this game is very reminiscent of a comic book of the 60s, but to find out more you just have to read the review for free.

RTP and volatility

Il Return to the Diabolik online slot player is 92.58%, therefore a much lower value than the classic average of the sector.

The same does not apply to the volatility, which is precisely Medianull In this case, therefore, it is possible to obtain a good number of winning combinations with interesting values.

Episode range

The choice of Episode It is always a very important moment and in Diabolik slot You can choose between this range:

- episode minima 1$

- episode Maximum 45 $.

Classic symbols of Diabolik Slot

Here is the list of Classic symbols which can be encountered within the video slot Diabolik:

- The blonde woman offers a 200x for 3 of it and a 10,000x for the combination of 5

- Diabolik offers a 100x as a minimum win and a 1,000x as a maximum victory

- The man with the white shirt pays an 80x for the combination of 3 and an 800x for 5

- The car grants a 30x as a minimum victory and a 700x as a maximum win

- The ace offers a 30x for 3 of it and a 600x for 5

- The king gives a 25x as a minimum win and a 500x as a maximum victory

- The queen gives a 20x for 3 of it and a 400x for the combination of 5

- The jack continues with a 15x as a minimum victory and with a 300x as a maximum win

- the 10 proposes a 10x for the combination of 3 of it and a 200x for 5

- Finally, the 9, he concludes with a 5x as a minimum win and with a 100x as a maximum victory.

Special symbols

In the Diabolik online game, there are also two Special symbols, Wild and Scotter.

Il Wild This is what is depicted by the dagger and can replace all the symbols, except for the scatter. In this way it simplifies the creation of winning combinations.

Lo Scatter Instead, it is represented by the face of Diabolik himself. Its combination on rollers allows you to kick off the bonus match. Gives a 5x for 3 of it and a 200x for 5.

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Detailed description of the bonus

Special game diabolik

The appearance of 3 Diabolik Scatter symbols allows you to kick off Special Diabolik mode.

Before the function you start, however, the player will have to choose which of the two characters to start the mode:

- Diabolik

- Kant.

Special game with Eva Kant

If you choose theAnimation of Eva Kant, the latter shoots with the rifle in Arpione and jumps on the balcony.

Then appears a final screen with the number of Free giri that will start.

Special game with Diabolik part 2

Once the free spins have been assigned inside the special game with Eva Kant, the Special game of diabolik.

You must therefore select one of the bright points on the ceiling. At that point Diabolik uses his rifle in harpoon and positions himself to steal the diamond.

During the function, a diabolik symbol is assigned a Multiplier random up to a maximum of x5.

Giri Bonus

While the special function of the free spin is active, all Symbols of the column in which the Wild appears are in turn transformed into joker remaining blocked until the end of the mode.

All the winnings obtained during the free laps are multiplied by the multiplier assigned to Diabolik.

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