The episodes of the slot Chicago gold
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Episode min 0.2$
Max episode 40$
Payline 40
Free spins number 8
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A fearsome gang of thieves is around the city of Chicago. It is the task of the police to capture them and free the roads from the underworld of Chicago Gold. Jackpot, Respin and free laps can be started completely free of charge thanks to the demo below!

Pearfiction casino with the Chicago Gold slot

35x playthrough

Live games not available

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Characteristics of the Chicago Gold slot
Description of the Slot County Fair

The streets of Chicago are the background to the slot machine online Chicago Goldnull The game was developed by Pearfiction company With very well -kept graphics, precise and attentive in every little detail. Against the background of the neon lights of the pubs they light up and go out intermittence.

per Play Chicago Gold online slot for free Just start the demo on our site. It is not necessary to download programs or additional apps.

Scheme and game episodes

Lo Schema in Chicago Gold is formed from 5 rollers and 4 lines, one of the most classic on the market. The payment lines available are 40.

As for the Episodes, the minimum available is $ 0.20 it's a Maximum of 40 $.

Classic Chicago Gold symbols

In the free game we are analyzing, there are some Classic symbols which are necessary to obtain winning combinations. Among these we find:

- The boss that grants a 0.75x for 3 of it and a 10x for 5

- The elegant woman offers a 0.6x as a minimum win and a 7.5x as a maximum win

- The man with the club then continues with a 0.5x for the combination of 3 and a 6.25x for 5

- The policeman pushes himself to give a 0.5x as a minimum victory and a 5x as a maximum win

- the pink spades then donating a 0.35x for 3 of them and a 1.5x for the combination of 5

- Red hearts together with green flowers grant a 0.3x as a minimum win and a 1.25x as a maximum victory

- The blue paintings conclude finally by offering a 0.25x for the combination of 3 and one 1x for 5 of them.

Special symbols of Chicago Gold

Equally numerous are the Special symbols of Chicago Gold And below we will analyze them:

- Il JACKPOT, which is represented by the golden currency with the face of the boss

- the Bannom bubbles green together with 3 Collect, the green one, the blue and the red one

- lo Scatter, depicted by the golden writing "Free Spin"

- Il Wild which concludes with the description of its symbol. Him's ability is to replace all the classic game symbols, thus simplifying the creation of winning combinations.

RTP and volatility

With the video slot Chicago Gold It is possible to exploit ahigh volatility which will give a few winning combinations, but these will have special values.

l'RTP Instead it is above the classic average and takes on a percentage of the 96%.

Detailed description of the bonus

Jackpot in Chicago Gold

To win one of the jackpots of the slot online Chicago Gold it is necessary that The golden currency appears on rollers 1-4 with the face of the boss, while On roller 5 one of the 3 collects will have to appearnull The latter are:

- Il Respin Collect

- Il Multi Collect

- Il Collect Classico.

Instead, i Jackpot I can hide Under the coin they are:

1. il Mini which takes on a value of 50x The episode

2. il Minor which takes on a value of 100x The episode

3. il Major which takes on a value of 500x The episode

4. il Grand which takes on a value of 5.000x the episode.

Cash Collect function

The second special mode available is the Cash Collectnull Its operation is very similar to the previous bonus, with the only difference that a bunny of banknotes must appear on rollers 1-4. This will be able to kick off to:

- Respin Cash Collect If on the roller 5 The Respin Collect will appearnull 3 Respin will start immediately with the possibility of winning great sums.

- Multiplier Cash Collect It starts when on the roller 5 will appear the blue multi collectionnull The values of the banknotes that appeared will be added and multiplied by the value of the Multiplier Collect.

- Regular Cash Collect Finally it is proposed when on theLast roller on the right will appear the Classic Collectnull Thanks to it, all the banknotes of banknotes will be collected.

Special mode of free spin

The last bonus mode of this signed slot PearFiction It is that of free spinnull To start them it will be sufficient combine rollers 1, 3 and 5 scattersnull In return they will be delivered 8 free giri which are reactivable.

Furthermore, a symbol of Banknotes, a jackpot and a collection are inserted on the rollers To simplify and increase the chances of victory.

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