The episodes of the slot Ave caesar
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Episode min 0.2$
Max episode 40$
Payline 20
Free spins number 10
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Cesare's empire has experienced a period of great splendor, which is told within the online slot dedicated to him. Leader Games developed it and the game takes the name of Ave Caesar. There are many bonus modes that can also start randomly. Below is both the demo and the free review.

Leander casino with the Ave Caesar slot

5x playthrough

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7x playthrough

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45x playthrough

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Features of the Ave Caesar slot
Description of the Slot County Fair

The Pantheon of ancient Rome stands candid on the background of the slot online Ave Caesarnull Symbols as guards of the emperor, bizarre magicians and much more will appear on the rollers.

the software house who gave birth to this piece of history is Leander Gamesnull Him's intent is precisely to revive some moments of the past, virtually.

But let's find out in detail what this slot machine offers us.

Game and graphics scheme

The structure of the slot online Ave Caesar It is very common in the sector and proposes 5 rollers and 3 lines, for a total of 20 payment lines.

The graphics are one of the most careful and precise never seen. The idea of provider Leander Games It was to offer something historical and instructive, but also combined with joy and sympathy. In fact, the symbols remind a lot of a cartoon, but full of details.

The features are very intuitive and just click on the question mark on the bottom left, to open the game menu with all the instructions.

Classic symbols

Like any great video slot you respect, too Ave caesar proposes several Classic symbols, which we will now see listed below. Here are what are:

- the title of the slot which proposes a 5x for 2 of it and a 400x for the combination of 5

- the Roman centurion pays a 40x as a minimum win for 3 of it and a 300x as a maximum victory

- The young man with the gray helmet gives a 30x for the combination of 3 and a 250x for 5 of it

- The young woman then continues with a 25x as a minimum victory and a 250x as a maximum win

- the number 5 Romano, V, and the 4, namely IV, give a 10x for 3 of them and a 150x for 5

- The number 3, 2 and 1 Romans then III, II and the concludes with a 5x as a minimum win and a 100x as a maximum victory.

Episode limits

Another fundamental data to select before starting a game with Ave Caesar is the game episode.

This can take different values, which will be decided directly by the player.

the Minimum episode available is of 0,20$ while the maximum total is of 40$.

Play Ave Caesar Slot for free

You are wondering if there is a way to travel back in time together with this Ave Caesar online slot, but without spending money?

Well, we at Playuscasino we have the answer to this question!

Just activate the demo free that we present at the beginning of the review. There will be no need for registration and not even extra programs.

Special symbols

Let's see more closely which are the Special symbols that can be found on the rollers of Ave Caesar slot:

- Il Wild, which is represented by Emperor Caesar himself. The main role of him is that of replace all classic symbols, except the bonus, making the creation of winning combinations easier and faster. This symbol can be expanded, appearing as a giant or even transforming into sticky during numerous special functions.

- Il bonus Instead it can appear in different ways: like golden eagle with the writing SPQR, with Cesare and the daughter, in the form of a dagger, as a Colosseum or still showing the magician. The combination of 2 eagles and one of the other bonuses starts free spin.

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Supplier Leander Games still has something to make us discover and the next slot we propose is his and takes the name of Ali baba and the 40 thieves.

The story of the young man and the treasures will be told within the free demo available on Playuscasino, together with the online review.

Detailed description of the bonus

Hannibal's Heroes function

To each spin, Annibale could make its appearance on the screen and call his horn Army of elephantsnull These, passing on the rollers, will make everything tremble making symbols appear Wild stacky who will go down from above.

The Gaul function

During the game it is possible that the French, who will call its village who will try to break down Caesar. If they listen to him, his companions will arrive and launch stones on game rollers, making them run and making them mysteriousnull All these mysterious symbols will then turn into a single classic symbol, which will pay according to the game table.

Ave Caesar function

To each spin Caesar may appear and request winningsnull Will offer the player thus 6 mysterious options, including 5 poker, big win and the 4 bonus games available. The player will choose the parchment and discover the prize.

Funzione Centurion Maximus

Still, at any time of the game, the rollers may appear Roman centurion who recalls his own troopsnull The legionaries will put themselves in position with their spear in their hands. Some of them will hit the upper part of the rollers, making some fall simboli Wild 2x2 o 3x3.

Bonus trigger

To kick off one of the four bonus functions of this Ave Caesar slot, it is necessary that 3 bonus symbols they combine On rollers 1, 3 and 5null The most important thing is that there are at least 2 L'Aquila bonuses and one of those previously described.

Bonus bet game

Before the bonus function is activated, depending on the bonus obtained on the fifth roller, Cesare proposes the Bonus bet game.

Basically the player will have the possibility to continue with the bonus obtained, or choose one of the other 3.

The archer is ready to Take the arrow in the target relating to the bonus you want to activatenull This will be red and green in color. The colored green part indicates the possibility that the bonus function is activated.

If the player chooses the Gather, will continue in the won bonus at first. If it chooses instead of try your luck The arrow will be launched. If the center is striking, the new bonus, otherwise the player will receive a consolation prize.

Bonus Caesar's Conquests

When on the fifth roller, it appears Cesare with his daughter, together with the 2 eagles bonus on rollers 1 and 3, the Caesar's Conquests bonus will start.

Emperor Caesar He heads towards the curtains to conquer young womennull You will have to Choose one of the 3 proposed curtainsnull The goal is to find a beautiful girl for Cesare. If you do it, you will have a award, otherwise, instead, it will continue in the choice until a victory is obtained.

Bonus The Roman Empire

When on the fifth roller, the dagger appears, together with the 2 bonus eagles on rollers 1 and 3, the Roman Empire bonus will start.

Your one Old map of Europe the player will have to choose the territory to be conquerednull The troops will thus be sent and in return will get prizes.

Bonus Giri Gratis Glory of Rome

If together with the two eagles bonus the Colosseum, then they will receive in return 10 Free Spin, during which the symbol Wild will become Sticky.

It is also possible that a symbol also appears +1 Spin, which will add a Free extra turn.

Giri Giri free druid

Again, if the wizard druid on the roller 5 Together with the golden eagles, the mode will start Giri Giri free druidnull In return they can be obtained fino a 10 Free Spin with one of the following extra functions:

- i Wild who become Doubling Wild that is, they double

- i Royal Wild, means that the and II become Wild

- i Wild become sticky

- the rullo Moving Wild, that is, a roller completely covered by the Wild Cesare in motion

- the special potion Which could give free spin extras, multipliers, regular Wild or even immediate victories.

progressive jackpot

To conclude in beauty, let's talk about the progressive jackpot, which can be delivered completely randomly to one of the players of the game. It is called progressive as this prize pool will increase constantly for each additional episode.

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