Il half past seven It is a popular American card game.

The origins of this game are American, even if there is no certainty about its date of birth, qThis card game, however, is widespread all over the world, as it boasts many game variants and In some aspects it is very similar to Blackjack, in which the goal is to approach as much as possible to 21 instead of 7 and ½.

Together with Fucking card game, 7 and a half is one of the most loved games by American families, if we consider that it is practiced above all in the Christmas holidays period. For this reason many experts, rather than considering it a real gambling, think so as a game of clubs in all respects. Casino classify him as a game of skill or skill games And it is possible to find it on Snai Casino.

Known and easy, therefore the 7 and a half has been within everyone's reach, always and for this reason it boasts many faithful passionate users, who have passed to practice its online versions immediately since - in rather recent times they have appeared on the net.

7 and a half has a particular terminology - which in part follows that of other card games, in part not - a simple vocabulary consisting of the words of a specific jargon, which indicate roles and actions and which it is good to know if you want to measure in this gambling obtaining good results.

Thus the "Mazziere" is nothing but the one who distributes the cards, while when a player uses the expression "paper", it means that he asks the Mazziere to give him another card; With the word "crazy" we indicate the charter of the king of money (or of the king of paintings if you play with poker cards), while with the "clove" verb we intend to overcome, that is, going further, the maximum score - Which is precisely seven and a half - with the sum of the value of one's cards.

Rules of 7 and a half

As regards its technical characteristics, we can say that the 7 and a half It is a card game that is practiced with 40 American cardsnull The player who sits at the counter to give the cards is called the Banco, banker or mazziere, the other players who sit at the game table and who take sides against those who hold the counter are called top players.

It is played with the passage of the shift from one player to another by going counterclockwise and the Mazziere gives his place to another player at the end of the lap - or, in some variants, only when the deck cards ended - for the precision to what is on his right.

The main goal of the 7 and a half online game, as in the traditional version, is to reach a score that it is as higher as possible and that does not exceed 7 and a halfnull Clearly, if this score is exceeded, then the player Highly, Just as happens in Blackjack when you pass the score of 21.

The score is calculated by adding the value of the value of each card possessed by each player. Those from 1 to 7 are counted for their nominal value, while the figures of the infantrymen, horse and king consider themselves of the value of ½ point for the purpose of evaluating the score obtained by each player.

Then there is the king of money - or paintings, if you use poker cards - which acts as crazy, or the woman, who is a sort of joker because it allows those who have it to assign them the value they prefer (½ ½ Or another score ranging from 1 to 7) depending on the other cards he has in his hand, to achieve the score in order to win.

The player who sits at the counter usually, in the traditional version, is initially chosen by the players who are sitting at the table or by lot. Often then he becomes but the player who manages to do 7 and a half amblè, that is, the one who receives a 7 and a means, or a figure.

In the online version, however, the counter is managed by a software that produces the game results in a completely random way. The game software is certified byAutonomous administration of the State Monopolies, AAMS.

Even in the game version offered by the AAMS online casino, the cards are usually mixed with the start of each game.

After this initial phase, one blanket is given to the first player And another, discovered instead, at the counter. The user, after reading the cards and the scoring totalized, can decide whether to keep the cards or whether to call a new card.

The latter option is recommended only if you have a score deemed very low, usually between the half point and the 3, or if you aim to do 7 and a half amblè or triplet. If the player calls another card, this is given discovered.

If he decides to be, then the word passes to the counter, who has to decide his play, then whether to call another card or stay, based on the discovered score of the players and the covered point that the players think can have.

We finally reached the final phase of the game. The player, if he gets a score greater than 7 and a half busy and, therefore, wins the counter, while Sand the Banco Buscothen players win.

I know the game should end up in parity, as the counter and the player have scored the same score, wins the counter.

In traditional versions played in the family or with friends, or even in the rods, there are two scores that are not always available online:

  • 7 and a half amblè: score obtained with a 7 (or the crazy, the king of money) and a figure; consists in doing 7 and a half with only two cardsnull The seven and a half Amblè beats the 7th and a half made with more than two cards. When you play in seven and a half for money, usually this point pays 2 times the episode made against the counter, 1 time if the desk makes 7 and a half with more cards. This score gives to those who realize it the opportunity to become Mazziere in the next round of the game, overcoming the normal rotation of the role of Mazziere among the players.

    • In the event that the more players do 7 and a half amblè in the same hand, they all get twice the mail as winning and becomes the most closest player to the previous Mazziere on his right.

    • If the 7 and a half amblè is totaled by Mazziere himself, he will collect twice the mail from each of the players at the table, except for those who possibly also made them 7 and a half amblè, because in this eventuality the latter will pay the mazziere one mail (there will be no doubling); In this hypothesis, the Mazziere will retain its role while remaining such also to the next lap.

  • Triplet: It is obtained when you have two seven; It is a stronger score of the 7 and a half amblè and, consequently, also of the normal 7 and a half. When playing with real money, usually Triplè is paid by the counter 3 times the episode, only once if the counter makes 7 and a half amblè, 2 times if the desk does 7 and a half normal.

Variants of 7 and a half

There are gods variants of the game of 7 and a half above all concern the differences in the game on the platforms of seven and a half online. In some the bench is confronted simultaneously with all the players who challenge it (The counter uses its cards to measure themselves with all the other contenders simultaneously): in this juncture we talk about 7 and a half "flat"null In others, however - those of the 7 and a half "classic" - The counter plays with one player at a time.

Furthermore, there are variants in which only an entire value can be taken to the crazy, so the possibility of giving it the value of the figures is excluded. There are also versions in which, if one or more players receive a 3 or 4 from the Mazziere as the first card, this can be shown to the Mazziere himself.

In this case it is said that the aforementioned players "burn" the card, which will be canceled by the Mazziere, who will distribute another first covered card. The latter is a variant whose characteristics are decisive for strategic purposes in the game: therefore, if you intend to use it, it is a good rule to declare it immediately at the beginning of the game, to prevent discussions from being born.

The advantages of seven and a half online

In the tournaments of 7 and a half online the players must always play, that is, they are forced to place at least a minimum episode. In the event that a player is sit-out (i.e. he left the table) at the time the episode is carried out, automatically loses half of the minimum episode.

If, on the other hand, the player leaves the table after he has bet, the system will play the rule in the place and on behalf of the player; The latter can in fact preset the automatic game options that are activated precisely when the sit-out occurs.

The rules of 7 and a half online They do not differ in anything from those of the game practiced with real cards. Therefore you must not fear changes that make things more difficult, with the effect of reducing your ability to play, if you already know how to do it for experiencing it from the truth, like almost all Americans (Maybe since you were smaller, in the evenings spent at home during the Christmas holidays).

The 7 and a half online is a very fascinating card game, where it is believed that not only luck is enough, to get the better of the counter.

In fact, often we must develop that intuition that allows you to understand when it is time to be satisfied and when, instead it is time to risk, to try to achieve a cash win. Therefore, the bettor must be able to find a right balance between two phases which, unfortunately, are not always easily manageable.

In fact, a lot often happens to be in front of options that are not always easy, All the more so when they happen in the hands of the cards such as five or four, and there is the need to make a decision that concerns the fact of making another card or not, the risk of bouncing is increasing by a lot, if the Score scored by the player approaches the objective which, as we remember, is to do 7 and a half, precisely. The final outcome of this game also depends on the style of the bettor.

Effectively It is a very simple game, whose rules can also be learned immediately by those who have no experience in card games, but it is also a game in which psychological finesses can be implemented: so the players are induced to try to elaborate stratagems to put others in difficulty participants.

In fact, it is possible to bluff, a bit like in poker, that is to make other players believe that they have valid and strong cards in hand to make them falter, confuse them and thus bring them to make mistakes that maybe will make them lose the race.

In addition the 7 and a half online has the advantage of the low volume of betting: it is not necessary to make high episodes: even a few cents can be aimed, so they lend themselves to be played by everyone, even by those who do not have much money to bet or do not want to invest too much in the game, perhaps because they are novice and He feels insecure.

In addition, it is also an advantage that you can play with any number of participants starting from two people, up to an unknown number; And all this without the game absolutely loses its attraction and its fun component.

In order to play in peace, it is advisable to choose only the platforms with a license for a distance game released by the AMS, the only ones able to guarantee the maximum user protection standards.

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I have always played at home or at the bar at seven and a half, how do you bring such a game to the internet and then pretend that it is the same thing as the game outside? It is okay that the rules are the same more or less, which is not completely true because I tried it and to tell the truth by comparing with what I have always played with friends on the internet I have not understood anything, it seems Almost to play another game instead of this. It does not even seem to me a suitable game to be played in the casinos, all those I know if they go to the casino certainly do not look for 7 and a half, but if anything the roulette, the slots or the poker, this is a game that is fine in the bar o The evening after dinner at home. It will be that I am the one little inclined to technology, I know I am somewhat old on certain things, but at the casino I also play it every now and then, but to something else, if I want to try the seven and a half and me I find completely different from the normal one then it is clear that I speak like this.