After years of experience both as players and as administrators of Forum in Playuscasino, we decided to write this useful guide to avoid finding problems by playing in online casinos. Over the years, we have solved numerous problems and helped many players incurred in all kinds of complications. These problems would have been avoided if the right precautions were taken. First, therefore, we advise you to read ours Instructions to play online, in order to have a general infarination. If, on the other hand, you have problems, try to read this Alfine Guide to prevent problems of different nature. In any case, we remind you that there is always our forum ready to help you.

Below we offer our advice for free, which will allow you to avoid:

Closing of the game account

Suspension of the game account

Block and freezing of the withdrawals of the winnings

revocation of the self -exclusion

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Both in the case of expert players and new curious players, the following information will be useful especially when you are going to open an account, for example on Snai or in one of the New Casino, you will already know how to behave and you will not risk any bad surprise.

How to avoid the risk of a non -withdrawal of winnings

When you win, the advice we always give is to withdraw money, but sometimes it happens that problems emerge and you cannot withdraw the winnings. If these precautions are implemented, in 99.99% of cases you will be able to collect without problems:

Account and collection method must coincide

When you register and add a payment method, the name of the owner of the account must coincide with the name of the owner of the card, whether it is Paypal, Postepay, other prepaid or the bank account.

It is possible that in the inscription there is no attention and you use the card of a relative or friend. Even in the event that the other person was perfectly aware of it, perhaps you are playing together, when you want to take, the withdrawal will certainly be blocked. To unlock it it takes time and you don't always get to a positive conclusion. Also in this case Try to report it on the forum, if you are lucky our report will have a positive result, as happens in 90% of cases.

In summary: The account holder must always coincide with the payment and collection methods, always.

ATTENTION: Even if the holder and payment method do not coincide, the payment is always accepted, but not the withdrawal. We have been fighting on this point for many years, but unfortunately nothing has changed. In this case, your account will be suspended and the practice will move on to the "fraud and payments" department.

Regular game when you receive bonuses

As mentioned earlier, sometimes the casino offers you weekly or monthly bonuses, which as you know have betting requirements to be completed (if you don't know it Read to understand and select the casino depending on the Playthrough). But not only that, even if we talk about a common no deposit bonus, problems can arise, and here's what you absolutely have to avoid doing:

Don't try to complete the Playthrough by playing roulette and covering more than 70% of the table

This type of game is not well seen by online casinos, because it is a type of game that is highlighted in the algorithms when there are bonuses. If you want to do it, but playing only with the money deposited, you can do it safely, but do not do it using bonuses.

Do not try to complete the Playthrough by aiming the whole amount of the bonus

Also this type of game, if done with a bonus, could be problematic, especially in sports betting. Sometimes it happens that always playing at casino games, but to speed up the completion of the bet requirements, we focus everything on an almost certain result of a sporting event. In this case, the block of the account or the withdrawal of the winnings is very likely.


ATTENTION: Don't be smart

The operating system of online casinos can erroneously believe that it is simple to deceive some steps. In reality, the security systems of online casino are very high, not only to guarantee the transactions made by the players, but also to prevent any fraud. Trying to defraud the mess involves both criminal and civil consequences and the risk of being banned from all over the circuit.

Casino exchange information between them

Although in the free market the various dealers are competitors, as regards scams, there is a constant exchange of information. Being found to cheat leads to the immediate reporting throughout the casino network, compromising your account even indefinitely.

Do not use other identities to play

If you are a minors, do not use the identity of the parents, you could run into criminal problems both both your parents. The game is allowed and legal only for the age of 18! Never forget it.

Do not use the identity of a relative or girlfriend, even if conscious. You will have problems in the withdrawal of the winnings.

If you self -exclude yourself, do not register using other identities, even in this case you will not be able to withdraw.


Attention to the IP of your computer

For those who do not know, every time from your PC or smartphone you connect through a connection, you have what it is called "IP address - Internet Protocol Access". This is nothing more than a number that uniquely identifies the device connected to that connection. It consists of 4 digits and is widely used by online casinos to find scams and tricks that different users can use.

The classic example is two friends who in the same room and with the same connection, play at the poker tables entering together in the "sit and go". Through the IP address, the casino will understand that you are in the same place with the same connection and will signal you as an attempt to scam. In this case, even in case of victory, the winnings would not be taken!


Voluntary exclusion from the game and revocation of the self -exclusion

Self -exclusion is a protection tool made available to users to block access to gambling. It is required by law in all AAMS/ADM portals and is sometimes used by users who cannot help playing and prefer to be denied access. Once you self -take up, for 6 months you will not be able to play in any portal anymore.

In truth, the casinos should give you the option to self -exclude you or only from that portal or everyone, but this never happens and if you self -hear from a portal, automatically, you will not be able to play anywhere.

revocation of the self -exclusion

To delete the self -exclusion you have to Follow the ADM procedures to this addressnull The simplest thing is to have your SPID code.


Education and calm in relationships with customer support

Customer support plays a fundamental role in online casinos, in fact it is also one of the main points to focus on when choosing the casino to play.

The reasons why players can find themselves having a lot to do with customer support: from problems to register, to the collection of bonuses, including the Bonus on the first deposit on registration, to problems in the collection of winnings, passing through games that block after the episode. It is possible that players, especially the new players, can feel anxious in these moments and do not keep calm in confronting customer support. Obviously this attitude could be counterproductive. Always remember that the customer service of online casino, both via chat, and by phone or email, is there precisely to help you and has all the interest of doing it. Don't miss the calm with them, but always look for cordials and ready to listen.

Also remember that in all casino games, the counter always has a greater percentage of winning and the losses are on the agenda. Therefore if you find a moment of particular bad luck, it is not taking it back with customer support, which you will solve the problem.

At your disposal you always find the section on Resolution of problems with online casinos in our forum. It can come back very useful, especially in times when keeping calm could be difficult.


Questions and answers on gaming account, account and self -exclusion

What is the minimum age to play the casino?

In order to enroll in a legal online casino, as if to enter the terrestrial casinos, the minimum age required is 18 years old.

Can I use a single method to deposit or even different methods?

Online casino accept different payment methods, from e-wallets such as neteller, to credit cards. In most cases, they require that the same method with which deposits were made were used for withdrawals.

Can playing the mess lead to addiction?

Unfortunately yes and the operators are aware of it. For this reason, the possibility of playing the possibility of establishing the maximum weekly or monthly deposits to the players. The possibility of "self -exclusion" is also provided. With self -exclusion, the player precludes the possibility of playing for at least 6 months, given that his game account is blocked. However, this procedure can be revoked through precisely the "revocation of self -exclusion". You will find all the information on this theme on the ADM website.

How do I know if a casino is reliable and has an ADM license?

All online casino with AAMS/ADM license report the license number and also the ADM logo on the portal.

I made my first deposit in a casino but I didn't receive my bonus. How come?

Each casino has different guidelines for bonus credit. Often the bonus, especially when connected to the first deposit, can take up to 3 days to be paid. We recommend that you always read the terms and conditions related to the bonus of your interest.