the Smartsoft gaming It is an important company that provides jokes for gambling on the B2B market e active since 2015null To lead the team is a group of professionals with over twenty years of experience in the gaming industry. Smartsoft, which since its inception is based in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, from the beginning follows a road made of hard work to achieve the goal of offering games that are first of all innovative for operators. Today the software house boasts A catalog consisting of over eighty games (which are present on the platforms of over 400 websites) and a workforce of about 60 employees.

The first turning point in the history of the company is 2016, the year in which there is the flooding of the portfolio and the conquest of the role of leader on the national market, while the following year marks the arrival of one of the most titles of the most success, or JetX, still today one of the most appreciated smartsoft games. Finally, between 2019 and 2020, the Georgian team arrives on international markets, exporting its products also abroad and also obtaining the debut title of the year on the occasion of the Login Casino Awardsnull Today, this company offers an offer of wide -ranging games that includes slot machines, PVP mode table games (i.e. Player Versus Player), Card games, Keno, scratch -style and win -style games and much more.


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To characterize the SmartSoft Gaming products is primarily The variety of storyline But also the very creative design and the presence of very original features. To this must be added the fact that each game of this company is able to turn on any type of device and on all platforms (Ciuoè Android, Windows, Mac, iOS etc.). Furthermore, the flexibility of the software also extends to other aspects, such as the possibility of supporting a large number of currencies and languages.

The main smartsoft gaming games

The work of the developers of this team focused on various categories of games. Over the years, SmartSoft Gaming has put the signature on titles that fall within the traditional conception of casino game such as slot machines, roulette tables, Keno, card games such as Texas Hold'em and on board games like Dice, domino and backgammon. However, the decisive moment for this company coincided with the publication of Jetx, an aesthetically very pleasant game that attracted the attention of both newbies and more experienced players. The favor with which this title was accepted has led to the publication of other games with similar dynamics in the following years, that is to say JetX3 e SpinX.

The most original feature of these games is first of all the fact that at the same game many other players can take part, without any direct competition between them. Also The game mechanics are practically an absolute novelty, especially in the case of Jetx and Jetx3. In these two games, the player places at the beginning of the game a bet of a value to taste and on the screen a winning multiplier with a growing valuenull The user must limit himself to withdrawing the episode in time, because at a certain point the growth will be exhausted and the episode will be fully lost. In the case of Jetx3 the bets will be even three.

A separate discussion must instead be made for SpinX that apparently might seem like a common slot machine, but actually proposes a very particular gameplaynull In this machine it is possible to place two different episodes and each winning combination produces the removal of each symbol that determined it. These symbols will be replaced immediately and in this way a series of chain winnings can occur that will grow a winning multiplier whose maximum value will be 10xnull In addition, in the initial episode the player has the right to choose the symbols on which to bet: in this way the possible win will have a greater value, commensurate with the rarity of the combination obtained.

As can be seen, the real "turning point" in the life of the smartsoft gaming is represented by the real implementation of an intuition: Create innovative games It is a road that always bears fruit. Thanks to the publication of games such as Jetx and related successors, in fact, SmartSoft Gaming came out of a local context To land with full merit on a global market. It is never easy to emerge, but to introduce original innovations capable of growing the gaming industry, too often victim of a general flattening, always represents a great way to attract the looks of users and other operators in the sector null