Active since 2012 and based in Ukraine, Slotegrator It is a company specialized inIdeation and production of applications intended for the online gambling marketnull In particular, Slotterarator started their business by providing software platforms and solutions to online casinos that allow you to integrate games on them. Today, the company has gradually expanded its field of action: Slotterator, in fact, in spite of the name It does not only deal with slot machines, but it is able to offer operators all that is necessary for the launch, management and periodic expansion of their online gaming room. In addition, the team stands on the market as an expert subject capable of providing its cooperation and their expertise both to new operators and to companies that already boast a certain background behind them.

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The modus operandi of Slotterarator

The goal of Slotterarator, in practice, consists primarily in offering the gambling industry services and products characterized by high quality standards. However, the intentions of this company go beyond. Slottegrator, in fact, It also aims to grow the gambling sector By educating the operators and instructing them on the methods of use of the products, in order to grow their business and maximize their profits. To do this, Slotterarator has published numerous educational content in which he is explained to professionals how to act, how to access new markets, how to acquire and retain customers, in practice how to be successful in the gambling business. The company website hosts a specific section called Academy which is periodically updated with many indications aimed at operators in the sector.

In the story of Slotterarator, it represents An important date 2019, year of release of bonusgrator, a software with which casino can manage bonuses, and partnergrator, another management that is instead aimed at the aspects related to affiliation programs. In 2020, in addition, despite the serious difficulties determined by the Pandemia from Covid-19, Slotterarator has tightened collaboration agreements with numerous partners (among these, they appear Evolution Gaming, Habanero, Redrake and Microgaming) and published Sport Grator, an application aimed at sports betting sites.

Currently, there are over 5000 games in which in various capacities there is the contribution of Slottertor and their type ranges between various categories: slot machines, card games, roulette tables, royal Croupier tables, lotteries, virtual sports, casual game who have received the appreciation of millions of users all over the world. In recent times, in addition to strengthening its position in the sector, Slottegrator has landed on the markets of Africa and Latin America and has also started to explore new fields of action, such as that of Payment methods for casino and betting platforms.

The present and the future

Basically, it is clear that Slottegrator It is not the classic provider That creates games and then distributes them for publication in casinos, as there can be many on the market. It can be more defined as a company that tries to provide solutions by adapting them to customer needs. To do this, and here is probably the most distinctive fact, he uses the collaboration of other specialized subjects, while always maintaining the role of coordination and intermediation with the client. Slottertor's approach, therefore, is strongly customer-orientedThat is, it puts the needs and requests of a clientele first that most of the time goes in search of always different products made to measure.

In this context, an aspect like innovation cannot fail to constitute an element of primary importance. And even in this regard, Slotterator is certainly at the forefront: among its products, in fact, there are solutions aimed at casinos they foresee cryptocurrencies as a payment system., probably one of the novelties that more than the others will characterize the gaming market in the next few times. Finally, no less important is the assistance service offered to customersnull Thanks to this company, customer casinos can receive legal advice and administrative assistance regarding the acquisition of new licenses for gambling. As happens, moreover, in USA for some time, today these concessions are an essential requirement for those who want to operate in full rule in the Legal and regulated markets.

Interview with Slottetrator

We interviewed Slottegrator for you. Many novelties and one thing unique in its kind: the casino telegram.