the software house Scientific Games Corporation, is a historical company of the online game field. In fact, he was born in 1973 in Las Vegas, a homeland of international gambling and a harbinger of novelty. Here the company launched the first instant lottery back in 1974, just a year after its birth, so what we are about to go talk about is in all respects a market leader for some time. Its history is different in USA, the American software house has in fact recently arrived.

The fact that the first casino con software Scientific Games In USA they are starting to arrive only now, it is only because the US company has decided to land in Europe in very recent times. Until not many years ago, in fact, its main market was purely the American one, then, the growing interest of the old continent for the game, made yes to change direction and widen further, leveraging on a great commercial force and field experience null

Online casino list with scientific games software

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The games of the Casino Scientific Games

Strictly online, however, one cannot speak of casino con software Scientific Games, without mentioning theirs Slot machine, with the most disparate themes, we move from the vintage of the Fruit Machine, to that of the most futuristic machines full of incredible functions, which allow millionaire winnings.

In USA, Scientific Games is well known for the Epic Monopoly II and Lady of Egypt slots that you can find both in lattomatic that in starcasino.

There is no shortage of numerous tables, with all the best and most classic casino entertainment. Among these bblackjackebaccarat, Video poker e craps, but also roulette in various forms and a nice review of VLT That so successful continue to have still today in all the game rooms of the globe.

The Lottery They have always been the workhorse of the American house, the product with which he has started his long career and that of greatest interest still today.

The lotteries are one of the most popular game products throughout the planet, the technology that the Las Vegas software house manages to return to this field has not gone unnoticed by operators in the sector, to the point that 50 countries worldwide use its innovative Software to make their lottery games work, which are increasingly appreciated by fans of the genre.

Scientific Games software, a giant in all respects

From the early 1970s, when he inaugurated his activity in the world of lotteries, to date with a complete offer both in the offline and in the online, from the road there software house Scientific Games He made a lot of them and the company has passed through various transformations and changes of course, up to what is its current appearance, we go to retrace some of these stages.

The first 2 decades of business activities were mostly focused as mentioned on the development of the Lotterie channel, a sector among other things very dear to the Las Vegas company today. The real turning point began in 2000, when the American software house was purchased by another big player in the sector, such Autotote Corporation, which in the following year has turned into today's reality with the name it also currently holds.

From this moment on, the true expansion of the software Scientific Games even outside national borders. In 2006 he began the acquisition of minor production houses around Europe, among them famous was that of the British “The Global Draw”, “Games Media” e “Barcrest”, The latter still maintains its name today, despite belonging to all respects to the American house since 2011.

The race to conquer the market does not stop there, the Nevada software house is avid of success and in 2013 buy “WMS Industries”, Historical American producer of Flipper first and then slot machines. In 2014 he also acquired the historic “Bally Technologies” of which we have spoken several times on the pages of this site.

We arrive at much more recent times with the acquisition of “NYX Gaming Group”, the master blow scored in September 2017, following which i casino con software Scientific Games They also began to peep inside the American Gambling portals, immediately imposing themselves as one of the leaders also in the local market.

A large container The Scientific Games software

The American one is a market that makes a lot of throat to all operators in the sector, it is estimated that it is the sixth in the world in a hypothetical ranking and the second in all of Europe as an extension, therefore it is almost obvious to ask why, the software Scientific Games, He pointed straight in this direction as soon as he arrived on European land.

The great strength of this production house is to have managed over time to enclose all the best that there is in circulation in the world of world gambling and packing it in a single gigantic structure. Today you can really find a complete 360 degree offer that you will not find elsewhere, both as regards the lotteries and the board games, and the slots.

Speak about casino Scientific Games It is in a certain sense almost reductive, there are so many realities within this project, that they should be analyzed and reviewed one by one.

There are three main divisions on which the offer of the Las Vegas software house is concentrated; Gaming, Lottery e Interactive. In each of these segments you will have a practically endless game offer, all who share perfect graphics, high standards safety, playability above average, creativity and animations as never seen before, in short, a real big big capable of exceling in every field.

Il software Scientific Games It is also able to provide its partners with complete solutions not only for the final operational part, but also for everything related to the services necessary for the correct performance of the operations, ranging from marketing, assistance and everything you need to obtain Exceptional results. A large company that boasts 9,500 employees all over the world.