According to an old saying, when your work consists in doing the thing you love most, you will not work for not even a single day of your life. There are not many maxims able to describe the philosophy that permeates and animates the activity of the components of RubyPlay, a development study specialized in the design and implementation of slot machines but which also offers various solutions for the gaming industry operators, therefore aimed at a B2B customers: among the commercial partners, they appear names such as Netbet, Betsson E LA 888.

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However, slot machines represent the real great passion of those who work in Rubyplay, because it is not simply a matter of giving life to a new game to be proposed to the market but to create an experience that is at the same time immersive and a source of fun, capable to make players make a magical journey. The five pillars on which the Bases lays the Rubyplay are five values, that means:

Value: The success of this software house draws lymph from the satisfaction of customers and players. For this reason, Rubyplay's goal is to create value by providing high level games, also providing maximum support for operators.

Innovation: The developers of this team find their main reason for satisfaction in pushing the boundaries of technology forward through the creation of increasingly innovative games with unique characteristics.

Confidence: Thanks to your ability to communicate in a frank and transparent way and its reliability, Rubyplay customers know they can find in the company all the assistance they need. Thanks to a pragmatic approach that gives precedence to the facts rather than words, this company has managed to build long -standing collaborative relationships.

I commit: In every activity, the developers and all the other employees always put 100% of their energies, to ensure that the products are well finished and without defects. If Rubyplay is made a commitment will always be respected.

Fun: Of course, the games are produced to determine the fun of users, but this result can be achieved only when those who make them have fun in turn. When Rubyplay developers find themselves at ease, the results are seen immediately.

Game characteristics

The games made by this company use the HTML5 Systems and therefore enjoy maximum compatibility with the devices of any platform (and of any price range) and the displays of any format. Furthermore, the use of a highly efficient graphic engine It ensures a fluid game experience, without slowdowns and with a low loading regime for the processors. This allows devices to reduce the use of batteries, thus allowing the most lasting game sessions. Finally, thanks to a particular compression system, Rubyplay games have gods record loading times, Drasticly reducing the dead times and significantly improving the user experience.

Currently, the games made by this provider are about 60. Among these, the titles that have deserved greater attention from the players are varied. This is the case for example of Mayan Cache, Five Rolle Slot Videos with three lines with 30 payline and 243 winning combinations. The game is clearly inspired by the ancient civilization of the Mayans and its main reason for interest is the bonus Jackpot mania: with six Jackpot symbols in fact you will access a new game mode that allows you to win a 4 -level jackpot, but there is more. In fact, a super jackpot with increased prizes is also available. Furthermore, for the most attached to tradition, a classic free game bonus is available, however also accompanied by a Super Free Game which determines the appearance of the expansion Wild symbols.

It is also very interesting Book of 8 Riches, which can be apparently exchanged for the classic slot machine set in ancient Egypt, but which actually proposes different truly original functions. It is a 5x3 machine with 10 play lines, with a Bonus Free Spins con Wild a espansione. During this function, a random symbol is transformed into a golden symbol and begins to expand to award additional prizes. If you get at least six prizes, you access the Jackpot Mania function. During the normal game, however, green spheres can be obtained that increases a special meter who, once filled, assigns golden spheres: with eight of these, you access the game Super Jackpot Mania.

Always remaining in Egypt, it is better to dedicate some space to Egyptian Sun, a video slot with 243 winnings and one Maximum win of 1000 times the episodenull The game bonus is represented by the Repeat Riches function that is unlocked by obtaining at least 6 yellows. During this mode, each orange sun reassigns all the prizes of the yellow only and a purple sun attributes a random value award. Finally, for the luckiest, each red sun determines the winning of all the prizes on all the only available on the screen.

Indicated for lovers of adventurous travel is Elephant Stampede, which sticks a traditional safari in black Africa. Equipped with 5 rollers and 50 payline, this machine offers a free spins bonus with Wild Extra and a 4 -level jackpot that can be accessed by the Stampede Rush bonuse. Finally, one cannot fail to mention at least one exponent of the vein of the old school slots: this is the case Brilliant Gems which, in reality, next to the traditional symbols of fruit and 7 also proposes full -bodied news, first of all the presence of a bonus roller that assigns winning multiplier and access to Wheel Bonus, a sort of wheel of luck with large prizes and even a rich jackpot.

As can be seen, Rubyplay's titles are a mixture of tradition and innovation because they enrich their gameplay exploiting both the typical styles of the genre, and the insertion of absolutely new characteristics. One of these is the aforementioned function Jackpot mania: even if the mechanics of this bonus also varies following the continuous modernizations made by the developers, its operation generally provides for the assignment to the player 3 re-spin During which the goal is to obtain as many winning symbols as possible, in order to reach one of the various jackpots available. The reception of the audience for Jackpot Mania was very warm, so much so that numerous casinos added a special display tab for machines that present this function. The result of these innovations is represented by titles full of additional functions that are certainly very seductive for players. As if that were not enough, in the games there is also an absolutely high graphics of a level that contributes to making the products of this software house of the proposals to be kept in great consideration.