Caution: From what we know, the RTG software is no longer in use in USA. If there is a mess with this software, report it to me.

RTG - Real Time Gaming - It was a software for only connoisseurs, in the past little known and not very advertised to the American public. However, the software was of the highest quality in all respects, primarily for graphics and game quality.

Just as happens for Cryptologic, of highly performing and appreciated casino software all over the world, but at the same time semi-unknown in our country, there are many. Some of them who truly deserve a mention to themselves, as in the case of the RTG software.

The reasons for which AAMS (today ADM) has not accepted the introduction of casino with certain types of software, despite the fact that they reflectly reflect all the characteristics, especially in terms of safety. The requests are not very clear, in our opinion it is in fact only a matter of time, because a Casino with RTG software It can certainly become a first category casino with us too.

In fact, i RTG casino Very famous portals have been in America for some time, where the RTG software was born in the now distant 1998 and from that moment he began to be talked about more and more in the environment of American and international gambling.

Since the year of its birth in Atlanta, the RTG software (Realtime Gaming) He immediately showed that he has the credentials to become a leader of the category, attesting himself in a short time as one of the largest casino software suppliers not only in America, but in the whole world.

Every player who sails on the net in search of fun with the “D” capital, he knows very well that with a RTG casino has the certainty of dealing with a very first category portal, who will be able to give him an exciting and unique gaming experience, thanks to an impressive graphic quality, an out of the ordinary playability and a quantity of games to envy several sector operators.

Graphics and quality therefore absolutely in the foreground in a Casino with RTG software, but also the safety of his client and the frequency of updates of his games, a real workhorse that made RTG become as one of the most popular online casino software software.

An RTG casino is tradition and innovation at the same time

US players first were able to test the excellent quality that the RTG software brings with it And he reproduces it in every single game present inside the casinos that on this valuable software are developed, whether they are the great classics and the most modern games games.

In a RTG casino, in fact, you will have ample choice of play among the traditional blackjacks, roulette, video poker, etc., all in countless variants and online version. However, there are also games of different kinds, such as Keno, the brand new and win, for an online reproduction of a very particular type of fun, to finish the countless slot machines.

Own Slot Machines are one of the most casino points with RTG softwarenull in fact the games of Slot Real Series di RTG They are absolutely among the most popular among the files of American online Gambling enthusiasts, both for their graphic quality and for their extraordinary refresher frequency.

iRTG casino are among the most prolific as to the insertion of new games, in particular of slot, creating an environment that is a true paradise for all those who love a type of fun like this.

Another thing particularly appreciated by the world players are undoubtedly the High without deposit bonuses And the prizes that are up to all players.

Has a brand new slot comes out is the players want to try it immediately without risking anything before having tested it enough? Do not worry, the RTG software offers you many possibilities to take advantage of free turns to all the new slots that are continually inserted in the schedule, this very important to build a loyalty relationship with the player and that makes the RTG casino loved immediately.

RTG software

Regardless of the fact that in USA RTG casinos have not yet landed, it is ascertained that this software is one of those that can run very well to consecration as one of the most appreciated also in Europe, it is only a matter of time.

The echoes of millions of players satisfied beyond ocean have not delayed to be heard even here by us and the interest in this new platform is a lot, even by the American players, who ask that it is approved as soon as possible in our rooms as soon as possible null

Doing some turns on a Casino with RTG software It is easy to immediately understand the reasons for all this interest in him: Who wouldn't like to be able to play Blackjack and relive the same emotions without having to go to a casino of Las Vegas?

Not all American players had time and money available to make kilometers movement to go to the Las Vegas or Atlantic City rooms. Playing Blackjack on a RTG casino immediately solved the problem, creating those optimal conditions that every self -respecting player had sought in vain for years.

Online blackjack is there at hand, always available, at any time of day and night, every day of the week, with such a faithful reproduction that in a short time makes you forget that you are not at home but in a real casino terrestrial, so much is the cure of the game setting proposed by software RTG.

We mentioned Blackjack because it is one of the great classic cards of cards most played all over the world, but the same could also be said for example for roulette, American, French or European that it is, in all circumstances graphics and sound That this software manages to reproduce is truly the top and is as if I almost reached the ball launched by the Croupier.

In short, to us the casino with RTG software have thrilled a lot and according to our modest opinion this is one of those platforms which, in the moment that will also be approved for the American market, will surely give twisted thread to all the big big names in the sector null

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hi guys, i confirm what you have said, on the net you make a lot of talk about the rtg casino, there is a desire to have this cabbage of approval of the ams, so at least you can have the certainty of being on a new but strictly portal controlled by our bodies. honestly, the few times i tried to venture into a casino with rtg software i played only with the slots, because i think that as a product it is one of the most appreciated among those that run on this type of software, so i can't give a games impartial judgment, however, i can do it on 2 slots in particular. the 2 rtg slot i prefer are also 2 of the best known; aladdin's gold and cash sloto, both of great impact, beautiful and that promise high winnings, but i have been able to notice that every little one comes out a new one, which for fans like me of this type of machines is a real pacchia. the only reason why you play it is not very tied to the fact that i am not authorized in USA, i don't think that today the most famous online casinos can have safety problems, my limit is the language, well yes, to me that everything is in english i don't really like it at all. maybe it will look like something a little frivolous and banal, but for me playing on a platform that "communicates" me "everything in english, that i can do, i will be limited, but i prefer to play on an American portal because it gives me more security, more sense of belonging, i don't know how to explain myself. the only thought of being able to have a problem and not to be understood by the assistance service because i don't speak english puts me anxiety and does not allow me to play quietly, so i hope that the rtg casino will soon arrive in the American version. hello.