OnlyPlay It is a provider of online casino games Active since 2007 And which finds its main activity branch in the development of the so -called instant winning games. Although these are a relatively young and little -known team, at least to the general public of our country, this software house has a rather original construction style and outside the classic games of the games that we are used to finding online.

The objectives that Onlyplay proposes To reach in their activities are three:

Expand the audience of potential players over and over again

Increase traffic in terms of visitors to online gaming portals

Grow the players' permanence time

Casino in USA with Onlyplay software

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Onlyplay products: a very different game conception of gambling

Generally, when you are in front of a company engaged in the production of casino games and consult the respective catalog, you end up advertising a feeling of deja-vu. The gambling market, currently, is in fact perched on a small number of types of games which are then declined at will by the various software house. The result of this situation is that in all online gaming houses The games available end up resembling everyone, even if the existing variants are practically infinite.

Onlyplay, on the other hand, adopts a different strategy that He breaks in part the ties with traditionnull The games produced by this company, in fact, rework the old schemes and in a certain sense they supplant them with something very different. In the Onlyplay catalog, therefore, we find Titles like F777 Fighter, for example: an action game where the player gets multipliers to increase his winnings but where bonuses and a jackpot are also hidden. Everything that the user has to do is place the episode and attend the growth of multipliers and then stop the action at the right time and collect the prize. In practice, with F777 Fighter Onlyplay has taken The funniest aspects of slot machines and projected them into the future with an absolutely unique game of its kind.

The same concept is valid for another game recently published by Onlyplay, that is to say Myths of bastet A game set in ancient Egypt that is labeled as belonging to the "Slottery" category, as it mixes the characteristics of a single roller video slot and equipped with three different types of free spins bonuses with those of a lottery. Another function of the games of this producer who is highly appreciated is the so -called OWidgetnull They are basically something similar to the prawn feature or risk mode already experienced by other software house. In practice, every time the player gets a win, with active Owidget he will be able to decide whether to try the doubling. The novelty, however, is represented by the fact that if the doubling will not be successful, the player will still maintain half of the amount. On a technical level, the only games support various languages and are proposed Both in desktop and mobile formatnull To play, no clients are required, but the most common internet browsers such as Chrome, Opera and Safari are sufficient.

Another of the news introduced by Onlyplay is the use of cloud computing. Through a platform called Rustle Which uses numerous nodes scattered in various dataccents, Onlyplay is able to distribute their games and content directly to the players quickly and without the need for them to install them on their devices.

Furthermore, Onlyplay does not just produce games but she is the author of a effective RNG system, the generator of random numbers that, for those who do not know, allows online casinos to make their games work in a completely impartial way and without scaming interventions. Thanks to the RNG, in practice, each game will always have a random and unpredictable outcome that can in no way altered artificially.

Although only in our latitudes an unconvented brand outside the circle of professionals, it must be said that the inventiveness of this team could certainly bring a breath of news in the online gambling sector which, Although flourishing, it sometimes seems a little looking for original ideas. As the same recognized Co-Fundor Artem Klimenko, is the intention of Onlyplay to introduce many other news on the market and further expand the list of games, then remain tuned because Updates will not be long in coming.