The world of Gambling is full of surprises, there are realities that you have perhaps never heard of and that from one day to the next they manage to jump to the honors of the news like those that have been on the market for much more time. This is also a little NYX software case: Born and developed in Gibraltar about ten years ago and arrived on the American Gambling market for relatively recently.

The reasons for which you have never heard of it if you are a beginner with this world, or you have heard of it only somewhere if you are a more experienced player, they can be different. Certainly why this is a totally new platform, indeed, this is a large player in the sector, only that he has developed his business mainly outside the American territory, establishing himself in the USA, Australia and in part of Europe, until he reached Finally also USA.

Online casino list with NYX software

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A very long journey therefore, today the Casino list with NYX software It is also present on the American Gambling market, even if not in large numbers, the forecasts are that the platform is in rapid development and spreads in a short time in the homes of American bettors and, with characteristics such as those it owns, it will not pass Not even too long before being appreciated by everyone. Certainly their presence in Starcare, Leovegased888, leading casino in the American sector, will help Nyx assert himself even faster.

NYX software, a leader around the world

Truly a quite articulated ride the one made by software Nyx before reaching our country. From Gibraltar his birthplace, the production house has opened branches in the world, from Sydney to Vancouver, from Melbourne to Las Vegas, from Singapore to Stockholm, has disseminated the real and virtual game rooms of each country that touched with one avalanche of fun games.

This long tour at the end also touched USA. In fact, a NYX office in the center of Rome is recently made, which goes alongside the other succurgers also present in numerous other European cities, including London and Athens just to name a few, which have really welcomed this breath of News in a hungry market like that of Gambling.

At present it is counted that the software Nyx has been adopted by 200 unique customers throughout the planet. Among them are very famous operators, who are highly satisfied with the products made by the house of Gibraltar and their 5 -star support service, a true leader of the real and virtual gambling market.

Nyx Gaming Group therefore works with a wide range of operators among those of the most successful international level, just to make two names that you will surely know, William Hill and Bet365 have several inside them Games made with NYX software And their list is inexorably destined to rise, so much is the level of satisfaction found by the visitors of these portals.

A really interesting production house. The numbers that has managed to set up in a few years speak for themselves: 2,000 games titles, 68,000 episodes per minute in the sports betting sector are certainly not peanuts, but classify NYX as one of the larger and more prolific developers of the market.

NYX software, unstoppable growth

the software production house Nyx It has been classified as one of the game companies with faster growth on the planet, this under all visionary points, therefore both on the side of the development team and from the acquisition of new customers. Nyx's ascent is truly impressive, which is quickly leading it to the top of the games sector, a destination that is closest every day.

All this thanks to a component of fundamental importance when it comes to software house: the culture of quality, the constant opening to innovations and the continuous improvement, which characterize this company from the first moment in which it saw the light. Since then he has made a long way, but the beauty has yet to arrive, we are more than certain.

Play with the software Nyx It means dealing with games that give an exceptional experience on any channel the player finds himself choosing. The playability of the same is extraordinary whether mobile, terrestrial, desktop and social channels are used, this platform is able to optimize the experience of every player with whom he comes in .

3 are the main development teams all over the world, which means that the company is able to return the best content by adapting them to the different needs of the related markets, in this way you will always have to do with highly personalized products for What are the game needs of the various fans in their respective countries, a feature that very few operators can boast today.

This is a great strength but it is certainly not the only one for one production house like NYX, Able to restore truly unique games such as graphics, animations and sounds, which offer the final user a complete experience at 360 degrees, which translates to the game home that will adopt the software, in a greater loyalty of the player.

Nyx casino games

Of one thing you can be sure, when when You will access a NYX casino, you can be sure that you will find a tailor -made offer for you. The portals that host this platform are in fact so rich in different types of games that no player will be disappointed or dissatisfied with what will be faced, regardless of his tastes and the level of experience.

A range of games to envy operators who have already invaded the virtual rooms of the Casino Aams for some time the one with which they put you in with the casino Nyx. A very complete and true market leader, which has led the company to receive numerous prizes over the years.

This is as regards the games purely from Casino, with the famous platform NYX OGS (Open Gaming System), that for the division of sports betting with OpenBet, holding the latter of a record in 2016 of over two billion bets, the 68,000 episodes at the minute we were talking about.

Enviable feature of the casino con software Nyx It is that of the contemporaneity of the product launches on the various channels available. Each game that comes out of the Gibraltar production house is simultaneously available for mobile, Casino Land-Based, desktop and social, another important quality of this software is the perfect integration with social networks.

In an era of multi -channel, social networks also play too important a role in order to be cut out, there are production houses that have been able to take advantage of this channel in a masterful way, NYX is one of these, thanks to its technological ability which allows perfect integration with the main social networks, first of all Twitter and Facebook.

In other words, with a casino Nyx The player will live a highly satisfying experience even without leaving his favorite social network, a great opportunity that only a large production house like this can put on the plate.