In our long list of online casino software, one of the world leaders of the gambling industry cannot be missing, we therefore go to review the best mess with Nextgen Gaming software, Very high technology product capable of providing hundreds of exceptional solutions for all operators in the international gambling sector.

iCasino Nextgen Gaming are an absolute certainty As for varieties and innovation on the online gambling market, an element that is very indispensable in a sector that is constantly looking for continuous opportunities for comparison and increasingly intriguing challenges, possible today thanks to an increasingly advanced technology, but but Even to a very large vision.

Elenco casino con software Nextgen Gaming

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This is what led to the creation of the software Nextgen Gaming, avant -garde platform that can be called real pioneer as regards Gambling platforms. Founded in the now distant 1999, this software has maintained a level of quality of its products particularly high over time, so much so that it continues to be also today as one of the undisputed numbers in the sector.

Playing in online casino Nextgen Gaming It guarantees to give the user a unique and highly performing multi -channel and multidevice experience, allowing perfect playability in any situation, without renouncing the safety component.

iCasino with software Nextgen Gaming They are therefore perfect platforms for those who want to give their gaming experience:

  • graphic quality perfect on any support;
  • playability Exceptional on smartphones and tablets, without obviously neglecting desktops;
  • innovative platform , which returns new games and step with the changing market needs;
  • Variety of products:undefInefrom Nextgen Gaming games are exceptionally Various, there are themes for every taste;
  • Functionality: Nextgen is known for the features that satisfy all types of players.

Nextgen Gaming casino are a winning choice

There was a period in the world of online gambling in which, if you wanted have the complete guarantee of reliability and safety, in addition to a totally rewarding gaming experience, one had to turn to those software that were able to make the beauty and bad weather in the panorama of world gambling, first of all PLAYTECHeMicrogaming.

Fortunately, the times have changed, not that the software mentioned above have not yet to be said, they do it and in a very good way. We simply mean to say that at the current moment, what in fact until a few years ago was a kind of monopoly today is no longer for various reasons, the software Nextgen Gaming It is one of these.

There is a rather common place that hovers in the world of online gaming enthusiasts that should be dispelled once and for all, it is what the safe and fun game wants only on those mess that have made the history of international apery and obviously on the relative Software, if a time this had its own because today it is no longer so.

At the time of the regularization of Gambling in USA, the best known software house had an easy life to rapidly position themselves in the preferences of the players who came from often negative experiences on unknown foreign sites without any form of guarantees, but from that moment on the world of gaming has taken a very different path.

The manufacturers of Casino software made themselves in 4 to make their products highly performing and safe in all respects, a requirement without which they could not have access to what was outlining as a very flourishing market, the American one, i casino Nextgen Gaming they have recently arrived In our country, but immediately proved to be the best on the square.

Nextgen Gaming acquisisce il software Game360

If there is one thing that particularly impressed us from the first impact with i Games Nextgen Gaming , was their extreme simplicity of use And in our opinion this is one of the main reasons that has prompted more and more gambling companies to orient itself towards the platform of this software house.

The idea that give i Games on the mess Nextgen Gaming, It is precisely that of being functional for the ultimate purpose: fun on all supports. This is not only an idea, but the final result in the moment you find yourself spending time on this beautiful platform, whether you are looking for traditional games than more innovative entertainment.

the platform Nextgen Gaming has a wide range of games For every taste and profile of the various players, which are perfectly accessible from any type of device and very simple and intuitive in their operation. Today the Nextgen Gaming playground has taken a step forward again by acquiring the Game360 software.

The beautiful 100% American platform has officially spent these days to be part of the well -known software house and has brought a breath of news with its Game360 casino mobile Where, the part of the absolute protagonists are the slots, fully functional on smartphones and tablets both iOS and Android, here is perhaps the segment in which the American software gives its best and not just as regards the end user.

In fact i Games on the platform mobile Get 0 They are particularly adaptable to any request from the different online casinos, both for the management of playability, but also for the general settings concerning the aspects of the different languages and the payment in the various currencies, as it is equipped with highly customizable technology and oriented largely to mobile devices.

360 Casino Mobile is the best solution For all those companies that want to transfer their games in a very short time to mobile supports and with optimal results, but at the same time it is the fastest way even to make new ones. In this way you can count on the experience and support of a great operator in the sector.

All Nextgen Gaming games and Game360 software

The panorama of Gambling has therefore had an important change in recent days: the mess Nextgen have enriched themselves with the variety and technology that the young American company puts in all its products creating a single "container" who will amaze you with all its attractive proposals.

The American software house is in fact very young, but in a very short time it has managed to establish itself in the world of international gambling thanks to its undoubted qualities, which start from the reduction of technological barriers by the final consumers. The Game360 casino games are among the simplest and most intuitive that can be found, to get to the great variety of the products offered and end up with the specialization on the furniture.

The company that produces the Game360 software is in fact one of the few to be specialized on furniture In the whole of Europe, which immediately puts it at the top of the market in this particular segment where there are truly impressive levels of interest.

The company's mission was immediately to equip its users with a perfectly responding product in every situation in which the desire to play. The results obtained have kept faith with this promise, the present of the online Gambling is mobile and the future will be more and more.

So today we have i casino Nextgen Gaming divisi in 2 main areas:

  1. Mobile and slot (of which we will speak better in the appropriate section), a segment in which the Game360 platform has proved very strong immediately.
  2. The native games of Nextgen, also here in particular the slots, which are particularly oriented to cartoon and the world of comics.

Play a slot on a Casino with software Nextgen Gaming it's an incredible emotion, because you will have many games with perfect graphics and higher level playability. This can also be found in the few but interesting tables that this platform proposes.

Among these you can find from the most classic bblackjack eEuropean roulette, but also a little more particular games, such as the Three Reels Hi-Lo, Game that sees protagonists from 1 to 13 players who will only have to focus on one of the 3 rollers available and decide if the number that will come out will be higher or lower than the previous one.

But Nextgen Gaming games are not limited to this, Thanks to the recent acquisition of Game360, in the offer of the mess that work on this platform, there are also special games called “Mini Games” which represent a kind of pastime to be used in the death breaks especially of tournaments or in the meantime of playing their hand at a table.

Games made in HTML 5, the Mini Games of Game360 are easily implemented in each portal and are very useful especially for loosening the tension of the players during competitions or hands at high involvement.