Young and highly innovative, the Software NeoGames Over the past few years, he has overexpoted to the eyes of players around the world for what is his predominant feature, the particular dedication to that market segment that is identified as “Soft Gaming”, or games that do not need to be downloaded in order to be used and we have dealt with several times on our site.

Common place has it that the flash games have always had a fundamental problem, that of not being able to return the same fun experience as the version on the client. This has been normal for a long time, especially due to the various problems of line common to all American players, to be able to play your favorite fun without downloading anything, it has never been synonymous with satisfying games.

Online casino list with Neogames software

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The arrival of software at the Neogames level have solved these problems, allowing the bettors of our country, to live an absolutely equal level playing experience to that of download versions.

The Neogames casinos dominate flash games

There is nothing to do, nobody until today has managed to contrast the Primacy of the Neogames Casino As for games without download. Although today's flash versions of the various operators have improved considerably, none of these currently managed to support the same speed of use, simplicity and graphics returned by this modern software.

Play a casino con software NeoGames, it means dealing with an extremely quick and quick platform to use, with a very high quality of the games, to be really envied to all those that can only be used after download, which is not the least perceptible, if until recently Some time before, the feeling of being on a flash casino was not noticed, no longer today.

The commonplace that playing in mode “Soft Gaming"It is somehow penalizing for the final user, it is definitively disassembled piece by piece casino NeoGames. In these portals you can start playing exactly as if I had downloaded the client, but with all the advantages that the flash game brings with it.

The first is certainly the speed of play, there will be no more to wait even a minute to get to the heart of the fun, in a couple of clicks you will find yourself in front of your favorite game and ready to launch yourself in the heart of the action, with the Guarantee of having a fluidity of the game that is difficult to find from any other flash version.

A simple, fast, aesthetically beautiful and even safe game, thanks to the sophisticated safety component that i casino con software NeoGames they have foreseen inside them. Without this requirement they would not even have been able to look out the complex and selective American Gambling market, where production houses must submit to rather severe regulations about it.

Of the Casino these who in a very short time have managed to jump to the top also in the liking of American players, always looking for new opportunities to have fun, both in mode “For Fun”, than in that “Real Money”, yes because in casino NeoGames You can safely play in flash both for free, and with real money.

Which and how many games with Neogames software?

Although the American online Gambling market is dominated currently by the usual note, i casino con software NeoGames They are making their way quickly for having a choice of not indifferent products, going to range a little everywhere when it comes to gambling.

In these portals you will find yourself choosing from numerous entertainment belonging to the most faithful world of world gambling, such as roulette, or card games as they can be bblackjack ebaccarat, classic degrees like the poker In many versions, to then move on to futuristic Slot machine And end up completely particular games that break the patterns.

We are talking about the “Skill Games”, types of entertainment not common to most of the online casinos, but instead present on those with Software NeoGames, who see games for us somewhat strange, as can be the Chinese morra or arrows, easier to find in the offline world, but hardly in a mess, both terrestrial and online.

Another segment very beaten by casino NeoGames It is that of Lottery, even in this case, however, not only the more traditional ones, but famous has become very short Bingo Online, one of the battle horses of the software house, as well as and modern "Scratch and win", a new way of betting imported directly from bars and tobacconists.

In short, the possibilities of fun within a Casino with software NeoGames I am of a variety of type, an easy, fast, immediate game, a type of portals really suitable for everyone, but in particular to all those who are always in a hurry and perhaps find themselves playing in the breaks with their smartphone and tablet and have need for perfectly adaptable platforms.

Neogames software, produced to be rewarded

The panorama of today's Gambling has profoundly changed compared to a few years ago, the production houses are constantly evolving and the products that come out every day are true concentrates of increasingly sophisticated technology, reaching levels of involvement unthinkable until recently , in this panorama with a futuristic flavor, the Software NeoGames He began to distinguish himself from his beginnings.

In other words, very shortly after the advent of the first online casinos, the need to deal with games that did not have as limiting factor, the fact of waiting boring and often long download times. There was a need for something simpler and more immediate, something that would give the opportunity to all players to enter their chosen port and start immediately to have fun.

The first forms of “Soft Games”: games entirely made of flash, which did not need to No software download to be able to work. Everything was simple and direct, but at the same time he also showed a big problem, the quality of the games was not up to the same in download, the gaming experience was therefore really limiting.

Il Software NeoGames He was the first to intercept this type of problem and offer a solution, concentrating immediately in this direction, going to improve in that specific category of games, for which he also received a valuable recognition to EGR Awards In 2011, the “White Label Partner of the Year”.

Too important recognition that conquered by casino NeoGames, Also in consideration of the fact that this company is very young, born in fact in 2005, she immediately managed to establish itself also against what are defined as the sacred monsters of international gambling, far overcoming them as regards the specific sector that He chose.