For the world of American gambling, National electronic It certainly represents a historical name. The company based in Faenza, in the province of Ravenna, in fact, is present on the scene of real money gaming continuously for about forty years. During this long period of time, the electronic national team experienced the evolution of the market in the first person, thus joining the production of games and machinery for terrestrial rooms the creation of games and platforms for modern online casino. The link with our country is not only of a formal nature, as one of the strengths of this software house is the creation of products 100% made in USA, without any intervention by external companies (even in the case of mathematic-staistic models and 3D animations, which generally require a high degree of specialization) and with the help of a Team of entirely American developers which touches the fifty units.

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The electronic national games are safe and comply with the standards set by the law, such as certified by Siq and Quinel, two independent institutes that verify the compliance of the software to the rules provided for by the legal system. These procedures are also necessary for obtaining the Licenses by the Monopoli Agency (ADM) And to ensure that the games produced can arrive on the market and therefore to users.

Electronic national team: online games and more ...

Being in activity for several decades, the Romagna company has had the opportunity to operate in the gambling sector when the online casinos were still not even an idea. Therefore the production of this company touches very different sectors of the Gambling. Firstly, National Electronics is a machine supplier also for physical slot rooms and produces type games AWP, videolottery, slot comma 7 But also accessories such as Service Point (which can be used to make operations such as payment of bills and telephone top -ups), totem for betting (aimed at exercises that deal with sports betting), Posts for virtual reality and much more. However, if the field is limited to games, national electronic shows a particular predilection for slot machines, Since at the moment there are no titles of other categories signed by the Faenza company.

Remaining instead As part of the game via the Internet, the electronic national titles found space on various American casinos, such as Lottomatica and Starcasinònull The games currently in the catalog are just under forty. Among these, models such as Book of Cleopatra and Lucrezianull In the case of the first, we always find ourselves on the vein of the "Book of", or of a particular type of slot machines set in ancient Egypt that many other providers have already developed practically in all sauces.

Book of Cleopatra, on the other hand, it is a five rollers with 10 fixed payline that offers very traditional mechanics that revolve around special symbols, that is, the Scatter book which determine the beginning of the bonus with free laps and the Wild which is proposed in two versions, the base and the shape Mystery which can make up to five wild on the slot. In the game, moreover, the Mystery Maxi function is planned which provides for the performance of a special round in which the central roller is entirely occupied by Wild symbols.

A gameplay always rather classic is what characterizes too Lucrezia, a machine dedicated to Figure of Lucrezia Borgia, the famous exponent of a Patrizia family of the Renaissance, an era that obviously is the backdrop to this video slot. Another famous character of the period was also included in the game, namely the great Leonardo da Vinci, whose effigy has been placed on the Wild symbol which in this slot machine takes on a double guise. The blue Wild is a simple jolly, while the golden Wild can also make one or two further blue Wild appears. Lucrezia also provides for a bonus function activated by the exit of the freegame symbol on rollers 1, 3 and 5 and assigning 10 laps for free.

As you can see, the style of the national electronic provides for the production of machines that do not propose particular news Especially in terms of gameplay. Even in terms of graphics, the products remain on medium quality levels, Without particular peaks of excellence. Slot machines are made keeping in mind the need for compatibility with mobile systems, a characteristic that today is essential and which is made possible also thanks to the potential and versatility of HTML5 System.