Complex and quite articulated the history of software MultiMedia Games, a company founded in 1991 in Austin, Texas and which has been a leading company for years in the production of game consoles of various types, including many slot machines for most of the American terrestrial casinos, bingo games and videothel lights for structures entertainment throughout the national territory.

Multimedia Games, Inc. He developed and distributed two of the most famous American Bingo games - Megabingo and Megacash - live games with high episodes broadcast daily by satellite television, which connects the players in various rooms and which were the real fortune for the Texan society, which He then served for decades the American game houses with his high quality casino products, up to 2015 when there was a very important transformation.

Online casino list with Multimedia Games software

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the Casino list with Multimedia Games software It turned into it by changing in the casino Everi Holdings Inc., as Austin's software house merged with the latter who until recently had the name of Global Cash Access, Inc., Giving life to this new great project that promises to give a lot of thread to harden to software production homes around the world in the years to come, which has already started with its debut on the international market.

Games in the Epri Holdings casino

The long experience on the field of the Texan production house inside an Endii casino feels completely. The games present are designed to return unique experiences deriving from very original ideas. This guarantees each player super engaging moments with an adrenaline rate that reaches the stars, especially when dealing with products such as slot machines, for which tournaments are expected that over the years have invaded the entire American continent.

Even if in Casino di Epri Holdings You can find a vast range of games of all kinds, to dominate the rooms are once again them, the slots, with their electrifying appearance and the record winnings that they put up for grabs, especially as regards the tournaments we were talking about above , the "Turn ” It is currently the most famous slot machine tournament in the United States.

EVERI designs, engineer and program all its integrated solutions under a single great denominator, the satisfaction of the end customer, which fully succeeds in every new release.

Multimedia Games software is absorbed by Eyri

In the previous paragraph we talked to the past because at the current moment, the software MultiMedia Games It is in all respects which has become an integral part of this brand new reality, while maintaining what are its basic characteristics and which are also found at the current moment in the use of its games, it could only be that the inheritance that the house Texana has brought within the recent structure it is very important and could not in any way be lost.

Indeed, to tell the truth, this has made a fundamental contribution to the development of the EVERI project, as Everi Holdings is nothing more than the result of a combined recovery operation of another historic company, the Global Cash Access, Inc. and the absorption of Multimedia Games, Inc., historical companies that served the world of Gambling with their products for decades, thus bringing to the new project their long experience on the mainly treated segment.

In fact, if Global Cash Access An undisputed leader of the most classic gambling market and everything related to the dedicated payment systems, the Multimedia Games software, As already mentioned, it was an absolute ruler for very long time in the game of Bingo, the union of their forces created in 2015 a unique reality in the world, called Everi Holdings.

Global Cash Access was founded in 1998, Multimedia Games in 1991, therefore you will understand very well that the level of experience in their respective sectors in 2015 was rather consistent, combining the different experiences of these historians leaders has helped to create a new entity different from any Another game industry, an entity that has not failed to get noticed since its debut.

EVERI Holdings was born in Spring Valley in Nevada and immediately stands at the top of the American Gambling market with its very elaborate technology, which allows you to obtain products of the highest level, both for the part of close playability, and for everything that concerns the Financial transactions safety, a segment in which the former Global Cash Access has always had its good positioning.

Safety of the Epri Holdings software

Let's dwell for a moment on the security factor, as an increasingly important element for gaming houses, whether they are offline and online. With the passage of time, the gambling market has become increasingly attractive for all operators in the sector, but consequently also from little serious companies that had the intention of scoring the unfortunate players.

The former Global Cash Access specialized in safe payment systems. His Today's contribution in the Epri Holdings casino It was therefore essential to give that lap of lives necessary to deal with a product that returns a series of integrated solutions capable of guaranteeing total safety, but also a beautiful hand as for the usefulness and efficiency of the various casinos.

The range of integrated EVERI Holdings solutions allows you to protect the financial transactions of 100%customers, thus placing the end of the fears that each player has of basic when he has to insert his money or his credit card in a terrestrial structure or virtual that it is, but these solutions also tend to streamline the various operators' processes, facilitating them the management of registration practices, payments, etc ...

The current Software present in the Epri casino It guarantees customers easy access to funds, the possibility of quickly redeeming the winnings obtained and one of the simplest registration and payment system in circulation, all this thanks to the possibility of having access to a strongly cutting -edge technology and that well Few companies in the sector can be afforded at this level.

The same great technological imprint is the one that is the basis of another important feature that makes Endi Holdings distinguish on the market and that is worth mentioning, that relating to ”Intelligence”, which consists of a series of tools that return casino operators a large amount of information.