Historic leader of the live mess, the software Medialive It is not well known at the American level, for the simple reason that the authorization to operate in our country has arrived in rather recent times. This can make the production house in question seem, like a new player in the sector, which is not. La Camatrescia was born in Malta in the now distant 2005, initially as an online casino operator, then as a service of Casino Live with live Croupier.

And it is precisely this second specialization that made the fortune of the Maltese house, which in the following years has intensified the efforts in this direction, until you come to make the first gaming cabin where you could play with a meat croupier and Essa and subsequently the authorization to operate also in the American Gambling market, always as regards live game.

Online casino list with mediaLive software

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List of Medialive Online Slot Machine

There are currently no slots for this provider.

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At present the Casino list with mediaLive software It is present both in USA (with Betflag) that in other countries, such as the island of Man, the United Kingdom, Latvia and Estonia, but a subsequent expansion in other European countries is not excluded shortly and why not, even beyond Ocean, where the game of Azzardo has always been very strong. But in the meantime let's see the characteristics of this beautiful game platform.

We look at the games of the medialive casino

What i casino Medialive They managed to do, it was to reach an enviable level of accuracy between the experience that give the real tables and the immediacy of the online game, where the games are all managed by real Croupier that can be found in a study. As in a terrestrial casino, the maximum expression of this is certainly found in the Live Roulette.

Unsmarked queen of all world gaming houses, live roulette is part of the main protagonist again this time too. Within the casino con software Medialive, you will find 5 different types of roulette, from 3 countries and with 3 different game modes, among these, undoubtedly stands out the "Malta Roulette".

This is the most classic game, especially suitable for all those players who love to play in the terrestrial mess, because it allows a classic and elegant game broadcast live by the Maltese studies with beautiful multilingual croupier with which you can also chat.

Then there are other interesting versions, such as the “Chroma Key Roulette”, Completely customizable as a background. Or the original “Jackpot Live Roulette”, vera exclusive of casino Medialive, which is up to 3 progressive jackpots, to end with the “Automatic roulette", For those who want to play fast and immediate.

Also excellent the blackjack live, which presents itself with 4 classic tables, a VIP table and a Chroma Key table, for a 360 degree experience for lovers of the famous card game, which is accompanied by the Live Baccarat, which provides only 3 tables, one of which live from our Casino di Sanremo.

It is worth remembering the attention that i casino con software Medialive They have always reserved for mobile technology, which has allowed them over time to develop a product that can be perfectly accessible from any type of device you access, be it iOS, Android or Windows, development on HTML 5 makes the game experience safe and perfect under every aspect.

MediaLive software, from the Earth to digital

The world of online Gambling is constantly and unstoppable expansion. The advantages of being able to play comfortably sitting on their home armchair are evident and difficult to contrastable by the terrestrial structures. For this reason, real gaming houses have turned to software house Medialive To give a new guise to their offer, an example of our house is that of the Casino di Sanremo.

In fact, the famous gambling house of the Ligurian Riviera has chosen the Maltese software house to manage the video streaming of its live roulette, which allows anyone to be able to play wherever he is physically, together with the players who are present in the room, one real revolution for the whole sector, which brought to the Ligurian game house a nice 10% more per year in the coffers.

Il software Medialive It provides the structures to be able to transmit online the games directly from the rooms of the casino, thus allowing perfect usability to all those customers who are far from the structure, which do not want to move from their hotel or who are also inside the Game house but prefer to follow the games via tablet.

Certainly the experience that is able to return a live game has no comparison with any other types of gambling. There are people who, for example, do not trust random numbers generators, they like to play live with a person in front in flesh and blood, it doesn't matter that this is beyond a screen or physically present next to them, they want this and i casino con software MEDIALIVE I am able to return it to him.

However, Malta's production house has much more to offer in its range of services. They range from solutions for terrestrial casinos who want live games, to streaming as we have just said, but also to those who have other types of needs, such as those who already have an existing online game platform and need only integration, Those who want to brandish their gaming tables up to those who want to make an online casino complete with everything.

Many solutions with the MediaLive software

The possibilities that today gives you the software Medialive They are really infinite, as we said above, the Maltese house manages to provide a solution for every type of need, for example, those who already have an active game platform, can easily integrate the media games through special bees that interface perfectly with portals betting, poker room, casino and slot machines. All this with very short times.

Another feature of the software house of Malta is in fact to be able to carry out the works in a very short time: for an integration it takes 5-10 days at most, while for the configuration of cameras, hardware and softwrere in a terrestrial casino, a couple are enough weeks to return a turnkey product and totally manageable by the client independently.

A feature that has always been appreciated in casino Medialive, is the possibility of having easily personalized tables. This means that, the gambling house that the Maltese software will choose, can model the tables to your liking, inserting logos, backgrounds, links to sites, in short, everything she wants to return to its customers a highly personalized game experience, thanks to unique and tailor -made products.

Excellent solutions also for those who want to start from scratch their online casino business. MediaLive will in fact provide everything you need to be able to start on the right foot, so both live and virtual games, slot machines, logo and site design, web space, bandwidth, payment gateway, backoffice, customer care, without forgetting the Maltese license null A real platform complete with everything and immediately working.

Il software Medialive However, they do not even forget those who deal with the game in the area, making available a series of totems with virtual and live games, very easy to use and completely customizable also in this case, which can also be integrated in turn with pre -existing structures.