The world of Gambling is strange, there are companies with high -sounding names, known in every corner of the globe and which perhaps have only a few dozen truly famous titles, and then there are others that, despite their production and the Activities in this universe is more than ten -year, they do not arouse the same clamor in the eyes of the mass. One of these is the software house MAG Electronics.

100% American production house, with offices in Padua and Rome, was born back in 1972 as an individual company, and then progressed up to the world of production and trade of entertainment in 1994 but not only, in addition to the strictly commercial aspect, the American company yes It is affirmed in the many years of activity, as a true market leader for everything that also concerns the realization and development of the various products.

With a wealth of experience spread over over 40 years of activity, Magly Elettronica was able to touch all the evolutions of the 360 degree Gambling sector, passing from the creation of electronic appliances, up to the supply of online gaming games for many operators of the sector. At present, i casino con software MAG There are many, only that you still don't know, because the company has always remained on the sidelines with its brand.

Casino list with Mag

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The MAG software conquers the online

Here are the flagship slots of Mag that you can find online.


4 fowl play

Magly Electronics

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Casino Mag, from Haunted House onwards

If you are a habitual gambling player, the title above will be somewhat evocative for you, otherwise, we have used the name of this game, because the most famous one ever regarding the casino Magnull Haunted House is in fact a sort of "Sacred monster" of the world Gambling, the workhorse of the American software house can be defined as regards the world VLT.

The success of this game was such in the real world, that the Paduan production company has well thought of replicating it in the virtual one and the results have not betrayed these expectations, electing Haunter House as one of the most appreciated also by the players of online casino.

The games present in Casino with software Mag they are however many and of various kinds, even if the part of the masters do it once again the Slot Machine, presenting titles such as 4 Fowl PlayeStory, Big Ghoulies Evolution, Cash Bunny, Rock Idols, Money Crisis, o Yabbar animal dos, But there are also other fun.

One above all is the Cash Roulette Gold, Absolute novelty of 2017 for the American software house and i Multi-Games. Real compilations of 5, 7, or even 10 games all put together, even some of those present in the platform individually, but re -proposed in different graphic keys.

Software Mag, important alliances

Like any self -respecting avant -garde company, also the software house MAG With the passage of time, he understood that union makes force in a super competitive sector such as that of world gambling. For this reason, he decided to unite his forces with another historical company in the sector, the CMS Gaming Ltd, British design and development company, founded in 1982 and which has since recorded continuous expansion since then.

This union gave life to the project in 2011 WMG S.r.l. The years of experience and the different skills on the field of their respective companies merge, giving life to a project that will be destined to change the fate of international gambling as regards the segment VLTnull In fact, the game system is born “VLT WMG reVoLuTion”, a unique owner VLT system.

WMG is in fact the only American company that has obtained a certified VLT system, a completely revolutionary, reliable, fun and compliant system, the regulations, the software MAG It is therefore only a part, albeit very important, of this new reality which, after numerous years of development, can be said that it has had the recognition it deserves.

This is a great success for the Paduan company. A result that was until a few years ago only dreamed of by the members and which today has become a beautiful reality envied throughout the world of gambling. However, this is just one of the strengths of this company, the VLT segment was only one of the many that the company has touched in its long career.

icasino con software Mag In fact, they are another very interesting reality today. In fact, in the policy of great attention to market evolutions, the American company could not miss the rich sector of online game and therefore activated itself to excel also in this area. The results were surprising, for what until recently it seemed an exclusively offline reality.

It is not to be turned too much around what is now established, the gambling in recent years has moved suddenly, from the casino and from the terrestrial game to the online ones, consequently, all the houses of existing production had to adapt to this change in market management, implementing various types of solutions, the software MAG He chose one of those that proved to be more productive.

In fact, leverageing the long experience in the offline world, he thought it well to bring back in the field of online, everything that was already well known and appreciated in terrestrial realities, thus going almost without fail, sure that the same success as the games, Very popular in the royal mess, it would have been replicated also in their virtual versions, so it was in fact.

This sort of continuity allows various enthusiasts to play in a Casino mag Online, experiencing the same emotions that he experienced until a few days earlier in a terrestrial mess, because the quality of the products was not minimally affected by migration on virtual support, also thanks to the game platform WMGear, specially made to achieve this result.

As you have intuited by the name, also in this case there is the paw of WMG S.r.l, which has managed to create a truly performing software for online gambling. This game platform is stable, safe and extremely practical to use on any type of support, be it a smartphone rather than a tablet, with all the different operating systems available.