Positioning on the market of the software house Leander It was clear from the start, his intent has never been to challenge the big names in the sector, but to establish with them a peaceful coexistence, in fact, if his limited "playground" It does not allow operators in the sector to choose it as an exclusive platform, it is also true that more and more structures integrate very willingly in their schedule the games he created.

This is now a tactic used by most medium-small production houses, which have well understood that today it is useless to seek the clash with the sacred monsters of international gambling, much better to support them in an even secluded way, but which in any case It is useful for exploiting their great visibility and gaining small and constant acclaim over time.

All this is possible because, the company has a central nucleus consisting of some of the best developers in the sector but not only, to support them there is a complete team of graphs, artists, mathematicians, creatives, designers and long -experienced marketing experts, who have married the project in full and give their valuable contribution to each new realization without sparing themselves.

A feature that afterwards we will see better than casino con software Leander, It is to be focused, unlike other software developers, on more traditional casino games, to which, however, it always adds a touch of innovation making them unique in their kind, even if you play more modern conception, such as Slot machine, play an important role in the list.


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Lista Slot machine con software Leander

Dragon slot


Play for free

Ali baba and the 40 thieves


Play for free

Ave caesar


Play for free

Ways of the labyrinth


Play for free

Find a slot machine

Lega, the heart of the Leander software

The beating heart of the software Leander It is represented by its remote game server LeGa, introduced in 2012 and open to third party suppliers in the following 2013, which offers a truly complete and highly performing gambling platform but not only, this is also available for social gaming, a reality increasingly present in our daily life of players e that the Argentine company wanted to ride.

To travel this road, the Buenos Aires software house has made a partnership with Bejig, A branch of the Londoner Gaming Realms Pic, which deals with social gaming, which made the platform available also for the game through the main social networks, a decision that turned out to be immediately winning, from all points of view.

Lega is a server that has been developed with the most modern technology available on the market, this makes it very fast, flexible and highly scalable, a real cure -all for all those operators who want to host inside their web structures i casino Leander, With their super performing traditional games and highly innovative slots videos.

Each game present within this platform is available both in the flash version and HTML5, to ensure maximum yield in any circumstance and from any device you also access all games in 26 different languages and currencies, a strongly software attractive for the whole sector.

The portfolio of the games produced from software Leander It is certainly not the best supplied, while some companies have several hundred to them, the Buenos Aires company recorded less than 100, among these are great classics such as Blackjack, Poker eroulette, but the main production of the company is certainly aimed at Slot Machine.

Exclusive games in Leander Casino

In the American market, Leander is present with some famous games, such as: Ave Caesar, Ali Baba and Dragon Slot.

Leander software, small but powerful

the software house Leander In reality it has been on the market since 2008, the year of its birth in Buenos Aires in Argentina, where he immediately recognized himself, as an operator capable of bringing a breath of news to the market, with his unique selection of games of very high quality.

After making an enviable reputation in the field of Latin American online gambling, the Buenos Aires company started conquering the rest of the world and, while always remaining a reality with small dimensions, managed to conquer the prestigious recognition in 2013 B2 EGR (and Gaming Review), as a game supplier of the year.

This is how i casino con software Leander They began to come out of the borders of Latin America and landed first in the United States and then in Europe, including USA, to the delight of all the bettors always looking for news with which to deal with, in this case they will have to do with with A selection of not excessively high amusements, but of great quality.